[TRANS] Ray Magazine May Issue – Secret In Yunho’s Room

Yunho Data
Date of Birth: 1986/02/06
Blood Type: A
Height: 184cm
Habit you cant fix: I forget stuff…
Gestures you like for a women: When she is cooking
What you were afraid of as a child: scary stories
What guys need to be popular/liked: A man who can protect a girl
What girls need to be popular/liked: Kindness and who works hard for their job.
What you do when you cant sleep: Read a hard book
What you want to do the day before the earth dies: Eat with the people i love.

One day I want to sing at a concert for the person I love.

Yunho who stands in front of the camera, looking sharper then ever.

“Usually at Ray photo shoots we wear clothes that are similar to usual Tohoshinki’s image but today it seems like its more of a work tune.
To Yunho fashion is “something that I can show my feelings naturally”.

“Usually I express [ I feel happy today! ] by using clothes *laughs*. Every year I sort of pick a theme for that year. Like short pants or hats. Right now it’s glasses. From thin frames to thick ones I have more than 50 collected. I have good eyes so there is no lens”.

What does fashionable Yunho want girls to wear?

“Something natural. I love checkered print so I want to have the same checkered print somewhere together with my girlfriend.
But if I like someone truly from my heart fashion doesnt really matter”.

Yunho thinks it’s an important step to really feel and understand that person before it becomes a relationship.

Even though it would take a while, he said “I will risk my life to protect her. When I get a girlfriend what I want to do no matter what is to sing only to her at our concert for my solo part”.

How romantic!

“Really? *laughs* Artists do show everything to everyone. In Tohoshinki’s songs too, not only me but it has the members pure parts in it. If it’s a recent song, you can probably feel the manliness *laughs*.So when listening to our best album I hope you listen to it like that”.

Source: Ray Magazine May Issue
Translation: Rieko@sharingyoochun
Shared by: Sharingyoochun.net + DBSKnights + DTL

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