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[TRANS] 100329 Yunho – Korean Newspaper

Korean press is proud of TVXQ leader. How not to be when a young man from a middle class family introduces the “hwaiting” attitude to the whole world? After an intense training in Las Vegas, U-know Yunho performed MJ songs at the Seoul MJ Tribute concert with the official MJ musicians and dancers. Thanks to his talent, his ambition and also his good manners with people, Yunho was invited to MJ memorial in London and is the only representative of Asia. We still don’t know if he’s going to perform. Please keep looking forward to it!

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[TRANS] 100329 Kim Junho Debut Showcase In Beijing, Brother Junsu Came To Cheer Him On, Mentioned Recent Activities After Contract Dispute

Korean star Kim Junho had his debut showcase in Beijing on the 28th, starting off his Asian Tour. After half a year, he returns in front of his fans. Not only does Kim Junho complete his metamorphosis from a Prince of Love Songs to a Sexy Dancer, he also shows off the essential abdominal muscles Korean stars must have.

His twin brother, TVXQ’s member Kim Junsu, made a special appearance to cheer Junho on as well as to sing. Junsu also accepted a Sohu Entertainment exclusive interview, facing the media for the first time and mentioning recent activities after the “TVXQ Contract Dispute Issue.”

Kim Junho wants to work with S.H.E, joking how he’s more handsome than his brother

In contrast to other Korean stars developing in China, Kim Junho chose to directly debut in China using his stage name ZUNO, releasing the single . Was the reason why the Chinese entertainment company chose to sign Kim Junho due to the immense popularity of twin brother Kim Junsu? In response, the company’s manager denied the claim, stating humorously that “I fell in love with him, he’s handsome and sunny, and also very kind.” So who does Kim Junho think is more handsome, himself or his brother? He answered laughingly, “Of course in the eyes of the media, Junsu is more handsome. If in private, I think I’m a little bit more handsome than Junsu.”

Kim Junho revealed that the reason why he chose to debut in China was partly due to his brother, Kim Junsu’s, influence, and also because of the fact that debuting in China had very good developing opportunities. In terms of his level in Chinese, Kim Junho humbly expressed that “right now, lengthy sentences are still difficult. When recording Chinese songs, the hardest part is the pronunciation and tone. I’m still working hard in learning Chinese.”

Then amongst the Chinese singers, who does he want to work with the most? Kim Junho disclosed that he greatly admires Jay Chou, Alexander Wang, and Michael Wong. For the ladies, he really likes S.H.E.

Kim Junho dances and shows off his abs at fan meeting, making the fans his girlfriends

To start off the fan meeting, a video clip was shown of Kim Junho revealing half a year’s worth of hard work on his rock-hard muscles, causing fans to scream non-stop. Not only did Kim Junho receive results from half a year of effective fitness, he also changed his gentlemanly image, dancing sensually with a female dancer, causing several media reporters to applaud Korean singers as being “able to dance and sing”. According to staff members, Kim Junho usually rehearses until late at night, preparing the best that he can for his first fan meeting.

Kim Junho says that in the half year that he was in Korea, he really missed the Chinese fans, so he sang for them the ballad . When being asked if he had a girlfriend, he kept everyone in suspense by saying that he already had one, causing fans to sigh in despair. But later on, he added “it’s you”, touching fans deeply.

Kim Junsu sings English song displaying his natural gift, fans hold up “I Believe” signs

Last year July, Kim Junsu was one of the three members of TVXQ involved in the contract dispute. Having been inactive in China, his appearance caused a huge commotion among the fans. He sang Whitney Houston’s live on stage, and to show their greatest support for their idol until the end, the fans held up signs saying “I Believe” in Korean.

Kim Junsu not only drew in a huge number of fans to the event, he also attracted Chinese Idol Group HIT5 to the scene to observe and learn. They expressed that they were also Junsu’s fans. The scene of them watching their idol while signing autographs for their own fans made them seem very approachable and welcoming.

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[INFO] 100238 Isak Tweets About Yunho’s Michael Jackson Tribute Performance

VJ Isak, also from the same management company SM Entertainment, tweeted about TVXQ’s U-know Yunho’s performance at the ‘A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’.

Today’s performance will be the second day of the 2-day tribute concert that is being held at Yongsan’s War Memorial Hall.

Isak was not only impressed by Yunho, but it turns out that their juniors SHINee and f(x) were there to show their support as well!

