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[TRANS] 100430 French Blog: Tohoshinki Stops Activities, French Fans Also Shocked

A couple of weeks ago, Japanese label Avex announced that the Korean vocal group will stop their activities, and are now planning on pursuing solo careers; one member will appear in a Japanese TV drama. There are still a lot of fans supporting their solo activities, but many of them still worry about their break from activities in both Japan and Korea.

French JPOP sites are also reporting the news. Although Tohoshinki isn’t as reputed in France (T/N: Meaning the fanbase isn’t as big as compared to other JPOP artists. Not so many merchandise and fan activity, etc.), their vocal ability is highly praised by a lot of fans.

French blog “Un mois au Japon,” where a lot of JPOP and KPOP articles are posted, reported this news first.


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[INFO] 100501 Junsu PV Preview at CDTV

2010.5.2 (Sun) TBS CDTV 00:58 ~ 01:43 ♪♪

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[TRANS] 100430 FujiTV Sunao Ni Narenakute Interview 3 – Jejung

Interview 3
Jejung – “Doctor” Park Sung Soo

Q: How did you feel when you received the invitation to act in this drama?
A:”Eh? Really?!” Like that (laughs). I couldn’t believe it. How will it turn out in using Japanese to perform~ I did have my uncertainties. I told myself that I would have to carry my anxiousness and just act to the end.

Q: What is your impression on your character, Doctor?
A:Doctor is pretty pitiful,and although there are plenty of similar situations, he still has courage and a personality that has a positive outlook to continue on despite such terrible circumstances. I like the feeling of diligently fighting for your survival. But I think that in acting, it is actually harder to present that.

Q:Please give us your impression of Eita, Ueno Juri, Megumi Seki, and Tetsuji Tamayama, who act as friends that you meet through Twitter.
A: Will this be asked to the others? What did Tetsuji-san say about me? I want to know this. (laughs)

Q:I’ve heard that you defeated the others with alcohol? Everyone has said that your alcohol tolerance is very good.
A:(laughs) Ahh… yes… that did happen (laughs). Eita-san… in regards to alcohol, I’ve said this before, but Eita-san is also pretty strong~ (laughs). Although when everyone first met, we had alcohol, the next day we still had to work so we didn’t have the chance to really drink. I’ve always been thinking about how we could properly compete for victory and defeat (laughs). I was pretty nervous at that time (laughs). But Eita-san allowed me to relax, so I thought that his naturalism and tendency to not mind anything was super handsome. Juri-san is really professional (laughs). Even though it would only be the auditions, her acting and lines are truly remarkable. Just watching her act makes me feel completely healed… As for Megumi-san, her age isn’t that different from mine, so when we first met we chatted about a lot of things. She is the type of person who doesn’t really speak her mind as often, but other than her appearance, you can see her beauty on the inside as well. Tetsuji-san is like a neighboring big brother (laughs). He is also like this with his character~ isn’t he a leader? He has this type of feeling. But, not only for his character, he is like this in real life too, always giving me his support. I have a “Tetsuji-san is truly awesome!” type of feeling (laughs).

Q:How is it to act using Japanese? There must be a lot of inconveniences…
A:Yes. But Doctor in the script has certain similarities with me. So I don’t feel that it is that hard. There is definitely pressure, but I feel more at ease since after receiving the script (laughs). But what do the others say about me?!

Q: For example– “he can say jokes to alleviate the atmosphere” and “so cute”…
A: Ahh~~ so it’s this type of impression (laughs). After all, my Japanese pronunciation still has many flaws, and there are plenty of situations where I’m speaking Japanese but then can’t seem to say the next words, so people will probably think of me as “cute”. (laughs) Maybe because my character is also clownish, I’ve formed this type of series in front of everyone.

Q: So this is a form of creating an image?
A: Not really, I don’t do it on purpose. It just naturally became this way. (laughs)

Q: Is Jejung-san’s personality normally like this? Do you crack jokes to make everyone laugh?
A: Yes. Although my Japanese isn’t the best, it is actually pretty popular (laughs). When I tell jokes, it only lasts for about 2 minutes, but everyone says that it is enjoyable. When people laugh because of me, I’m also very happy. Is it truly great at the scene of the shoot.

Q: From now on, make everyone laugh during filming!
A: Ahh~ I was thinking about that too! (laughs)

Q: When you decided to participate in a Japanese drama project, how did the people around you react?
A: My family didn’t really say anything in particular, and since it’s a Japanese drama, I would have less time to see everyone in Korea. So it’s mostly just words of encouragement. Because there weren’t many people who have acted in Japanese dramas before, my celebrity friends in Korea care about me a lot, saying “it is a great opportunity for Jejung so you have to work hard”, and gave me plenty of advice.

Q: Jejung-san said before that you liked long vacations right…?
A: Yes

Q: How does it feel to be involved with a script written by Eriko Kitagawa?
A: Ahh, I’m very happy! At first I didn’t know that the writer for this script was Kitagawa-san. Once I accepted the part, I heard that Eriko-san had written the script, so I was like “Ahh, that’s how it is!” I was really surprised. Before, I’ve met her for work purposes… “Woah~ this is so unbelievable!” I had that reaction. I was too surprised! (laughs)

Q: How did you feel after reading the script?
A: I thought about using Twitter as well (laughs). If there really were these type of encounters… liars, bad situations are pretty common too. People using it for bad purposes are all over the place. But, using lies to earn true friendship isn’t that bad. These 5 characters are going through really painful situations in their own lives, but because of this, they were able to meet new friends, solidifying their sincere friendships… Therefore, when the 5 of them are together, they are able to receive hope and carry that frankness to overcome their troubles at work and at home. I hope that when everyone sees this stance, they are able to strive for and courageously live their lives.

