[NEWS] After School Ex-Member SoYoung and Xiah JunSu Are Friends

After School ex-member Yoo SoYoung shows off her ‘golden contacts*’.

She wrote on her minihompy diary on 26th January with a photo of music ‘Mozart’ attached, “Watched a musical after a long time~^^ And I felt something deep after watching it.. Heehee”

She added, “JunSu had his first performance today, and the 86gathering friends are all mobilized to show support!!! Why are we more nervous..?Kekeke the music was really good. And also the ambassadors in the musical touched my heart. Anyway!!! It’s a musical that makes me want to watch it again!!! Everyone everyone please come and see~~~~!!”

Through the posting it was known that SoYoung and Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu are both members of the 86-er alumni.

‘Mozart’ stars Xiah JunSu as one of the main characters. It is his first official activity after the discord between SM Entertainment and the trio from Dong Bang Shin Ki.


*golden contacts – like friends who are really famous

Credit: Sookyeong@Kbites
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

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