[INFO] 100111 TVXQ Memoirs Book Coming Up!

Contents introduction:

Over the Korean frame, now a super popular No. 1 artist group “TVXQ”!
You will be able to find all about them in this book!


◆ ~5 members of TVXQ PICK UP their treasured goods~ Always together as five!

◆ Preface

1ST stage
◆ The truth of the dissolution disturbance
TVXQ dissolution news……is it true?

2ND stage
◆ The members biography lists / Surface& Bottom
* Yunho
* Changmin
* Jeajoon
* Yuchun
* Junsu

3RD stage
◆ Trace of 2009

4TH stage
◆ A birth secret story of TVXQ
Hardship & episode which has not been revealed in the past~

5TH stage
◆ The step of TVXQ
Till they became a top star from their debut~
* Ran up the stairs to be the top star
* Started as a new face again in Japan
* TVXQ who spread their wings to the world

◆ The tears which five members of TVXQ have shed
◆ TVXQ blood type diagnosis

6TH stage
◆ The five members remark theater that is both astonishing and interesting

7TH stage
◆ A scoop! TVXQ!
◆ SM entertainment interchange MAP
◆ I want to know TVXQ more! Trivia 7(Seven)

8TH stage
◆ Et cetera of TVXQ
* Case / accident
* Solo activities
* A dream of five members of TVXQ
◆ TVXQ fan terms. From the basic knowledge to the deep knowledge.

On Sell: 2010/1/7
203 pages

International fans can purchase this one!!
Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ) Kenbunroku:
US$17.49 (World wide free shipping fee.)


Always Keep The Faith!!

source: Amazon.co.jp
trans: Junsulv
shared by: OneTVXQ.com

2 responses to “[INFO] 100111 TVXQ Memoirs Book Coming Up!

  1. hey can i have the exact link to yesasia for this so i can buy it? the link you provided seemed wrong, it says page not found. pls reply thanks!

    • emerheliena

      Sorry for the late reply… I already replaced the link… Just copy and paste the link I posted into your browser… Just send a message again if you still can’t access the link…

      Take care…

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