Q: Doctor has an unrequited love for Juri-san’s character Haru right?
A: When you say that, I feel so embarrassed (laughs). How do I say this? It isn’t that hard to love by yourself right? I think it is really hard to just express your feelings like that. I’m pretty similar with Doctor in that sense. Be it acting it or talking about it, “isn’t it the same normally?” I have that strong type of feeling. So when I act, my face will start turning really red (laughs). Loving one-sided really doesn’t feel good (laughs).

Q: So your face gets red when you’re nervous?
A: I don’t belong to that type! But when you have one-sided love, aren’t you always like that? When you’re in front of the person you like, don’t you always blush? (laughs)

Q: Lastly, please leave a message for everyone that supports this drama.
A: How do I say this… Although I’ve already said this 6 years ago when I debuted in Korea, I really enjoy challenging new things and also liked the nervous feeling that comes with it. I’ve presented a new side to my fans and really anticipate everyone’s reaction to it. Although I’ve had some difficulties using Japanese to act in this Japanese drama, everyone’s support for this is truly wonderful. From now on I will work hard, so thank you and please take care of me.

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[TRANS] 100501 Junsu Interview From Mu-Mo Magazine

2010-05-01 (Sat) 00:48:53

mu-mo MAGAZINE May Issue

T/N: mu-mo MAGAZINE is a free service which you can access through the Japanese cellular phones.

The double A-side single, which you can see two different faces, is completed!
XIAH Junsu, ”XIAH”


Q: This time, the single album is double A-side, what are the contents?
A danceable song with western touch, and a ballad. I wanted to sing both kinds of songs from before. The album is completed so that you can see XIAH junsu’s different styles in one single album.

Q: What did you take care during the recordings?
I thought more about the contents of the lyrics than before, so that I can completely devote myself when singing the song.

Q: Junsu-san, you have been noted for your skill as a singer. Do you have any special ways in order to maintain your vocals?
My spirits will go down if my throat hurts, so I take care to avoid such situations. When I think that there may be problems with my throat, I try to keep silent, drink water, and gargle my throat with vinegar and salt.

Q: We heard that your twin brother Juno performed his showcase live in Japan in April. We heard that you also performed on stage. Did you give him some advice?
I did not advise him anything special, but I told him that I myself always try to think “I am the world’s best singer when I am on stage.”

Q: You have made your debut as a musical artist by “MOZART!” this January in Korea. You have expanded your activities, so that do you want to do in the future?
First of all, I want to go back to my singing activities, and release the single album. I want to do my best so that I could meet all of you.”

Q: It is 6 years after your debut in Japan…since you had many opportunities to go nationwide during your tours, where are your favorite places in Japan?
I like Shimoda Onsen in Kumamoto! (T/N: hot spring in Kyushu area) Oh, I just love Hitsumabushi in Nagoya. I think Odaiba (T/N: Tokyo) is always beautiful!

Q: Last of all… please give your message to the Japanese fans.
This is XIAH junsu! I am able to meet all of you in Japan after a long time. I want to express my gratitude to the fans who were waiting. I want to show all of you XIAH junsu, who will convey new music! Please support me!!

(from mu-mo Magazine)

source: Tomo mama’s Blog & mu-mo Magazine May 2010
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[INFO] 100430 CEO Matsuura Twitter Update

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[TRANS] 100430 Sunao Ni Narenakute EP4 Trailer

Haru had a fight with Nakaji and she goes home in the rain without umbrella.Then there is Doctor near her house. Instinctively, Haru hugged him. He confessed that he liked her.He noticed that she was crying, so he gave the bouquet to her and told her to cheer up.

Nakaji visited his father, Ryosuke’s place but Ryosuke wasn’t there. According to the neighbor, Ryosuke hasn’t been back to his place for a while.

Linda asked Sunanare members to go for a drink. Doctor treats them for a drink because Linda’s father accepted to use medical equipments from his company.

Nakaji, Haru, Peach, Linda and Doctor gathered in “The Emotion”(name of a bar). Peach confesses that she is pregnant and she will be a single mother. Nakaji promises her for a help, but advise her “this is your life, so you have to think about it well.”

Doctor, Peach, Linda starts the game in the bar. Nakaji and Haru were left behind and they both felt awkward. Then, Doctor noticed there is something wrong between Haru and Nakaji, and found out that Haru was crying in that day because of Nakaji.

Doctor starts to argue with Nakaji. Nakaji told Doctor that Haru hurt Nakaji’s girlfriend, that’s why Nakaji can’t forgive Haru.Haru denys it and Doctor says to Nakaji that “why can’t you believe her?” and starts a fight with Nakaji.

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[TRANS] 100430 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update



For the song “Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~” in the album “XIAH” by XIAH junsu, to be released on May 26, 2010, I myself wrote the lyrics, composed, and also arranged the song!

I received the plot of Yoochun’s Japanese debut drama of BeeTV, “Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~”, and wrote the song especially for this drama.

Oh, since it is my works, I have included my special thoughts, the lyrics hold double meanings.

Please try to read my hidden words/thoughts.

As I have previously wrote here, I am going to support their solo and new unit activities, too.

That is what I believe; the crosscut to our “wishes”.

I am delighted that I could get involved with the two members!

source: Shinjiroh Inoue’s Blog & dirah9314@youtube
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