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[TRANS] 100405 Song Yujin’s Blog Update

2010.04.05 03:23

There was the announcement for Tohoshinki to suspend their activities…

Good evening, everyone!
After the announcement of Tohoshinki’s activities to be suspended, honestly…
since it was an official announcement,
I was not able to write in my blog, thinking about the severe reality.

One week before the announcement, I held discussions with a few of the Tohoshinki fans,
and talked about how to handle the issue in the future.
I have many comments about avex’s supports, but I would refrain from posting my comments as for today.

This official announcement was made since the discussion with the members went less than successful.
Though in such circumstances, I will try my best from now on.
I will do my best whatever the announcements should be,
until the date when the 5 members can perform on the same stage.
I do not think that the Tohoshinki members also felt better
after the announcement of “Suspending the activities”
For “regret, and then, understanding each other”, some period of time should be necessary.
I have lived much longer than Tohoshinki,
I think I can say these words, based on my experiences.

Next week, all of your signatures will be delivered to the parents.
The petition will be delivered, too.
For the signatures, I have attached my letter.
It is written in Korean.
I will post them in an another topic.


After summarizing your signatures and printing them out, there were 72208 signatures.
When I summarized them correctly…these are the true numbers.

Everyone should be in shock right now.
But, there is no change・・・in my prepared activities to “Protect Tohoshinki”,

I know that all of you should be in pain, but please brace yourself.
I will surely deliver all of your painful and hurt feelings together.

T/N: Song has written in his blog some days before that the signatures will be delivered to Yunho’s and Junsu’s father.

2010.04.05 03:52

The contents of the letter which will be delivered to the parents together with the signatures

There will be 2 representatives who will deliver the signatures to Korea.
We are going to deliver them without notice…so I took the liberty to write a letter.
There should be somewhat strange phrases in Japanese,
but the Korean letter should be OK.
I have written the letter in Korean, and translated them into Japanese.
The contents are…………

(T/N: Translating from the Japanese version)

Good day.

The Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong’s, Chinese, and other fans of Tohoshinki collected together 72208 signatures, and came to Korea with a wistful heart, in order to deliver the messages to you, Father.
Tohoshinki is attracting attention not only in Korea, not only in Asia, but throughout the world. They are the pride and treasure of Korea.

The activities of Tohoshinki is suspended now according to many problems, and the only things that the fans can do now is to watch/follow, it is heartbreaking.
The lovely harmony of the 5 Tohoshinki members remain lodged in our ears.

Father, the two Japanese representatives have come to Korea, and they are bringing together with them the hearts of 70000 fans.

We are always thankful for the warm hearts of the parents.
Father, please consider the future of Yunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, and Changmin from a different angle. Please lend your hand.

We are delighted that each member has started their individual activities.
But, on the other hand, our hearts waiting for Tohoshinki will never cease.

If the parents can discuss deeply in order to protect the true smiles of your sons , of whom you are so proud of, and show to them all the thoughtful signatures from us, it will be the most pleasure.

Please take care not to catch cold in this turn of the year.
I am always praying for your health.

With 72208 Signatures, from Tohoshinki fans

Source: Korean Entertainment Story ~by Song
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] TVXQ – April Updates And Schedules

Television Programe
Date: 12th April 2010 (Monday)
Title: Iitomo Spring Festival featuring JeJung

Date: 15th April 2010 (Thursday)
Title: JeJung Drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” on FujiTV

Magazine Appearance
Date: 7th April 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: AnAn Magazine featuring JeJung

Date: 21st April 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: KBOOM June 2010

Date: 18th April 2010 (Sunday)
Title: JunSu Performance at ZUNO Showcase @ JCB HALL (Tokyo)

Date: 26th May 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: JunSu Single Release

Date: 31st March 2010 (Wednesday) ~ 9th May 2010 (Sunday)
Title: MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010 (One vote per day)
*for more information about MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010, please CLICK

Source: WithTVXQ + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100405 Avex CSO Chiba Ryuhei’s Tweets – Yoochun’s Drama Update

Tweeted consecutively from 12.01PM (JST):

To start, this is the first part. I don’t know how to send pictures all together, so I’m sorry! To find out what this is for, you’ll know when you watch the drama.

