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[INFO] 100128 Tohoshinki’s Break Out Still #1

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[TRANS] Showcase Message – JunSu And JunHo

JH: Hello everyone, I’m JunHo.
JS: Hello everyone, I’m JunSu.
JH: Long time no see, everyone.
JS: Hello.
JH: On the 28th of March, I will be holding my debut showcase at BeiJing. I hope that everyone can attend and support me.
JS: Hi, it’s been so long since I last greeted everyone. My brother will be holding his debut showcase at China. I hope that everyone can support him. I will also be attending the showcase this time, and I hope that everyone can give my brother support and warm encouragement. Hope to see everyone there. Thank you!
JH: Thank you!
JS: Fighting

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[TRANS] 100128 Triple First Time Ever In 35 Years! JJ Caused By TVXQ!!

First Time Ever #1

First time ever, they became a cover of woman’s magazine in JJ’s 35 years of history.

First Time Ever #2

First time ever in JJ’s 35 years of history, all TVXQ March 2010 issues are sold out in one single day,
on the first issue day! (Not only it was sold out, but also it was all sold out on the first issue day!)

First Time Ever #3

Then the first time ever in JJ’s 35 years of history, they reprint their monthly magazine,
all because of our TVXQ! Go TVXQ!! Yeah!!

And Yet One More First Time Ever!!

Actually one more here, for the first time ever in their 35 years of history,
JJ editors in chief had to write a formal apology that it was all sold out in one single day!!

[INFO]1001128 Due to TVXQ cover, JJ Sold Out! MSN Entertainment News

Summarized Translation:
*MSN Entertainment News reported that JJ’s editor in chief had placed apology letter on JJ’s home page.
Additional printing will be available at around January 29th.



[TRANS]100128 Formal Apology Letter JJ Editor in Chief:

*Here is the formal apology letter of JJ magazine’s editor in chief.



Concerning about JJ March issue;
We are truly sorry that it was all sold out on the day of the publishing,
at the book stores and convenient stores nationwide.

We are very sorry.
We would like to express our deep apology to you all.

We wish to deliver them to, as many people as possible,
therefore, currently, we are reprinting more of them.
We plan to deliver them to the book stores and the convenient stores starting from January 29th.

Once again, we apologies to those of you who could not purchase them on the magazine issue day.
We sincerely ask you to wait for a little while more.

JJ Editor in chief: Shinohara, Tuneki

(T/N: Although they are apologizing, they must be very happy that first time in JJ’s history of 35 years
that they had to place such apology letter by selling printings caused by TVXQ!)

Please find TVXQ cover on thier home page.



[INFO]100128 “JJ: Exceptional! At An Issue Day, All Sold Out! It will be reprinted.” Ameba News

Weekly Ameba head line news.


T/N: I receive ameba weekly news mail from Japan.
Ameba has 2,500,000 members and it is one of the biggest social sites in Japan.
When I opened up an e-mail on the 28th, this headline word from Ameba jumped in my eyes.
“JJ: Exceptional! At An Issue Day, All Sold Out! It will be reprinted.”

Exceptional! “JJ” fist issue day, on the same day all sold out!

———- 転送メッセージ ———-
From: アメブロ
日付: 2010年1月28日16:30
件名: 「JJ」異例の即日完売、増刷へ
To: junsulv

ブ ロ グ に 使 え る ネ タ 満 載 ! ≪ ア メ マ ガ ≫
∧ ∧
■■          ■   ■        (^~^ )♪
■  ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■■■ ■  ■  ┏━━○━○━━━┓
■■■■ ■▼■ ■▼  ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ┃2010年01月28日号┃
■  ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■■■ ■  ■  ┗━━━━━━━━┛
■  ■                   http://www.ameba.jp/
┗■┓  〔1〕 今 週 の ア メ ー バ ニ ュ ー ス    ┏■┛
~ HOTな話題をブログのネタに! ~



Crazily Sold Out. JJ All Sold out! Reprinted.

