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[INFO] 091107 TVXQ’s MC MinSil’s Interview with WOW Korea


“Even The Older Stuff Members (TVXQ’s Uncle Age Guys) Say….”

“TVXQ Are The Good Guys!”
– The Korea entertainer who gave you the most impression with? Lee Byunghun. He has very strong aura and he is very professional. Through multiple events such as drama “IRIS”, I interacted with him often. His posture, the manner, and his attitude toward the rehearsals are splendid. He is an actor who does things more than expected and he is a type of a person to confirm his acting many times until Byunghun himself approves of it.

Then it is TVXQ. No matter how poor their physical conditions are, they always use up their at most powers. When they stand on the stage, I am always surprised to witness them perform their best always.

And they earnestly continue to study to improve their Japanese abilities. When Japanese vocabularies which they still do not know are used in the conversation, the five of them always ask what that words are and study.

Junsu in particular, uses “A Japonica Notebook”, and always write down unknown words to be able to memorize them.

In addition, their characters and personalities are remarkably good to even captive an older male stuff members (TVXQ’s uncles age) who are not at all interested in TVXQ prior to meeting them in person. They always say, “What a remarkably good young men these guys are!”

Because I watched them from a small event through now, I often watch their activities feeling of the parental affection.

Afterwards, it is Rain. I had watched his rehearsal and was shocked to observe the figure who is able to control all the dances and not only the song as well but also direct them all at the same time. I almost felt that it must be hard to be his stuff to maintain to follow his superb ability and talent.
(Partially Translated.)

Source: Wow Korea
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[TRANS] 091106 Unfair Contract Dispute, SM Has Changed its Mind?

SM Entertainment CEO’s Kim Young Min, who is involved in the ‘unfair contract’ dispute with his artistes, has recently announced a new contract policy, and that it will be put into action once it gets approved by the related authorities.

SM Entertainment Representative, Kim Young Min, who attended the press conference which was held on the 2nd of November 2009 at 63 Tower, has expressed, “We would collect all comments from music and entertainment industries, related government departments, cultural and tourism board, fair trade departments, educational circles and legislative bodies, based on the law to adjudicate a new contract policy. After the approval from the respective authorities, we would then put it into action. Then follow it (new contract policy) enthusiastically.”

Kim agreed, “If we are able to come out with a new exclusive contract policy based on the law, SM would like to re-contract with all current artistes based on it.”

Kim also expressed, “Under the new exclusive contract, the moment it’s signed it would be protected till the contract ended, if not the current situation would repeat over and over again in the future.”

“In order to prove that what have just I said is nothing but the truth, we would first like to take the advice from the impartial committee,” he said.

But, everyone was not able to fully believe this announcement by SM Entertainment. Professor Lee from Korea Art University stated, “If SM do not wish to have what they have just said to turned into nothing, then they should assure them.” He continued, “Based on what SM have said, they do not wish to fully take on the advice from the impartial committee, but to forcefully come out with a new contract policy, which was questionable (their announcement).” Professor Lee ended, “If SM was really sincere about this, they should work on the new contract based on the advice and not vice versa, and then to get it approved by the representative authorities.”

Source: OhmyNews + OhMicky
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[TRANS] 091106 TVXQ in ‘High Spirits’ Ranking Third on Monthly Oricon Chart

TVXQ is in high spirits from ranking third on the Oricon Monthly Charts in Japan amidst their dispute with their agency.

The single that YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun released on September 30th, ‘COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter’, ranked third on the Oricon Monthly Charts.

According to Oricon Style, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun’s single ‘COLORS’ sold 165,983 copies in one month which ranked them as third.

‘COLORS’ ranked first on the daily charts the day it was released and sold 149,000 copies in a week to rank it as first on the weekly charts as well.

On the monthly chart, Japanese band B’z ranked first while girl group AKB47 ranked second.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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[INFO] 091107 TVXQ Song In Filipino Song Magazine


[NEWS] Son Dambi’s Acceptance to YooMin’s University

The Singer, Son Dambi (26), passed the entrance exam to study at the Kyunghee University’s music department starting in 2010. Her production office clarified it on November 5th, 2009.

The office quoted, “She took an entrance examination and she passed.”and added, “She put off studies for her entertainment activities, but she always wanted to study at the university. She will manage to maintain both her activities and the studies.”

Yuchun (Mickey) and Changmin (Max) of TVXQ, G-DRAGON and D-LITE of BIGBANG, Yeung of Wonder girls; are currently studying at the same department at the Kyunghee University. Graduates of this school: Rain, Kim Taeu (g.o.d.), Lee Kichan, and Park Hyosin.

Souce: Chosun Online News
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