[INFO] 100115 JaeChunSu for THE THREE VOICES

Well, it seems it’s for real. Here’s what Film Korea posted:

Production Company: Blessworld
Director: Peter Han
Cast: TVXQ Kim jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu (only Park Yuchun shooting in Seoul)

Here are some additional detail SYC got:

Production Company: blessworld Japan

Directed by: Peter Han

More info about blessworld:

This is a famous film production company with 20 years experience in the field which has main office both in South Korea and Japan. THE THREE VOICES seems to hire one in Japan instead of South Korea.

Most of their products are advertorials, such as FACE SHOP, BASKIN ROBINS, but they also produce MVs for singers (ie: Sung Mo Cho’s ‘My First’ MV) and magazine photographs (ie: SINGLES magazine).

Merely this blessworld is only a film production company, one who hired them to produce THE THREE VOICES, is still in question.

Source: filmkorea
Trans: sharingyoochun.net + dbsknights +  dtl

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