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[INFO] 100404 Max Matsuura Twitter Update Part 3

I’ve been feeling much appreciation for all the Avex staff members and all concerned, who have been working hard to make the five boys happy and smile for the past 5 years and all the fans. For the past several months, I’ve been sorry about that I could not speak out what I want to say, which has given amount of anxiety to all the fans. Nearly soon the message from 5 members of TVXQ would be expected to be revealed.

Source: Max Matsuura Twitter
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[TRANS] 100403 Avex Co-CEO: The Jejung Who Won Single-Handed Pushups

-Part 1-

I can’t do it anymore~. I’m drunk. I lost to Jejung on single-handed pushups… 35 to 40. Goodnight everyone…

-Part 2-

Good morning everyone~
He’s really popular isn’t he, Jejung.

In fact, the challenge was proposed by me first, and I just lost like that… From now on I need to receive acupuncture. Just then I came back from the health club, going through all that isn’t counted as a good day…

Actually no, I won’t feel reproachful. No matter how it was, the opponent was Jejung! (laughs~)

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[TRANS] 100403 Max Matsuura Confirms Yoochun’s Drama Appearance

Matsuura’s reply to a question written on his Twitter

Q: Is it true that TVXQ’s Yoochun will appear on BeeTV!?

A: Yes, he will. Starting from June, he will be the lead role, please anticipate it.
He will be training at the Riviera.

Source: [Max Matsuura’s Twitter+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] 100404 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter Update

Now, I uploaded an article about Jaejoong’s movie. It’s about Jaejoong but it would be my thinking of Jaejoong. http://ameblo.jp/eriko-kitagawa/entry-10499356211.html

Source: Eriko’s Twitter
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[TRANS] Kazuhito Kikuchi Tweeted About Tohoshinki’s Inactivity

He’s a Japanese composer, song writer, and producer.

Tohoshinki, is being in inactivity.

It’s a great shame, I like their music…

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[TRANS] 100403 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Update 2

(3 hours after the previous tweet)

No matter what people have been saying to me, regarding the last message, I’ve been keeping silence for all this while.
But now, for the people who have been understanding, I definitely will not betray you.

source: Max Matsuura’s Twitter
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[NEWS] 100403 Tohoshinki Announced Activities Suspension

Tohoshinki Announced Activities Suspension

Being popular in Japan, South Korea boyband TVXQ on the 3rd announced through their management agency AVEX that they would suspend their activities in Japan. The label company will continue to support solo activities of all five members.

According to official officer, this decision is result from discussions among the members and staffs. “Each of 5 members decided to go and walk towards their own direction of dream.” he said.

TVXQ debuted in 2005 in Japan, in 2008 and 2009 they managed to have two consecutive years participation in NHK’s festival, and the members are getting even more popularity among the young generation, along with many more fans all across Asia. One of the member Jejung has been focused on solo activities as he is already scheduled to appear in Fuji TV drama series starting this month.

source: sports nichi
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