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[INFO] BREAK OUT Version A & B Restocked!

BREAK OUT version A & B First Press Editions has been restocked at CDJapan.

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[TRANS] Keita Talks About His Relationship With Jaejoong

This letter is from someone going by the username “Keita and Jaejoong LOVE”, completely in love with me and Jaejoong-ah, it shows clearly from the radio name.

Writer of the letter: “Lately, Keita’s blog mentions Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong a lot, their happy conversations and such, may I ask how close exactly is your relationship with Jaejoong? Another, I really like both Tohoshinki and w-inds. And like Keita and Jaejoong a lot.

Keita: “This message makes me happy, thank you. With Jaejoong, it just happened to be last year at the end of the year, we appeared together on a Countdown TV late night show, and when we were asked about old videos, we sat close to Tohoshinki, and I sat very close to Jaejoong. After that, we chatted, can’t remember exactly what we talked about, but after our chat, our relationship changed. We talked about exchanging mail. But at the time, we were both very busy, didn’t have time for the exchange. So later, Jaejoong through his manager… At that time said he will leave a mail, after that, the mail was given to me, so I felt… Jaejoong is very handsome, so manly, not just saying this for fun, he’s really, a very nice guy. So from then on, we communicated a lot, and I noticed now Jaejoong is a really warmhearted guy, a bit childish…… As everyone know, Tohoshinki is very popular, so please support Tohoshinki as well as w-inds. I talked a lot about music with jaejoong, and we have discussed how wonderful it would be if one day we can collaborate.”

credit: 0花舞花落泪0@baidu
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[TRANS] Kiss The Radio – Transcripts from 18Dec to 24Dec (S.R.D Mentioned)

(only taken part that is mentioned Jun-chan ^^)

Junsu had his money taken away

Eunhyuk: When I was in middle school, there was once our S.R.D* members arranged to go to the amusement park and have fun. Who knew, that morning, my stomach hurt like mad, and I gave them a call saying I couldn’t go. After that, I kept lying on the bed. Later at night, they called to say, at the amusement park entrance, they met a group of hyungs who were snatching money, and all their money got taken away. In the end, they could only stand at the main gate and take a look, before coming back.

Leeteuk: Yeah, I have an impression, I took their money and had fun. (ROFLMAO! Go Teukie!!)

Eunhyuk: Oh, so it was you… Anyway, thinking about it now, at that time, my stomach hurt at the right time.

*S.R.D is a group that was formed by Eunhyuk, Xiah Junsu and 2 other friends wile they were in school. S.R.D stands for Sing, Rap & Dance.

source: Kimseohye
korean to chinese translations by Kimseohye
chinese to english translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net
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[INFO] 010910 Yoochun’s Cyworld Update

He has a new background i like more this is more happy, right?
well the translation of the phrase is in the picture
maybe his phrase is about his time in Sydney?
i don’t know but i think than he’s happy 🙂 I hope that

Source: Yoochun’s Cy.
Translation: Cielo and Yoochun! @ OneTVXQ!
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[INFO] 100108 Tohoshinki on K Boom March 2010

The magazine will feature Tohoshinki’s activities during their last two days of 2009.

It will also feature the history of Tohoshinki from the debut day until now.

With total of 26 pages, K Boom March Edition will be launched on 21.

Source: baidu Hero + Mr.TVXQ
Credit: Misu @ TVXQIndo.com
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[TRANS] 100108 “They Did Not Divide 3-2 At Kouhaku Rehearsal”

“They did not divide into 3-2 at Kouhaku rehearsal,”
said Komai Chikako, YTV Miyaneya reporter

Komai Chikako is an entertainment reporter who works for a YTV’s program called Miyaneya, the one that Tohoshinki made an appearance on the day of Best Hits Song Festival. On 1/8, when Miyaneya was having a discussion about Tohoshinki’s disbanding rumor on TV, Komai Chikako voiced out what she had seen at Kouhaku’s backstage.

“People have been saying that their dressing room was divided by a curtain, and that they came back to the dressing in 3-2 groups at Kouhaku rehearsal; but according to what I saw with my own eyes, there was no such thing as 3-2. They were together as 5 all the times; and even when they had to line up, they didn’t split it into 3-2. The 3 who are in dispute with their company right now entered the space between the other 2, and they lined up as 5. The media has been reporting that Jaejoong had an expression that looked like he did not want to answer their questions, but at that time, he was wearing a hood over his head, so it was hard to see his expression…” [T/N: what she meant was that since Jaejoong’s facial expression could not be seen clearly, the media just assumed that he was in a bad mood]

Source: tvxqchamie
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] TVXQ Wins The Poll For Clarin, One Of The Biggest Newspapers

This is the translation:

International survey


I am your fan (club)

The Mambrú (an Argentinean boyband) from South Korea slipped into the ballot box to the fullest.
“The Korean gas, suddenly arrived…”. They are not in the way of toxic fumes, as anticipated by ‘Los Redondos’ (an Argentinian rock band) 20 years ago, but riding in the shadows of digital exchange, the dispersion of tastes and the unprecedented tenacity of their fan club, TVXQ were the surprise which we expect their fellow country football players don’t give us when we face them in the first round of the world cup in South Africa.
This Korean boyband with the initials of Tong Vfang Xien Qi (meaning something like “Rising Gods of the East”), did not just fight and win against monsters like Paramore, U2, 30 Seconds to Mars and Pearl Jam in the International Album Category, with their album The Secret Code, but also almost takes away the throne from AC/DC as International Band. Where did these cosmic kites (talking about football; cosmic kite is the nickname of a football player, Maradona) come from? From a TV casting, that made them debut officially during Christmas of 2003. Since then, their success did not know limits, even when they try to complicate things entitling one of their albums (in Korean) Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Their fans are as many as their detractors, who are not afraid of using direct action against them, intoxicating them if necessary, as when a woman in 2006 handed an unclosed cola bottled to the charismatic Yunho, in which the content was a toxic substance that made him throw up blood and ended up being rushed to the hospital, wherein he had to go under many stomach-pumping.
Despite these attacks, their fan club (Cassiopeia, as the five star constellation) is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the one with the most members in the world: only in Korea they are more than 800 thousand. Could votes have arrived from their very country, Seoul? Our system cookies said they did. Any other record? In 2009 they were claimed as the Most Photographed Celebrity, with 500 million pictures since their debut at the end of 2003. Outside the TVXQ tsunami, what took priority internationally were the surprises.
–omitted- meanwhile another lady (Lady Gaga) won in Break Throughartist in a tight fight against our new korean friends!
Thus, globalization arrived to our traditional and dear Survey. From what planet will the next winner be? We’ll see, we’ll see.


International Band & International Album

International Revelation

Credit: Suplemento Si! Clarin + TVXQ My Destiny Argentina
Trans: Bom-i@My Destiny
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