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[NEWS] SNSD Tiffany And Jessica Mentioned DBSK In Soompi

Soompi: Well, since you’ve been here, you’ve obviously met a lot of people in the entertainment industry since you go to a lot of performances and events. Who have you met that has blown your expectations out of the water. Like, you had a lot of respect for them before but when you met them, you were amazed.
Tiffany: [pause, thinking] Definitely BoA. And I mean, she still tends to amaze the world.
Jessica: [thinking] Um… for me… Dong Bang Shin Gi.
Tiffany: [cuts in] Yeah, I have to say that, too. They’re so professional.
Jessica: Yeah, they’re like different people.
Tiffany: That’s why we admire both of them. BoA unnie, she’s tiny and little and cute and completely lovable. And she goes onstage and she’s completely different.
Soompi: She’s got a lot of power onstage.
Tiffany: With both of them, that’s something that we definitely admire. When it comes to music, their passion is so intense that they’re like different people, and that’s what we admire.

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[NEWS] Members Ranking Within Groups; Changmin #1 In DB

The ranking of idol group members have been the hot topic online amongst netizens.

Fans of each idol group revealed the ranking of the group which they support. In So Nyeo Shi Dae, member SooYoung was ranked #1, while in 2PM and Dong Bang Shin Ki, the youngest members ChanSung and Max ChangMin are ranked #1 in their respective groups.

Other than ranking the members in each group according to age, height, build, time of joining the company, broadcast hit etc they also compared the potential for further celebrity career development, mass popularity, fashion sense, language abilities and individual talents etc.


Dong Bang Shin Ki

For Dong Bang Shin Ki, youngest member ChangMin was ranked #1 overall in the group for his confidence and ‘gluttony’/appetite.

Micky YooChun was ranked #1 for fashion sense, UKnow YunHo ranked #1 for his build and general popularity, Xiah JunSu ranked #1 for charisma and gag skills and Hero JaeJoong ranked #1 for broadcast appearance.

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[NEWS] 101112 “Paradise Ranch” Update Chosun News

You Ha-Na is to cast in the drama “Paradise Ranch”.

Photo credit: Innolife

You Ha-Na will act together with Changmin (Max) of TVXQ.
It is made clear that You Ha-Na will play the position of a promising interior designer
who is a daughter of a financial combine during a drama, and You Ha-Na develops love story
between Changmin and Joo Sang Wook, reported on January 11th, 2010.
Backed by a beautiful nature of Cheju Island, “Paradise Ranch” is to draw work and love of youths.
It is aimed to be broadcast in March 2010. 

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So, what do you guys think? I think she’s really pretty and it looks like she’ll be a great match with Changmin. 🙂

Article in Innolife says that You Ha Na will show a transformation from a girl with a cute charm to an urban woman. Can’t wait to see how she acts this out 😉

Btw, if you guys are wondering what Jong San Wook looks like. Here’s a picture:

[NEWS] JJ Magazine March 2010 Issue – Special Feature & Cover:

JJ March, 2010 issue. special feature & cover: TVXQThe front cover & the first page gravure will feature “THE VERY BEST OF TVXQ!” It is complete monopoly of TVXQ who we must keep an eye on continuously! It covers about their “reboot” of their end of 2009 activities and a lot more and even more! And there are super rare “TVXQ 100 questions and 100 answers” of such “thing”, that “thing” and this “thing” that we certainly want to know! It will also feature “fresh/raw polaroid photographs” which will be “generosity presented to the readers. This issue is TVXQ eternal memorial special edition which has special features to find all about TVXQ

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[INFO] 101111: Two TVXQ Music Score Book Will Be On Sell By Yamaha!

Music Score #1: “TVXQ Selection piano recital with a musical instrument for Piano-Bolero-”

Score “TVXQ Selection piano recital with a musical instrument for Piano-Bolero-”
Yamaha music media
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Asuwa Kurukaa, Begin, Heart, Mind and Soul, I’ll be there, PROUD, Foreve Love, Love in the Ice, HUG,
Doshite Kimiwo Sukini Natte Shimattandaro, Sennen Koiuta, Wasurenaide, Kiss The Baby Sky,
Stand by U, COLORS – Melody and Harmony …, & Begin (bonus score).

All 16 pieces music are a full chorus, comes with a luxurious color page.

Music Score #2: “TVXQ Selection for Piano-piano solo -Amaku Hateshinaku (Endlessly Sweet)-”

Score “TVXQ Selection for Piano-piano solo -Amaku Hateshinaku (Endlessly Sweet)-”
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Stay With Me Tonight, My Destiny, Somebody To Love, One, Asuwa Kurukara, Heart Mind and Soul,
PROUD, Sennen Koiuta, Doshite Kimiwo Sukininatte Shimattandaro, Wasurenaide, Amaku Hatesinaku
(Endlessly Sweet), Bolero, Kiss The Baby Sky, COLORS – Melody and Harmony – etc.,

Each music piece with one chorus, all 25 pieces-are arranged to be able to play easyly.
Comes with a luxurious color page.

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Always Keep The Faith!

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[INFO] 100111 TVXQ Memoirs Book Coming Up!

Contents introduction:

Over the Korean frame, now a super popular No. 1 artist group “TVXQ”!
You will be able to find all about them in this book!


◆ ~5 members of TVXQ PICK UP their treasured goods~ Always together as five!

◆ Preface

1ST stage
◆ The truth of the dissolution disturbance
TVXQ dissolution news……is it true?

2ND stage
◆ The members biography lists / Surface& Bottom
* Yunho
* Changmin
* Jeajoon
* Yuchun
* Junsu

3RD stage
◆ Trace of 2009

4TH stage
◆ A birth secret story of TVXQ
Hardship & episode which has not been revealed in the past~

5TH stage
◆ The step of TVXQ
Till they became a top star from their debut~
* Ran up the stairs to be the top star
* Started as a new face again in Japan
* TVXQ who spread their wings to the world

◆ The tears which five members of TVXQ have shed
◆ TVXQ blood type diagnosis

6TH stage
◆ The five members remark theater that is both astonishing and interesting

7TH stage
◆ A scoop! TVXQ!
◆ SM entertainment interchange MAP
◆ I want to know TVXQ more! Trivia 7(Seven)

8TH stage
◆ Et cetera of TVXQ
* Case / accident
* Solo activities
* A dream of five members of TVXQ
◆ TVXQ fan terms. From the basic knowledge to the deep knowledge.

On Sell: 2010/1/7
203 pages

International fans can purchase this one!!
Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ) Kenbunroku:
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Always Keep The Faith!!

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[INFO] TVXQ Dominates AVEX’s Rankings

CD RANKING: 10-01-10

DVD RANKING: 10-01-10

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