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[TRANS] The Television Magazine March 20~26 Issue Part 2

HHitsumabushi Professor (from Music Japan and Ageten)
This is what Yunho said to Junsu who loves Hitsumabushi. When he was asked “when you think of ’summer’ what food comes into your head?” Junsu answered “I can only think of one. Hitsumabushi”. The members all said together “You said that in the winter too!” Junsu who got a little upset said “The season doesn’t matter! In the winter…it’s good for the cold!” said fighting Junsu. As Jaejoong said “after coming to Japan he’d go on many TV shows and talk about Hitsumabushi”. Junsu’s Hitsumabushi boom has brought many attention. Junsu calls himself “the Hitsumabushi promotion club”. Yunho seemed to be giving up saying “he’s becoming a Hitsumabushi professor”

IImpression (from Ontama)
Jaejoong was asked for Yoochun’s first impression. “we were told that a person might come from America to become our member. And I was really looking forward to meeting him. But when Yoochun appeared he looked like a Chinese action actor and I was disappointed”. Also Jaejoong was asked about Junsu’s first impression. “He was a little hard to take. But now in a different way he’s hard to take *laughs*”

JJyu Kara (spice level 10) (from HEY!HEY!HEY!)
This is what Jaejoong eats at the CoCo restaraunt. The 5 said they all love the curry there. The number one member who loves spicy food Jaejoong said “Lately im getting used to it but it hurts my stomach. It’s like ah! Stomach hurts! But its good!”. Why are you forcing yourself to eat it~!

– Who understands “J”unsu the most (from Hey!Hey!Hey!)
This is what Sekine Tsutomu said about Yoochun. Sekine said “Yoochun is really nice and relaxing. Plus he understands Junsu the most”. Junsu who thanked Yoochun saying “if Yoochun wasn’t here I can’t survive. Even if I say a boring gag he reacts the most and im really thankful.” But to that Yoochun answered “its sad if I don’t”.

K Kujyou (complaint) (from Music Fair)
The complaints towards Junsu. Jaejoong and Changmin who said “He drops/spills the food he eats!”. To that Junsu replied “I eat very fast. So my body can’t catch up to the speed”. When asked what kind of MC they do at their concert and Junsu answered “gag”. Jaejoong who said right away “Junsu’s the only one who is doing it. I don’t want to do it. But Junsu involves the other 4 so we have to do it” but Junsu who made excuses saying “I don’t want to do it either! But I have the pressure that I have to. Everyone is waiting for it”. Its okay..we know you like it.

L Picked to be the Leader by himself (from Hey!hey!hey!)
This is what Jaejoong said when explaining why Yunho’s the leader. When Matsumoto Hitoshi from Downtwon asked “who is the leader? How did he get picked?” Yunho said “there no specific reason” but Jaejoong added “he’s doing the leader on his own ” to this Downtown seemed surprised!

MMaji Urusai Junsu (seriously/really loud Junsu)(from Ontama)
Jaejoongs comment towards Junsu who won’t stop stalking. “If Junsu would be quiet I think the dressing room would be quiet too” said Jaejoong. Junsu who passionately said “I sacrifice myself to make the members tense feelings go away.” Changmin who made everyone laugh by saying “That’s useless self-sacrifice”. While everyone was laughing Jaejoong was reading the e-mail shown on the monitor and commented “maji urusai Junsu (seriously/really loud Junsu)!”


Nheart is full with Nattou (oshareism)
Junsu who loves Nattou. Yunho said “Junsu eats nattou as a snack”. Junsu said “Just with Nattou I get excited! Just looking at it makes my heart full!” he said relaxed.
Changmin who said a complaint representing the members “sometimes he eats nattou in the back seat! Its really troubling!”. Even with this complaint Junsu said “Just nattou and rice makes my heart full” and just kept talking on.

– Nikkan oufuku 35times and 20 times (how many times they went to Japan and Korea) (from Japan Record Award)
This is how many times they went to Japan and Korea in 2008,2009. This was from the Japan Record Awards which they received the best work award 2 years in a row. And as they looked back at the year this was the amount they went to Japan and Korea. To this number Jaejoong said “we’re completely fine!” and Junsu who said ” we get power (from the fans)”
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[TRANS] 100325 Wooju’s Cyworld Entry

Note: Wooju is a singer-songwriter, member of the popular ’85 Club and one of Yunho’s bestfriends from Gwangju! Yunho will be featured in his upcoming MV, Annyeong Nae Sarang.

After 6 years.. another album is coming out..
After waiting (for a long time)..failing..challenging.. creating..breaking
I’m back here again

Those who appeared in my music video.. Our ’85 club friends
Jackson U-Know and Sujin.. and Sanghyuk..
Shinhyeon and Eunkyung
Thank you..

Also Hyunchang hyungnim, Sukee hyungnim thank you…

Junyoung, Jonghyun you two worked hard too..

Goodbye my love.. I ask for lots of interest/support and love..

Coming soon

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[TRANS] 100328 Friendly Yoochun Visits the Dental Clinic

TVXQ’s Park Yoochun came for treatment today at the Rosehill Dental Clinic^^
He received a dental treatment~ and also a nail art service ^^

Something came up suddenly, so we were not able to take a picture..^^
He has a following treatment, so he said he’ll take a picture then ^^
When that time comes, we will upload it on our homepage ^^
For now, we upload his signature~^^

For Yoochuns’ healthy and bright teeth, we Rosehill will do our best ^^
Thank you~!

