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[INFO] 100107 100 Best Selling Albums of 2009 in Korea

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[NEWS] 100107 TVXQ Album Sales In The Philippines Going Strong

The album sales of TVXQ, SHINee, and other K-pop groups are going strong in the Philippines.

Based on sales reports from 50 Odyssey record stores in the Philippines for the period Dec. 16 to Jan. 1, TVXQ’s “Mirotic: The 3rd Asia Tour Concert” CD is at No. 4 in the international album chart–just a few slots behind those of Andrea Bocelli’s, Taylor Swift’s, and Lady Gaga’s.

SHINee’s mini-album “2009, Year of Us” is at No. 11, while all-girl pop group f(x)’s first album “Chu” is at No. 16, followed by Super Junior M’s “Super Girl” at No. 17.

Universal Records released TVXQ’s album only last Dec. 15 and SHINee’s “2009, Year of Us” last Dec. 23.

Meanwhile, at Music One stores, SHINee’s album is at No. 2 for the period Dec. 28 to Jan. 3. The mini-album, which comes with a free calendar, contains the hit songs “Ring Ding Dong” and “Jojo.” SHINee’s strong showing in the sales chart is buoyed by the pop idol group’s visit to the country last Nov. 27 to perform in the “Philippines-Korea Friendship Festival” concert at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The group is currently promoting “Jojo” in various Korean music shows.

Meanwhile, Universal Records announced that it will release TVXQ’s two other albums, “Mirotic” version C and “The Secret Code” this month, along with Super Junior’s “Super Show 2 Live Album” CD and Girls Generation’s “Gee” album.

TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior and it’s subgroup Super Junior M, Girls Generation, and f(x) are all managed by SM Entertainment.

Source: Manila Bulletin
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[INFO] 100108 Kimi Suki on Park Sung Gwang’s Minihompy

Note: Comedian Park Sung Gwang is a Yoochun/TVXQ fan ❤ Last year (around March), it was said that he is one of the two celebrities in Korea who is close to Yoochun (the other one being Kim Hyunjoong of SS501).

Park Sung Gwang and Yoochun

source: Park Sung Gwang’s Cyworld
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[INFO] 100108 Music Fair New Year Selection – Jejung & Yuchun

Jejung & Yuchun’s performance was chosen and will be aired during Music Fair’s New Year Selection.

Date: 09 January 2010
Time: 1800-1830
Program: FujiTV Music Fair

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[Trans] 100108 Modern Mozart Make-up, It Fits Park Gun Hyung And Kim Junsu Well

Interview with make-up artist of Mozart!

Make-up Artist Kim Yoo Sun has a unique love for wigs

“I want to hear ‘Your work for the musical Mozart! was good.’”

Musicals ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Empress Myeongseong’, ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Chicago’. What is the similarity between these unique musicals? Extravagance. And that extravagance existed because of make-up artist Kim Yoo Sun.

“I prefer musicals because they are more extravagant and larger in scale than plays,” says Kim Yoo Sun and he has been put in charge of make-up for the musical [Mozart!] that is “a position any make-up artist would envy.”

This was his first official interview so he was shy at first but he showed his unique love and pride for wigs throughout the interview. We met with the man who has lived since November buried in the 200 or so wigs that are to be used in Mozart!

“I fell in love with the music of Mozart!, and I’m confident.”

Although he has helped with musical productions for over 20 years, the scale of Mozart! is different from others as the 200 handmade wigs required for the production compare with the 100 imported wigs that needed repair in ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and the 80 handmade wigs in ‘Hairspray’. His words are not exaggerations when he says, “Wigs account for 95% of the job,” and that “This is the biggest amount of wigs I’ve worked with yet.”

However, make-up artist Kim Yoo Sun accepted this job with more confidence than stress from responsibility. He, who grew up with music close to his side since he was young, expressed what his feelings were when he was given the job offer and said, “I heard Mozart’s music, and I fell in love with the crossover of the genres of rock and classical,” and “A job this big of a scale requiring over 200 wigs is a job any make-up artist would envy.”

Modern Mozart make-up, it fits Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu well

The entire cast must wear wigs, each role has at least three and as many as seven. Each wig was duplicated three times. It can be inferred that the wig production of Mozart! is at least two to three times bigger than past jobs. It takes around a week to make each wig, and there are around 20 designers employed for wigs. They began making wigs after the casting of the cast was finished in November.

Since the head block (shape of the head) is different for each person, each member of the cast requires his or her own wig. This applies especially for the four Mozarts (Lim Tae Gyung, Park Eun Tae, Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu).

Like his explanation that “Mozart is the center of the spotlight visually in this musical,” Mozart enters the scene wearing jeans and sporting ‘drag hair’.

It would have been difficult to make a modern Mozart, but to him, who “Traveled to 30 countries for overseas shows and saw various cultures,” the blending of modern and past was not very hard. He was able to add a modern twist for all of the cast instead of just focusing on Mozart.


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[Trans] 100107 From Backdancer To Dancing Singer (U-Know Yunho)

The walls of Kpop are crumbling down. Comedians and actors are putting out albums and singers in reverse are entering the fields of acting and comedy as well. This is why many new terms such as Gaegaman (Gaegeuman “Comedian)+Gasoo (singer)” and Telgamen “Telunteu(Actor)+Gasoo(singer)”.

No longer do only comedians make people laugh or only singers sing. Reality has made being good in only one field no longer useful in the competitive industry. Kpop has evolved and changed so much that the joking comment that “If you’re good at singing, go be a singer” can no longer be used meaningfully.

How people become singers is also changing as well. There are many cases where people become singers because they are good at singing, but there is an increasing number of people who become singers after being backdancers who stood behind other singers and let them shine. In today’s industry, we are seeing them stepping up to the spotlight. They are stars who have gone from supporting actors to leads.


U-Know Yunho, part of Asia’s hottest group TVXQ, first became known by performing as Dana’s rapper and backdancer in her solo album. Dana is currently part of TSZX the Grace but was performing as a high-school singer before TVXQ’s 2004 debut.


Singers who used to be backdancers succeed because of their determination and effort. Backdancers are said to stay up for an entire week making choreography for a singer and make singers shine even when it gets them small injuries and bruises.

The backdancer who came up with Jewelry’s E.T. dance said, “The reason they were able to succeed as singers was because of their cow-like determination, ceaseless hard work and diligent rehearsals.”

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[INFO] 100107 Korean Fancafes’ Hit Counts Ranking

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