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[TRANS] Yoochun’s Message To Parkyuchun

To ParkYuchun
I always like the BGM.

credit: parkyuchun.kr
trans by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

*T/N – the BGM is his song at the smile again fanmeeting “Restless” and “Wind from Whence Does it Blow” at Come to Play

[TRANS] 100118 DBSK Awarded As “Cultural Ambassador”

Both five-member groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang received the exceptional recognition of being “Cultural Ambassadors.”

The private organization from the Cultural Tourism Board, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) stated, “Due to the contributions they have made in the development of the cultural aspect through popular music, we have decided to appoint/award them as ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ as a form of recognition.”

They have produced the most number of successful album records even in such a difficult period of time in the music industry, and have been energetically involved in both local and overseas activities; these are the main reasons behind this award.

A representative from KOFICE said, “This honor was awarded based on those who have contributed to the cultural industry on a yearly basis. Every year, this award has been given to those working in the cultural field, but this year is an exception as it has been given to idol groups.”

They added, “As both Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang are busy with their schedules, the official announcement will be made later in January.”

Source: KOFICE + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100119 Yu Kigoshi’s Blog Update

2010-01-185 15:07:08
A message from Yunho’s father

I received a thank you mail from Yunho’s father.

There are some personal contents, and also some of Yunho’s father’s thoughts about the current problem, so I would like to disclose only a part of his message.
I thank you for your kind understanding.

TO: Mr. Yu Kigoshi
How are you?
It was very snowy and also very cold in Gwangju.
I do not know about the weather in Japan, but please always take care of your health.

I received the package that you have sent to me.
Yu-san’s letter, candies, precious messages and the CD from the fans…
(T/N: the messages from the fans were partly printed out on paper, and the remaining was copied to a CD)
I feel deep love inside my heart, and I would pass the messages to Yunho, too.

I express my words of gratitude to all the precious ones, who have sent messages that will summon up Yunho’s courage.

So your messages will be handed over to Yunho.
Everyone, cheers♪

One of the other messages written were,
Yunho’s father is thinking to lend a hand together with Yunho to Haiti, where there was the earthquake, and many passed away.
Yunho’s father seems to think of volunteering for Haiti, when Yunho’ schedule for this month is finished.
Not only volunteer work, but accomplishing something together with your father is really wonderful, I hope I can be like them.

I could not introduce the part where he is referring to the current Tohoshinki’s situation, but he seems to be very worried, and also feeling somewhat impatient.

I believe all your messages would be a great support to Yunho and Yunho’s father.

I would like to treasure the chance between Yunho’s father and me.
Yunho’s father is the teacher of my life, he has created the opportunity for me to contact my real father again.

(few sentences omitted)

Recently, I am thinking that..
There are some that knew this blog through my books, some are regular readers from before, and some are newcomers from this project.
There are many people who leave me messages, and reading them, it seems that they are not worrying only about Tohoshinki but worrying and supporting me, too.
There are some who leaves comments just like my mother’s words, lol. Maybe they are the same generation as my mother.

I was always told to be grateful to all the persons around me, and I am truly filled with thankfulness to all of you.

It is very difficult to express my feelings, but I wish that my feelings can be conveyed to all of you. Watching the news on TV, there are not many nice stories, but I hope that many who come to this blog will be able to smile for a time being.

As everyone had prayed for my happiness, I pray that all of you would be happy.

Yu Kigoshi’s blog
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[TRANS] 010118 Tohoshinki Best Album Similar To?

January 17, 2010
Tohoshinki is ranked in 3rd place in Seven-Eleven CD Sales

When I checked on the CD ranking of Seven-Eleven internet sales, I found that Tohoshinki’s best album was ranked on the 3rd position, and…


I thought that this was “with the beatles” of “THE BEATLES”.


So similar!

T/N: How do you think?

Source: hm_blog @ livedoor
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100118 Yunho’s Message To Close To Yoonho

Happy New Year 2010!
This site has opened for the 3rd year.Congratulations from the bottom of the heart
Although, lies are floating around, but i know the truth wont change
Now, It’s a bit difficult but lets work hard together~

credit : close to yoonho+mr.tvxq
trans by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

[TRANS] 100117 Yoochun’s Message To Mickybar

To Mickybar
Always been appreciative of you guys! I will visit often!!

Credit: Mickybar
Trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[TRANS] Song Yujin Shows Support To Tohoshinki

T/N: Song Yujin, born March 1, 1969. Origin, Korea. He states himself as a culture broadcaster and entertainer. He appears in some Japanese CS programs as a commentator for Korean pops and dramas, and he is also a writer for some Japanese women’s magazines. He has been continuously supporting Tohoshinki, please click here for one of his activities, the “300,000 videos to cheer up Tohoshinki” project.

2010-01-12 00:03:55

Submitting a Petition from Tohoshinki fans!!!

Since there seems difficulties for the discussions between Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment…
I have planned the following project.

(few sentences omitted)

The fans would start to worry when individual activities should increase.
So I thought about writing to the government.
Please refer to the following.
I am awaiting everyone’s participation!

We will submit a petition from Tohoshinki fans.
I have a chance to meet a person related to the Korean government, and I plan to ask him for his help, so that Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment can hold direct discussions.
I thought about doing this on my own, but I wanted to convey all the fans feelings, too, so I decided to collect your comments.
I have planned this in order to support Tohoshinki so that they can do the activities that they really want to do.
I will inform you of the results later.

(few sentences omitted)


(few sentences omitted)

We will accept your comments in Korean and Japanese.

(few sentences omitted)

I will be asking for their aid in order to enable the deep discussion between Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment. I am not asking any further. Please write about Tohoshinki’s contribution for spreading the Korean culture to Japan, and that they are a necessity and indispensable to Japan as a Korean artist.

(few sentences omitted)

Please appeal Tohoshinki’s existence for the cultural point of view.

The person is fluent in Japanese. Please be reassured, your Japanese messages will reach their hearts. According to the reason written as above, this project is intended for people living in Japan.

T/N: Since this project is only for those who live in Japan, I had thought twice or three times before introducing this news to our English speaking friends. However, I wanted to inform you of all the supporting projects currently going on in Japan, so I made this article. (Please be kind and considerate towards Mr. Song, who is putting much efforts in order to support Tohoshinki. Also, no bashing of SM Entertainment please, I have not written this article to raise talks. Thank you.)
I hope that the petition project will be of a success, I will again make an article when the project proceeds.

Source: Song Yujin’s Private blog & “Keep our 5 stars TVXQ!” @ wiki
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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