[TRANS] 100127 Xiah Junsu’s Mozart! Performance

These are the feelings of this reporter, who sat at Seat 172, Area C, in the Sejong Centre.

95% of the seats are filled by females. The performance of “Mozart!” on the 26th, is Xiah Junsu’s first performance, since “Mozart!” began. On the day that sales began, fans already bought out all the tickets for Xiah Junsu’s entire performance schedule. The main role of Mozart is played by popular musical actors Lim Tae Kyung, Park Gun Hyung, Park Eun Tae, as well as singer, Kim Junsu.

To be honest, this reporter wanted to compare the abilities of Lim Tae Kyung and Xiah Junsu, to see whether the culture of musicals will clash with the fan culture of TVXQ’s fans.

▶The battle for tickets

“Are there any tickets?” On the 26th, fans who did not manage to get tickets could be seen walking around Sejong Centre, trying to procure scalped tickets. A female high school fan wrote on her blog – “My monthly allowance is KRW$80,000, but if there are tickets, I’d buy it even if it costs KRW$250,000.”

At the exit, the ticket attendant, dressed in a black suit, was controlling the entry of people. However, normally, entry to the hall is allowed for everyone. A representative of the production explained, “Previously, there were also idol stars who performed at Sejong Centre, and the fans who had no tickets were rushing in and crowding up the place until the glass windows broke, resulting in a chaotic situation in the hall. There are too many fans who wish to enter the hall, even for a glimpse of the promotional boards, and we had no choice but to ensure that there is entry control this time.”

The brochures and CDs sales also reached unbelievable levels. The team leader and in-charge of the venue said, “Sales for the brochures are usually roughly 10& of the seating capacity (3,000), but today, we’ve already sold more than 1,000″. This means that the sales were 3 times higher than normal, and the demand for it keeps increasing.

▶Fans’ reduced cheers

Act 1, Scene 2, Xiah Junsu appeared wearing the red costume. His husky voice trembled a little, as if he was a little nervous. From the second song, “I am I am music”, onwards, he gradually stabilized. Once his voice trailed off, enthusiastic claps came from the audience, which lasted for 2-3 seconds. Although there were some calls from the female fans, compared to their live concerts, these shouts are already considered mild.

Xiah Junsu did not make any mistakes during his singing scene with his ‘Father’, and performed the song flawlessly. Act 1, Scene 12, was where Xiah Junsu wants his future wife to give him a kiss on his cheek. Just before her lips touched his cheeks, Xiah Junsu turned his head and kissed her lips instead. Envious and surprised calls sounded again. Lim Tae Kyung and Park Eun Tae had some high vocal parts where they sang directly, and Xiah Junsu performed it using falsetto, and the rest was completed without any mistake.

▶Fans of musicals VS Fans of Xiah Junsu

During intermission, this reporter walked to the front of the theatre and interviewed some of Xiah Junsu’s fans on their thoughts towards his acting and vocals.
1. His condition does not seem to be too good.
2. He sings extremely well, but he’s still not perfect at vocalization.
3. There was a lot of rock music, and it seemed like there wasn’t enough strength.

When asked “How much would you rate him, upon 100 marks?” The answer was “70 marks”. A female fan in her 30s said, “This is already very good, considering it is his first performance for his first musical. I can see that he did a lot of preparations. He will continue to grow. Also, to be honest, some artists who challenge musicals, even till their very last performance, they are still 0 marks.”

The second act began. For the rest of the performance, Xiah Junsu’s fans behaved well. A fan of musicals said, “On Xiah Junsu’s fan sites, there were notices which informed the fans of appropriate behaviour.”

When the curtains fell, the theatre flooded with cheers that could be compared to a live concert.

Outside, at the hall, a Japanese fan said, “Xiah Junsu is really a genius, he portrayed Mozart really well. The seats were all sold out in January, and the Japanese fans didn’t know, so I can’t come and watch a few more times. I believe that more Japanese fans will turn up for the shows in February.”

University student Jung (T/N: unsure of full name) said, “He was a little unstable during the first act, but he was excellent from the second act onwards. Maybe it’s because of his daily practices, his voices was a little raspy.”

source: [ohmynews + baidutvxq]
translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net

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