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[TRANS] Shenzhen Tickets Were Sold Before SM Attained Government Permit

The Chinese government performance permit was signed and issued on October 28th, 2009, while SM started selling the tickets for the performance in September after the provisional disposition was filed, which means they started selling the tickets before obtaining the Chinese government permit.

In the following picture are two permit. The first one is obtained on October 28th for the Shenzhen concert, it was then updated on November 3rd. The second half is the permit for the Bejing concert. For both, the dates the permits were attained have been underlined.

So basically, SM began selling the tickets before they were certain whether the concert will happen or not. Even though SM specifically said they knew about all the stops in June 2008 for the tour, there’s no way they could have been certain of this particular concert until October 28th of this year.

Credit: RockJJ
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