Hye again everyone~ ^^

Its been a very long time right? I bet the last time all of you were here was when our last contest was taking place. Well, I’m here to announce that the blog is finally DONE! yay! I have to say sorry to emer unnie for deleting most of the post out here coz I’ve transfered all them to one of the pages. It will be easier to track later and I really had fun arranging them! =D And I am sorry to those who have commented on the posts too coz I’ve deleted them along with the whole thing. Do leave us another comment on the new page, will you? =)

So to the rest of you guys, don’t just keep yourselves around here. Do take a look around the pages too to see what’s new I’ve installed for you there! =) Well, basically there are the list of downloads and perhaps new fanfics for you guys to read. If you would like to see something else around here, leave us a comment!  And I’ll say thank you in advance.. ^^

*Leaving footsteps of LOVE for everyone*


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