Continuing on, this is the cover.

After that!

Ah, I made a mistake.

(t/n: LOL. he didn’t mean to tweet this pic, this was his snack from last night x))

The script. He must be quite worried, but it’s for the drama.

Again, the script. (t/n: a similar pic as above)

The long-awaited picture.

A Scene.

Comforting the people who were worried.

Source: [ryuhei-san’s twitter]
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[TRANS] 100405 Tohoshinki Who Are On Hiatus Receive 6,000 Emails

On the 4th, a day after it was revealed that the popular, 5-member Korean group Tohoshinki is going on an indefinite hiatus, their official fanclub [Bigeast] received a flood of more than 6,000 emails of supportive messages on their site.

According to their recording company, Avex, the contents were, “I’ll wait for when all 5 of them come back together again” and “continue the fanclub”. There were also mails from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more.

Upon receiving news of the pause in their activities, the fans’ reactions seemed to be more calm than expected. Also, since it’s a “pause on activities” and not “disbandment”, there are many who believe that there will come a day when all 5 of them will do activities together again.

The fans said, “The fanclub is the place where all 5 members can return and be complete” and some fans are energetically starting activities to try and ensure the continuance of the fanclub.

There have been messages posted on Internet bulletin boards calling out to other fans to send messages to the management office to ask for the continuation of the fanclub and there are fans who have posted a similar call on their personal blogs. In addition, there are also fans who are recruiting participants for a plan to simultaneously send letters of support to the members.

On the other hand, scriptwriter Eriko Kitagawa (48), a big fan of Tohoshinki, poured out her feelings on her blog that same day, “I am really disappointed.” However, she continued, “Although I understand everyone’s (fans’) feelings of loneliness and sadness, this is what I think. Their own personal happiness should come first.” She also pointed out the reason why the 5 members had to make that tough decision, “People should not live for others. A person should live life for himself.”

ISSA from DA PUMP, who is also from the same recording company, shared, “There was a change in our members during the early days and although there were things that I wanted to do for myself, there was no means for me to do it.” He also sent a supportive cheer, “I hope that the 5 members who work so hard will flourish wherever they are.”

Source: [sanspo]
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[INFO] No Limit “Heading To The Ground”~DVD BOX I And BOX II

If you want to pre-order this DVDs or read some
info About No Limit ~地面にヘディング~DVD
Just click the links provided below the pics and they will automatically
redirect you to the responsible site ^-^v

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[INFO] The Probable Co-Star In Yuchun´s Drama•

Name: Aya Omasa
Birthdate: February 4, 1991

Credits : as tagged + Mitakki@soompi

[NEWS] Jaejoong Kimchi Controversy

Last week, FujiTV did broadcast AnAn offshot before the release of the magazine with Jaejoong on cover. If you think the sexy actions of TVXQ lead vocal would shock people, you’re wrong.

In Korea, when you take a picture, the magic word that make you show your teeth to the photographer is “kimchi!”. And for those who saw AnAn offshot, I’m sure you didn’t miss Jaejoong cute “kimchi” pose.. or should I say: JJ cute “kimuchi” pose. Netizens didn’t miss this and spread their anger by feeding a new “kimchi-kimuchi” controversy.

Indeed, last summer, korean actor Jung WooSung had to apologize for misspelling “kimchi”, he wrote “kimuchi”, on japanese tv. Why is it so scandalous? Historically, Japan tried to have “kimuchi” as the official spelling of “kimchi” in english and made their own version.
(read “Japan Korea Kimchi Dispute” link: http://www1.american.edu/TED/kimchi.htm).
For some netizens, it’s all about korean culture and identity. And others say that Jaejoong mispronounced it, or tried to be funny for Japanese medias. Let’s see what will happen next.”

source: korean press cuts (sportnews, newsen..)
trans+sum: kenoa@sharingyoochun.net
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