And the article writes that even a JJ publisher is in shock. ^^

This is something unheard of in Japan.
So, if we count “sold out” and “on the first issue day” separately.
It is the “First Time Ever in 35 years!” times FIVE (X5) done by TVXQ!
One WOW by each member? WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW’s~~~ (IMG:style_emoticons/default/buttrock.gif) (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)
Another splendid accomplishment by our TVXQ! Go for more! TVXQ! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)

Always Keep The Faith!

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[TRANS] 100129 March Issue Of Scawaii Magazine With Jejung – Information

The March issue of Scawaii Magazine, to be released on 6 February, will include an article about Jejung, a member of the popular Korean dance-vocal group Tohoshinki.

RAY’s website also indicated that in the March issue of Scawaii, there will be 2 pages covering Jejung with the headlines being “JEJUNG in the room”, and expressed that a candid Jejung is also very charming.

Any magazine that has Tohoshinki are quick to sell out on the day itself, so please be fast!

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[TRANS] 100129 Tohoshinki Amazing 170K Sale On First Day – Result Of “Exceed 500K Plan”

On the Japanese Oricon Singles Daily Charts for 26 January, the number one spot was claimed by Korean 5-member group Tohoshinki, for their single “BREAK OUT!”, which was released on 27 January.

This work of Tohoshinki achieved sales of 170,000 on the first day of sales, and this could be the result of the “Exceed 500,000 Copies Plan” executed by their fans.

Tohoshinki’s new single is the OST theme song for NHK’s drama 「とめはねっ!~铃里高校书道部~」, and comes in 3 versions, including the fanclub version.

Although there was no difference in the way they released this single, their first day’s sales far exceeded their previous singles by selling 169,842 copies, and the reason for this amazing sales figure, is the unity of the fans.

Actually, even before Tohoshinki’s single was released, the fans were already reaching out within the fandom to bring the large-scale “Exceed 500,000 Copies Plan” to fruition.

As the name of the plan suggests, they aimed to exceed sales of 500,000, and Tohoshinki sold more than double the amount of singles they usually sell on the first day, and sales might continue to increase after tomorrow. What kind of changes in sales will there be?

[Consider] Why was the sales target 500,000 copies? (T/N: This is the reporter’s speculation)

What motivated the fans to plan the target as 500,000 copies for Tohoshinki’s latest work? There was no specific reason given on the plan’s website, so there is no way to find out the motivating force for the person who suggested it.

However, a news headline from last summer might solve this mystery.

According to a report in ChoongAng Daily that was published in August, Tohoshinki members suffered from unfair profit division, and as a whole, if their albums “sell below 500,000, they don’t get any money. During this plan, the fans set the goal as 500,000, which could possibly mean that the fans wish that the members will not suffer this kind of treatment, and thus aim to accomplish sales of 500,000.

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[INFO] Tohoshinki’s “Best Selection 2010” Tracklist

This is a 2CD+DVD Version – CD2
T/N: The songs for CD2 is selected by the members, and were not revealed previously.

#1: Forever Love (Chosen by Junsu)
#2: SHINE (Chosen by Yuchun)
#3: Love In The Ice (Chosen by Jejung)
#4: Beautiful You (Chosen by Changmin)
#5: Hug (Chosen by Yunho)
#6: 甘く果てしなく
#7: 時ヲ止メテ
#8: With All My Heart~ 君が踊る、夏~
#9: BREAK OUT Remix

*too excited for the new song…awww!*

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[INFO] Tohoshinki’s New Song Included In Best Album

The new song is: With All My Heart~ 君が踊る、夏~

According to the magazine 「BACKSTAGE PASS March Issue」which was released on 27 January, a new song 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」(T/N: With All My Heart~ You Dance, Summer~) has been recorded in CD2 of the 「2CD+DVD(A)「RZCD-46503〜4/B」version of Korean popular vocal group Tohoshinki’s best album 「BEST SELECTION 2010」.

Besides the song 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」in CD2, the members also selected the following songs: 「Forever Love(JUNSU)」「SHINE(YUCHUN)」「Love in the Ice(JEJUNG)」「Beautiful you (CHANGMIN)」「HUG(YUNHO)」and two more songs 「甘く果てしなく」(T/N: Eternally Sweet) and「BREAK OUT!」will be included, making it a total of 9 songs.

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