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[TRANS] 091229 TVXQ’s Chinese FanClubs Takes Legal Action

It has been confirmed that Chinese fans are planning to take legal action against SM Entertainment and the Chinese sponsoring company for the cancellation of the Shenzhen ‘TVXQ Thrid Asia Tour-MIROTIC’ concert that was to be held on November 21st.

A representative of Chinese TVXQ fansite Baidu BAR said in an e-mail interview that, “We were severely hurt by this event,” and “We could have understood if the concert had been canceled for reasons beyond anyone’s control, but we cannot sit idly by and let these deceptive tricks go,” and stated that they are receiving legal counsel for this case.

The representative highlighted the forged note of confirmation from the members to state that they would participate in the concert and said, “This case includes fraud. This is the thing that we find hardest to accept,” and “We are beginning to take legal action against SM Entertainment and the Chinese sponsor company by asking for Perpetuation of Evidence and other actions.”

They stated, “The Shenzhen concert was set by SM and the Chinese sponsor company without consultation after the three members handed in their provisional disposition request so it was an unfair to the members of TVXQ.”

Regarding the forged signatures, the Chinese fans showed their disappointment by saying, “In the end, SM did not give us a proper answer.” They also directly criticized SM by saying, “They do no respect their singers, hurt their fans and use media play in their favor. Therefore, we will no longer cry to understand or trust such a company.”

They said, “We are fans who support TVXQ and we hope that this cancellation of the concert does not affect the members in a bad way,” and “We will not let the company put all the blame on the members of TVXQ.” They also showed their unwavering support by saying, “We are Chinese fans who grew with TVXQ for six years and we believe in them.” They also stressed that, “We hope that this concert does not put any more stress on the members who are already strained from the legal dispute.”

They also said, “We hope that people, like the media, do not get fooled by rumors and partial explanations that switches black and white and make the wrong assumptions. We hope that they judge this event thinking of what is the real problem of this whole situation.” They also said, “We hope that the public loves them and keeps a fair and understanding eye on them.”

The Chinese fans also said, “We are not strong, and we lack experience but we will unite and let the truth be revealed.”

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[TRANS] 091228 BS Special Show – “2010, The Engine Of the Future” : “The Creator Of Wild Enthusiasm – Masato Matsuura”

As part of BS 5’s special program “2010, The Engine of The Future”, an episode of “The Creator Of Wild Enthusiasm – Masato Matsuura” will be aired on the 1st of January 2010 at 9pm.


This episode will interview Matsuura on his thoughts since his start of working at a records shop, till his position of Avex president since the 90s, using various top hits to reminisce those times.

At the same time, the show will also broadcast “a-nation 09”, featuring Avex artists like EXILE, TRF, Every Little Thing, Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, misono, Otsuka Ai, Tohoshinki, Maki Goto, GIRL NEXT DOOR and others interviews.


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[TRANS] 091227 Tohoshinki’s Special Book – ‘Tohoshinki’s Memoirs’

The jacket photo for the ‘Tohoshinki Memoirs’ special edition book has been revealed. This special edition book on Korea’s popular vocal group Tohoshinki will be released on 7 January 2010, by the publisher Souryuu (蒼竜社 under Tatsumi Group).

Exceeding the Hallyu Wave and becoming the popular, No.1 artist group Tohoshinki; find out everything about them!

Also, Tohsohinki will be releasing their 「東方神起 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC」 DVD on 25 January, their new single 「BREAK OUT!」 on 27 January, and their first ‘Best Album’ on 17 February 2010.

Price (listed): ¥1,050

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[TRANS] 091225 Paradise Meadow – Shim Changmin, Joo SangWook & Lee YeonHee

Actor Joo Sang Wook, TVXQ’s Changmin (Max) and actress Lee Yeon Hee are preparing for their drama ‘Paradise Meadow’.

According to an official of the drama, the three of them started filming on the 23rd, at Jeju Island.

This drama depicts the love and work of two youths, with the natural beauty of Jeju Island as the background. Interest was raised beyond the industry when it was first announced that TVXQ’s Changmin, who enjoys huge popularity in Asia, and up-and-rising actress Lee Yeon Hee was casted in this drama.

For Lee Yeon Hee, Joo Sang Wook and Changmin will show their strategies on love. Joo Sang Wook’s character is the President of a resort, whose parents migrated to America when he was a child. While he’s on a business trip at Jeju Island to look into building a resort there, he has a fateful encounter with Lee Yeon Hee, where this gentleman falls in love with her.

There will be 16 episodes for ‘Paradise Meadow’. It is targeted to be broadcasted in March next year.

Journalist: Kim Soo Jeon

Source: [STARNEWS & Chosun]
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[TRANS] 091227 Tohoshinki’s Message on Kouhaku’s Homepage

Name: Tohoshinki

Song: Stand by U

Message: We’re very happy to be able to perform on Kouhaku again this year. In order not to lose to other artists, we will be singing wholeheartedly.

Profile: The group’s name means “The Rising Gods from the East!” They chose this name to express their desire to rise from Asia to the world. They made their debut in Japan in 2005.

Source: Kouhaku Utagassen’s Homepage
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[TRANS] 091226 Favourite Album of The Year – TVXQ’s 4th Album Mirotic

What are the favorite work pieces of each industry in the year 2009?
The results have been calculated from the cultural circle on 25th of December 2009.

First of all, what is the most popular movie? As expected, ‘Haeundae 해운대’ won the 1st place, followed by ‘Jump Broadly’ who took the 2nd position.

Next is the most popular album of the year. Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album ‘Mirotic’ took the 1st position under the song category. ‘Mamma Mia!’ movie OST won the 1st position under the pop category, and 2nd position goes to Jason Thomas Mraz album.

*P/S. Non-DBSK related parts were omitted.

Source: TVXQAsia + SBSnews
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[TRANS] Synopsis of Dating on Earth

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new drama will be included in the up coming Mirotic Live Concert DVD.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new drama titled ‘Dating On Earth’ is a story about the school and married life between a high school student who’s also a husband (Micky YooChun) and his form teacher (Seo HyeonJin); the other 4 has been casted as YooChun’s classmates whereby JaeJoong is a transfer student.

JaeJoong has lost his parents when he was young and has grown up in a lonely environment. In the drama, he will fall in love with his form teacher; whereby he will end up being in a love triangle with YooChun and his wife.

On top of that, there will be a kiss scene between YooChun and the female lead.

Characters Introduction:

Micky YooChun: A high schooler who falls in love with his form teacher and got married to her.
Hero JaeJoong: Falls in love with his form teacher and ends up in a love triangle.
UKnow YunHo: A handsome head councillor but was always harsh with his words, and who bullies YooChun.
Xiah JunSu: A friend of YooChun, who is innocent, smart but immodest.
Max ChangMin: A buddy of JunSu, heir of a big successful organization.
Seo HyeonJin: Yoochun’s Form Teacher.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
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