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[NEWS] 100101 TVXQ, A Sum Up Before The End of 2009 with NHK Kouhaku

Popular group TVXQ finally appeared at The 60th NHK Uta Gassen, an event to close the year 2009.
On the 31st at 7:15 p.m The 60th NHK Uta Gassen was conducted at NHK Hall at Shibuya, Tokyo with ‘Infinite power of a song’ as theme of the night. The event was opened with performances of Ayumi Hamasaki’s ‘Rule’ from red team and EXILE’s ‘Someday’ from white team.
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After going through a difficult year, TVXQ finally appeared for two consecutive years at NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen as the 30th performer at 09:50 p.m after performance of Perfume, singing a song from their 28th single ‘Stand by U’ and conveyed a wonderful harmony.
The group received an escort from a team of staff after the performance. They left before any reporter arrived, avoided the hallway where many reporter had been waiting for them, and escaped from a different passage. TVXQ got back again on stage together with another artists at SMAP Star Corner, holding flowers bouquet while singing and cheering together SMAP hit song ‘Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana’.
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After finishing performance in NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, TVXQ immediately went to attend a new year countdown of TBS TV music program ‘CDTV SP Premier Live’.

source: yonhap news
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[TRANS] 100101 Paradise Ranch will Begin Shooting in Australia

In 2010, the program will officially begin shooting from January 3rd to 8th in Australia.
From the 10th onwards, the filming in Seoul will begin in about two days.
After that, we’ll have another trip to Jeju to continue filming again! We’ll stay in Jeju island to shoot for about two weeks.

source: paradise ranch official cafe + LYH baidu bar
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[TRANS] 091231 tvN ENEWS ‘Blackbox’, Celebrities’ Annual Earnings Ranking Revealed

TVXQ, who is currently in a dispute with their agency, caught the attention of many by having the highest annual earnings this year dispite the unfavorable conditions they are currently in.

TVN ENEWS’ ‘blackbox’ corner that was aired on the 20th ranked the celebrities with the top ten annual earnings this year.

The celebrity with the highest earnings was TVXQ, followed by Rain, Big Bang, Super Junior, Kim Hyun Joon, Go Hyun Jung, Girls’ Generation, Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Jae Seok and Kang Ho Dong.

It was found that TVXQ earned at least 126.4 billion Won (equivalent to approximately 109 million USD) this year when their 90 billion Won earnings from Japanese album sales are taken into account.

However, this news is overshadowed by the fact that TVXQ is currently fighting a legal dispute with their agency SM Entertainment over an ‘unfair contract’ and have even been driven to the brink of a disbandment.

Newsway announcer/reporter Jung Soo Ryang stated, “TVXQ was able to reap such earning regardless of the fact that they are in such unfavorable conditions with the legal dispute,” and “If their had been no legal dispute, they would have earned much more than this amount.”

She also added, “If TVXQ, who has evolved from just a domestic star to a Hallyu star of Asia, cannot overcome these unfortunate conditions and disband, not only will this be a huge loss to our country’s entertainment industry, it will also be a loss at a nationwide scale,” and “I hope to see TVXQ come to a reasonable agreement with their agency and return to the stage in good spirits.”

ENEWS’ ‘Blackbox’ airs every Wednesday and brings experts of many fields to the panel to discuss controversial events of the entertainment industry.

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[TRANS] 091231 Tohoshinki At The Kouhaku Rehearsal

Kouhaku: Tohoshinki appeared as 5, they held rehearsals shutting out the media

The Korean dance and vocal group Tohoshinki appeared as 5 in December 30, for the rehearsal for the year end NHK “Kouhaku”. It was a very tight security, all the media was shut out. We media were able to see the rehearsal from the monitor screen. The 5 members hardly looked at each other while singing “Stand by U”.

Tohoshinki’s activities in Korea has stopped since Jaejoong (23), Yoochun (23), and Junsu (22) had filed against their Korean management company SM Entertainment regarding their exclusive contract in late July. The five performed together after 3 months’ susupension in “Best Hits Music Festival 2009” at “Kobe World Hall” in November. On this occasion, the 3 members who have filed the suit and Yunho (23) & Changmin (21) traveled on different planes.

Other than the Kouhaku, the five will perform in “Japan Record Award” (TBS) on Dec 30, and also scheduled to have a live performance in the “CDTV SPECIAL! New Year’s Eve Live 2009 → 2010”. Though they have cancelled the fan club meeting scheduled to be held in Janauary, they will release a new single “BREAK OUT!” on January 27. They will also release their first best album on February 17. Their activities afterwards in Japan are not fixed yet.

T/N: There were similar information posted in other sites (from different sources), but since this is from the credible source Mainichi Shimbun (one of the largest daily newspapers in Japan) website, I’ve translated the article again.

Source: mainichiJP
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[TRANS] 100101 ‘We Want To Keep Doing Our Best!’ – TVXQ

The popular Korean group Tohoshinki, who is in the midst of having break-up rumors, performed on “60th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen” on the last day of the year, and later appeared on TBS’ special program “CDTV SPECIAL! New Year’s Eve Premium Live 2009→2010”. When being asked by MC TAKAHIRO (EXILE) what their aspiration for this year is, Jaejoong stopped a moment and only said, “We want to keep doing our best like last year.”

After the three members of Tohoshinki – Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun – filed a lawsuit to request for a provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive contract with their managing company, there have been rumors of them breaking up floating around. There are also rumors that the members cannot communicate normally and that their actions are being observed. However, in fact, on the rehearsal day of Kouhaku, it has been reported that the three members and Yunho, Changmin returned to their waiting room in two separate groups.

After performing “Stand by U” at Kouhaku, they chose to not answer the press corps’ questions. At CDTV, they only said, “Good evening everyone, we are Tohoshinki” and sang the song which contained a message in its lyrics.


Source: Oricon News
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[INFO] Musical Mozart 4th Round Ticket Sales Starts!

After the first, second, and third round ticket sales, alright fellas, here comes the LAST round of Mozart ticket sales! so far Junsu has sold all his performance seats out, I believe there wont be any difference with this one

Ticket Sales Schedule:
– January 5th, 2010 (Tue) @ 10:00 a.m. / Mozart: Im Tae-kyung, Park Gun-hyung, Park Eun-tae
– January 5th, 2010 (Tue) @ 9:00 p.m. / Mozart: Kim Junsu[/b]
Please check the performance schedule before reserving.

Junsu will perform on February 16th, 18th, 20th (2 segments).

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[NEWS] 091229 TVXQ Changmin Becomes Skinnier Recently, Fans “It’s a pity”

TVXQ members Changmin brought sadness among fans for his weak and thin appearance.

Changmin’s recent appearance that was captured, showing the lean figure of him, has been matter of concern among his fans.

This picture which is assumed to be taken by fans has been spread through fansites showed the spirit-less Changmin, steadily skinnier, with no smile, and his expression was also dark.

After the picture was spread rapidly through internet portal sites, fans showed their concern towards this situation by leaving comments such as “You should eat food more.” “He’s too thin” “His small face looks even much smaller”

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