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[TRANS] 100401 Anan’s Jaejoong Appeared In More TV “After This I Am Going To Eat Like Mad!” Says Sexy Jaejoong


Masaharu Fukuyama and Kiyoshiro Kato etc,
all kinds of popular stars are featured in the cover page of anan.
And who is picked this time?

JJ: “Kimuchi~!!”

Staff: LOL

It is TVXQ’s Jaejoong.
TVXQ is doing so well like their new single “Toki wo Tomete” being the top at Oricon single chart.
Member Jaejoong will act in the sprig drama in Japan, he really is “IT!” (the hottest) person.
To prepare for this photo shoot, he skipped his meal a night before.
He poured his sprit in this photo shoot.

JJ: “After this photo shoot. I am going to eat like mad!”

(*爆食/Baku Shoku=Direct Translation: Bombing Eating.)

Staff: LOL

Later Jaejoong’s Sexy Photos will be revealed!
Jaejoong will laugh, sing, and sleep~~~!!!


TVXQ’s Jeajoong is decided to be the cover page of next anan issue!
At the begging of the photo shoot, Jaejoong seemed to be a little bit tense.
But later on, we could observe the scene of him humming a song.


JJ: “Kanarazu Asu wa Kuru Kara~” / “Tomorrow will surely come~”

(*And he looks at the camera. Is this his message to us fans?!)

What a sexy singing voice!
And to match with his sexy singing voice, sexy photos are taken.
This is it!

anan which you can find Jeajoong’s sexy shot will be on sale next week on Wednesday (on April 7th)!

Source: Otake Makoto no Sukkiri News
YT by: dirah9311
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100331 SME’s Responsible For The Internal Conflict Between The TVXQ Members

SM Entertainment is responsible for the internal conflict between Dong Bang Shin Ki members. – Interview with President Kang, CreBeau.

Recently, the police have finished the investigation for CreBeau’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment. The lawsuit documents have been sent to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’s Office, and at the same time, President Kang has voiced out his unhappiness about this whole issue.

*Irrelevant parts omitted*

On that very day, President Kang also revealed some information from the investigation.

The questionable declaration letter, with UKnow YunHo’s and ChoiKang ChangMin’s signature, that was revealed during the press conference, was not written by themselves, but by SM Entertainment.

President Kang expressed, “During the confrontation, when asked how and when was the declaration letter written, Kim YoungMin, the representative of SM Entertainment stated that it was written by the company after listening to the opinions of the two members.”

President Kang then said, “If SM Entertainment is a company that follows standard procedures, then when a representative is to release such letter, even if the members had such opinions, it should be stated clearly in detail, and explained to everyone”, “However, it has not been taken seriously, and even to the extent of covering up the truth, wouldn’t it create some misunderstanding amongst the group?”

President Kang then claimed, “Last May, Representative Kim has personally confirmed and checked that the cosmetic business is merely a financial investment by the members, and has discussed about it”, “But now he has said otherwise, to fool the public and to spread the impression that we are the source of Dong Bang Shin Ki ‘disbandment’, which has caused much damage to us.”

Notes: As usual, when dealing with such sensitive issues to do with the lawsuit. Please, please, please read with an OPEN MIND! Explore all possibilities and take every statement with a pinch of salt. ^^ (OhMyNews is a very reliable news source, though) We guess the reason why this did not become a big issue was because it was overshadowed by big events in the fandom like Jaejoong’s new drama, Yunho’s This Is It, Junsu’s new Japanese single, etc.

Source: OhMyNews + TVXQCN
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: MY베이비, westmoon and ミ♥ Lovedust @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100401 Jaejoong Appeared On TV “Does He Take Off More Cloths?!”


TVXQ reveals beautiful body!
It is decided TVXQ to be featured in a cover page of the popular women’s magazine anan.
But it is not all five of them.
It will be TVXQ’s eldest member Jeajoong!

And it is decided that he will show his beautiful body in the magazine.
And the photo shoot was held.

At first he wears his jacket, but he takes it off little by little.
And then he becomes in T-shirt style.

Um?! Is he going to take it off/show his body or not?!
Show his body? Ah?! Not show it?!
Well he does not show yet.

(A lady laughs here.)

And little by little he becomes sexy shirt style.
Little by little his skin is being shown.
Even in the eye of a guy, he makes my heart beat.