Signature for the clinic:

Source: Rosehill Dental Clinic and Mr.TVXQ
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[INFO] Lucky Fans Welcome Junsu In The CIP Tunnel

This time for Junsu’s arrival, I pondered for a long time on whether to go to the airport or not
I’ve tried many times before, but never got to see them…
So at 2AM at night, I tossed a coin which decided I would go anyways.

A bunch of us went to the airport at 8
We ate and went to the airport. Around 10, we arrived in T3, then there were 2 hours with no news, so many fans waiting, it was disappointing.
There were many young people there, as old as I am, I thought about giving up around 1

Then a friend who likes Fahrenheit said they are waiting at T2 for Fahrenheit, the two of us decided to go to T2
At the time we wondered if they would arrive in the came plane because it came from Incheon
Then when we waited for Junsu, we saw Fahrenheit.
Then we heard Junsu would arrive at 4, so we decided to go back to T3 to wait = =

We returned to T3 about 3:30, 2nd floor was flooded with people, about 400-500?
I thought, if Junsu came out this way, he would be trampled upon, so there’s no way he would to through the regular tunnel.
So the two of us stayed on the forth floor, look at the exit, trying to find a the possible car.
We saw Junsu’s manager on the 2nd floor, far away from the crowd talking to the bodyguards
(I can’t be positive its the manager, but I’m pretty sure it is!)
So we went to the 2nd floor after the manager and bodyguard, but there wasn’t anything, so we returned to the 4th floor and continued to wait…

Walking back and forth, we thought there’s no way we’ll see him
I told those with me that would should go to CIP, since we are not going to see him anyways…
PS~ CIP is for important businessman, not VIP
Even though they were hesitant, we went anyways (The time JCS came, we went but didn’t see anyone)

Right went we got to CIP
Junsu arrived, not a minute late = =
Then there were screaming, it seems like everyone were screaming… because we were really close
In CIP, there were about 20-30 people, but they surrounded Junsu (so to think if he went through the regular tunnel, he’d surely get trampled…)

Junsu was about 5 meters from the car, all the fans were very excited
The first time he wasn’t successful in getting in to the car… he was about 1 meeter away but turned back…
He waited at CIP’s big lobby, then hid in a passageway no one can see

Then the fans stood back, each side with about 10 people…
Everything went quiet, so this time Junsu came back, and successfully got into the car

I was so close to Junsu’s face, about 10cm?
That white rimmed glasses, so bling bling, making Junsu really stand out = =
In the lobby you can see his whole body, him in his suit
He’s skinnier, his face is skinnier, so are his legs…

After the car left for two hours, the entire crowd screamed, there was so much love ><><>

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[TRANS] Michael Jackson Tribute Concert – A High Quality Performance Posted Image

‘A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ kicked off on 27 March at Yongsan’s War Memorial Hall, held in memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (1958-2009). Fifteen of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs were performed at this concert, which lasted for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

TVXQ’s U-know Yunho, as the main performer for this concert, attracted a lot of audience, who were extremely enthusiastic in welcoming Yunho. Tony Terry and Van Johnson were also present on stage as lead performers. The music performed at the concert not only brought up your memories of Michael Jackson, but Yunho’s dancing and image – the full package – allowed you to immerse into the wonderful atmosphere at the concert.

The opening song was ‘Beat It’, a song that was part of Michael Jackson’s explosive album ‘Thriller’, released in 1982. U-know Yunho flew up from the bottom and handsomely appeared onstage, and despite the freezing cold, he displayed extraordinary dance skills.

After ‘Beat It’, Yunho greeted the audience and said, “Hello, I am U-know Yunho. The weather is really cold, right? As the main performer for the tribute concert for Michael Jackson, I’m really happy to be standing here. I will use my performances to ward you from the cold.”

Following this, Terry and Johnson also performed ‘Working Day And Night’ and ‘Rock with You’, both from the album ‘Off the Wall’, released in 1979. Other songs like ‘Pretty Young Thing’, ‘Remember the Time’ and ‘Human Nature’ were also performed, allowing everyone to sink into memories of Michael Jackson.

After that, U-know Yunho made his reappearance onstage and performed ‘Smooth Criminal’, which was part of the ‘BAD’ album, released in 1987. He displayed even more passion that the opening performance and garnered more enthusiastic cheers from the fans.

Subsequently, U-know Yunho also performed ‘They don’t really care about us’ and ‘JAM’, and Yunho displayed a stage charm that was different from the other performances he did as part of TVXQ previously, giving a perfect performance.

Yunho, Terry and Johnson performed ‘Thriller’ together and brought the concert to a close.

On the 27th, U-know Yunho’s member, TVXQ’s Changmin and SHINee’s Minho watched the concert together. On the 28th, ‘A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’ will once more be held at the same venue.

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[INFO] 100328 YooChun Cyworld Update

April… Spring… is here

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[INFO] 100328 Singer You Want To Be Your English Tutor

1. Micky Yoochun (DBSK)
2. Jaebum
3. Tiffany (SNSD)
4. Nicole (Kara)
5. Nichkhun (2PM)
6. Kibum (Super Junior)

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