[NEWS] Japanese Fans Published Ad At Korean Newspaper

TVXQ Korea fansite DNBN and TVXQ Japan fans unite to publish an ad at local newspaper which the content is ‘We will love and support TVXQ forever”, the ad is published today on the 4th.

From DNBN, “TVXQ is now having a difficult time, and all the fans together with the Japanese fans mean to empower them to go through this time, thus the ad was created.” they said. “The Japanese fans who also always think about TVXQ want to encourage them, and to convey the love they have to the members.”

The Japanese fans shout their feeling through the ad as this is:

When publishing an ad this time, we thought about it a lot.

Though we did think about SM…..Most of all, we wanted to tell Tohoshinki members that we dearly love them. We received a lot of happiness from them.

They made huge effort in a different country named Japan where they could not understand the language. Therefore, we wanted to tell them that we will continue to support them for a long time.

And, we felt that it was difficult to criticize SM, when thinking about that there is their belonging office also exists here in Japan.

We prepared this advertising to be published from the time when we did not understand anything (how to pay and such to hold an ad in Korea newspaper). We searched for the advertising agency in Japan, and it introduced a daily report company in Korea.

As we had imagined, it was difficult to figure out information about South Korean News Paper Ad from Japan. Please understand.

We were very glad to receive assistance/support from DNBN and a lot of Cassiopeia’s this time.

Thank you so much. We want to send much appreciation and thankfulness to you.

From the fans of Japan that agreed this advertisement and Five Balloons.

We love you.

Source: tvdaily
Trans by: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: sharingyoochun.net + DBSKnights + DTL

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