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[NEWS] 091126 TVXQ Fans Submit Retaliation To SM’s Statement “Ticket Sales Began In September”

TVXQ fans submitted a civil appeal to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stating that SM Entertainment began selling tickets for TVXQ’s Shenzhen concert before receiving permission from the Chinese government. To this, SM explained that, “We asked the concert planning agency in charge of TVXQ’s Asia Tour, and they said all legal permission and procedures pertaining to ticket sales for the Shenzhen concert had no problems whatsoever.” However, fans are stating that SM’s statement is a lie.

Recently in an interview with a journalist, SM stated, “The ‘Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation’ was informed by the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Culture that ‘Permission is granted for TVXQ’s Guangdong (Shenzhen) concert’ on the 21st of October. The Chinese agency also received the ‘Ratification by the Ministry of Culture of Korean TVXQ’s Concert in Guangdong (Shenzhen) [2009] Number 2146.”

Therefore, SM stated that ticket sales began on October 21st, when Dream Maker was given permission to do so.

▲TVXQ Shenzhen concert ticket sales authorization transfer certification The authorization certification stated that the rights to sell tickets were transferred from the ‘Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation’, who is the Chinese company in charge of the concert, to the general agent for tickets, ‘Piao’. ⓒDNBN

However, fans stated that, “‘Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation’ gave the authorization to sell tickets to ‘Piao’ on September 30th,” and “Ticket sales actually began before this date,” and presented evidence. The actual date of the transfer of the authorization of ticket sales did indeed begin on September 30th.

Fans stated, “‘Piao’ believed that by being given the authorization to sell tickets, permission for the concert had already been given. Therefore, they did their job and began selling tickets. However, September 30th is quite far away from October 21st. Therefore, SM Entertainment blatantly disregarded China’s procedures for such an event.”

Fans also stated, “For the Chinese companies, as they work with concerts in China, they are allowed to draw up contracts regarding sponsors regardless of whether or not permission has been given. However, if the Chinese company, SM and Dream Maker are planning to hand over the authorization of ticket sales, they should have waited until after permission was give before doing so.”

To collect evidence that ticket sales began before permission was granted by the Chinese government, fans presented receipts and lists of order confirmation of fans who had bought tickets for the concert.

▲Shenzhen Concert Ticket Sales Confirmation List A confirmation list of a ticket buyer in China. The date on the receipt states October 5th. However, SM stated that ticket sales began on October 21st. ⓒDNBN

According to this evidence, the payment bank account and money transfer receipt are both listed under the date October 11th. Other ticket confirmation lists are even dated as October 5th. This proves that ticket sales were occurring before permission from the Chinese government was given.

Fans stressed that, “If this isn’t a violation of ticket sales, then what is?” and “This proves that ticket sales began even though permission wasn’t give by the Chinese government.”

Fans also said, “The Shenzhen concert is a concert directly linked with SM,” and “No explanation can let SM escape from their responsibility for going ahead with a concert regardless of the fact that the government had not granted permission yet.”

On the 16th, regarding TVXQ fans’ civil appeal titled ‘SM Entertainment’s Disregard for the Chinese Administrative Procedures may obstruct Culture Exchanges between Korea and China’, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated, “In the case of China, a license system is used for foreign concerts,” and “As you have stated, the actions of disregarding a country’s appropriate procedures may have a negative effect on the growth of the Hallyu Wave, the image of the Korean music market and the nation as a whole, as well as the cultural exchange between the two nations.”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also stated, “We will call a representative of SM forth to clarify and set regulations so that such an event will not occur again.”

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[INFO] 091126 MNET Broadcasting DBSK Special 2009!

Mnet Dong Bang Shin Ki Special 2009 Broadcast Confirmed!

Date: 31st December 2009 (Thursday)
Time: 20:00 ~ 21:00

Exclusive broadcast by Mnet, featuring Asia Best Star group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s charms!! It will be a special program for visual, singing talents, dance, and detailed introduction of the current No.1 group Dong Bang Shin Ki!

Which includes all news and activities held through out 2009, and in addition, analysis of their music videos. Please look forward to the Dong Bang Shin Ki special program broadcast from Mnet.

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[NEWS] TVXQ’s Junsu Confirmed For Mozart Musical

Although many of you are upset over the TVXQ and SM Entertainment drama, we have some good news for you Xiah Junsu fans! It has been announced that Xiah Junsu of TVXQ will begin his solo activities soon, with fans gathering around to share their interest in this hot new project of his.

On November 26th, netizens became aware that Junsu’s role in the upcoming  musical Mozart had been confirmed. And while it has only just been announced, the musical is now currently #1 on the ticket reservations list! There’s no doubt that Cassiopeians are behind this! They have even already nicknamed the musical ‘Xiahzart!’

Many netizens are stating, “I’m glad that Xiah Junsu is going to be involved with this musical,” and “I’m surprised and overjoyed that I can finally see a TVXQ member in a musical.” It looks like Junsu already has many fans supporting him for his role!

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[INFO] 091125 THSK’S ” WE ARE ! ” Certified Gold By RIAJ

Gold = Over 100,000 full downloads
Platinum = Over 250,000 full downloads

The recent November RIAJ publication shows that THSK’s “We Are!”, which was previously used in popular anime “One Piece”, has been certified Gold for achieving over 100,000 full mobile ringtone downloads. This is Tohoshinki’s 4th song to be certified by the RIAJ in terms of full digital downloads. The other songs include Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou (Gold), Stand By U (Gold) and Share The World (Platinum).

「Share The World / We are!」 Single:
CD sales: 172,486
Full digital downloads:
– Share The World (250,000+)
– We Are! (100,000+)[/b][/color]

Source: RIAJ
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