And then AH!!! (00:46) I see it!
We got to see it! Finally we got to see it!
Jaejoong’s masculine chest revealed!
OK there you go!

(A lady laughs here.)

And on top of that, the other shots with his fluffy hair which is not normally seen will be shown.
(A lady) Ah! Trully so!
He got even more comfortable.

(In the back ground, JJ’s song seems to be played.)

JJ: “Kimuchi~~~!”

LOL Kawaii~ (*Sounds like a staff said it.)

And these two photos are revealed this time!
Of course they took more photos.
It is not revealed what kind of photo will be used in a cover.
They will take time to discuss and decide.
It will be issued in anan which will be on sale on April 7th.

(A lady) Yes. Being in anan’s sexy photo issue is like being the representative of the coolest/hottest man there are.

Since Jaejoong will appear in the new drama, he was picked for anan.
(A lady) I see.

Okay that is it!

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Yaone8
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[INFO] 100331 2010 WISH Party Flowerage

2010 YunHo WISH Party Flowerage had successfully collected a total of 3,470,000 Won of donation. The total sum of donation will go towards a social welfare organization under YunHo’s name.

*Official site for WISH Party Flowerage: CLICK

Source: TVXQCN + UKnowBar
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[INFO] 100330 Privilege Magazine ‘Who Is The Sexiest Man Of The World 2010’

The Online Magazine ‘Privilege’ from Peru has created a ranking of ‘The Sexiest Men of the World’ and also has made a poll to choose ‘the sexiest man of the world 2010’, and of course talking about the sexiest men in the world, in the nominees couldn’t miss our Kim Jaejoong!!!
The poll will finish in December 2010! and until now Jaejoong is winning with the 57%

If you wanna vote for Jaejoong just click here

Just scroll down to reach the poll, just select Kim Jaejoong and click in Vote! & that all~~

The magazine also created a photo gallery of JJ

*’Privilege’ is an Online Magazine very well known in Peru*

Source: Privilege Magazine
Shared by: 2uangels.blogspot.com + oneTVXQ.com + DBSKnights + DTL

[TRANS] 100331 Bigeast Fan Mail “TVXQ is Nominated To VMAJ In May! MTV Best Group Video 2010″

All of Bigeast hello.

“Share The World” of TVXQ is nominated for “The Best Group Video Award Nomination!!”
at the music award ceremony “MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010″
which will be chosen by the international scale audience vote!

☆ Best Group Video Award Nomination

【Best Group Video】 TVXQ “Share The World”

A vote application period:
From Wednesday, March 31 to Sunday, May 9.

A vote application method:
Please choose one music video which deserve to be your best choice from the five nomination works.
Make an entry in an appropriate manner, select more than 3 branches from all 15 branches and vote.

A Vote Application Point:
MTV Japan website: http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj (PC & Mobile Phone)

1,000 sets of 2,000 people are invited to this event! Vote and go watch an Award Ceremony!

[The Event Details]


The date and time:
Saturday, May 29, 2010

A meeting place:
The first Yoyogi, Kunitachi sports stadium gymnasium (2-1-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Saturday, May 29 It will be broadcasted live in MTV for from 18:00 to 20:30

【A live broadcasting performance】
BIGBANG, EXILE, Superfly, w-inds, and more… (*ABC order)

【Guest celebrities】
Miho Fukuhara, ICONIQ, JAY’ED, Juliet, Shonan no Kaze, VANNESS and more… (*ABC order)
The invitation number of people:1,000 sets of 2,000 people

I call it: 044-722-6660


The special support:
Sony Ericsson mobile communications Co., Ltd.,
Daiichi Kosho Co., Ltd., Coca-Cola

03/31/2010 Transmission of a message from Bigeast secretariat

Always Keep The Faith!

source: Bigeast Official Fan Mail + as tagged
translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[INFO] 100401 Anan Now On Sale At CD Japan

an an Henshubu / Jejung

Release Date: 2010/04

Price: 400yen (420yen Tax incl.) + Shipping Fee (*Please find out the price at CD Japan)
The Books are written in Japanese unless otherwise stated as “bilingual”.

Cover & Feature: Jejung from Dong Bang Shin Ki (Tohoshinki).

CD Japan URL: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEOBK-741618

Source: CD Japan
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