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[TRANS] 100405 “Which One is Number One?” New Japanese Drama Ranking

BIGLOBE is gathering a new drama popularity vote

Which one is number one?

#1 “Sunaoni Narenakute” 82.0%~~~!!! Because of Jaejoong

#2 “Kaibutsu Kun” Main cast is Satoshi Ono from ARASHI 8.3%

#3 “Tsuki no Koibito ~Moon Lovers~” Main cast is Kimura Takuya 2.4%

#4 “IRIS” Main Cast is Lee Byung-Hun 1.1%

#5 “Team Batista 2” 1.1%

*Aya Ueto who did Oronamin CM with TVXQ her drama is ranked #13

(Currently total vote number is 6730 and Sunaoni Narenakute is 82.1% at BIGLOBE)

Biglobe News reported on the 2nd,

“Hot popularity vote is caused by Jaejoong of TVXQ” ^^ by Biglobe News

Always Keep The Faith!

Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100406 Bigeast Will Continue, Bigeast Fanmail & Members’ Comments

Regarding Bigeast…

After many continuous conferences the Bigeast secretariat, taking everyone’s demands and requests into consideration, we have decided to continue the existence of Bigeast.

We have come to decide that to discontinue the existence of Bigeast, a place that everyone treasures and a place of bonds with the 5 members, would be an extremely painful thing to Bigeast secretariat to do.
For that reason, we have decided to continue Bigeast, a place for the 5 of them to return to.
Moreover, during the conferences, the big reason that has help us to come up with this decision was the passionate “Please continue!” messages from everyone in Bigeast.

Although we have decided to keep Bigeast continued, we would like you to wait please wait for a little while until the end of April for more further details*.
*Further details here include method of continuation/reviewing member’s special favors/withdraw method for people who want to leave the fanclub (with annual membership fee repaid)


◆Members’ Comments メンバーコメント◆
Bigeast no minasan, iroiroto goshinpaiwo okakeshiteshimai, sumimasendeshita.
To everyone in Bigeasts, we are sorry that we have made all of you worried.

今はそれぞれが、それぞれの成長に向かって頑張ってい きますので、これからも僕たちをよろしくお願いいたします。」 東方神起
Imawa sorezorega sorezoreno seichouni mukatte ganbatte ikimasunode. korekaramo bokutachiwo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu Tohoshinki.
Each of the members will do their best to advance forward respectively, so please support us in the future, too. Tohoshinki.


T/N: Members’ comments are in both Korean & Japanese.

Source: Bigeast Fan Mail
Translation: linhkawaii & smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[INFO] 100405 March-April 2010 Survey – Most Popular Idol Group Members (Top 30 Ranking)

1. TVXQ – Junsu
2. TVXQ – Yoochun
3. TVXQ – Jaejoong
4. TVXQ – Yunho

5. SNSD – Taeyeon
6. TVXQ – Changmin
7. Big Bang – G-DRAGON
8. SNSD – Yoona
9. Super Junior – Heechul
10. Super Junior – Donghae
11.SS501 – Kim Hyunjoong
12. SNSD – Jessica
13. Super Junior
14. WonderGirls – Sohee
15. Super Junior – Sungmin
16. SNSD – Tiffany
17. 2PM – Jaebeom
18. SS501 – Youngsaeng
19. Big Bang – Seungri
20. Super Junior – Lee Teuk
21. FT Island – Hongki
22. Super Junior – Siwon
23. SHINee – Taemin
24. Big Bang – T.O.P
25. 2PM – Taecyeon
26. SNSD – Yuri
27. 2PM – Wooyoung
28. Super Junior – Kibum
29. Super Junior – Ryeowook
30.2PM – Nickhun

Source: [heyjj]
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[TRANS] 100405 High Standard Performances That Will Attract 6 Million

Shanghai Expo- Korean Pavilion will attract 6 million with high standard performances

The Korean Pavilion was created in order to coordinate with the Shanghai Expo’s theme of “Better City, Better Life”. It will showcase the combination of culture and art as one, making it the revolutionary city that it is. The outside of the pavilion will be constructed into “Korea Root” (in Hangul), and the inside will be consisting of 3 floors.

During that time, there will be a performance stage, a movie theater, Korean traditional music, B-Boys, Qing Opera and other high quality performances.
An estimate of 6 million people is expected to attend the event, and the financial investment is equally large, with the construction finished near late-March.

In order to leave everyone with a broader and richer impression of Korea, immensely popular TVXQ member, Jung Yunho, is currently in the process of shooting a promotional video. Korean celebrities that will attend the event include; Rain, Jang Na Ra, 2PM, Jo Su Mi, and other global stars.

(the rest is omitted)

Source: [asiae.co.kr + baidu tvxq]
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[TRANS] 100405 Jaejoong Mentioned In Hanamaru Cafe

Today was Hanamaru Cafe!! I watched it from the middle but~

The guest was Mizobata Junpei-san

It seems that Yamashita Tomohisa-san, Jaejoong, and him went drinking
and they talked about the difference of Japan and Korea’s show business.

I heard that and I got so excited~!! \(^o^)/

Thank you~!! Please go drink with Jaejoong again~and become good friends~ ♪♪
Please take care of Jaejoong~!! m(_ _)m

Okay then~


shared by: rieko@sharingyoochun.net + dtl

“Lately we drink with Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong-san and he taught me the difference of the show business in Japan and Korea…”

credit: paranmicky0218
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[TRANS] 100405 Tohomobile Staff Blog


The tired YuChun

An extreme picture of YuChun who changed out of his outfit coming out from the makeup car!

Today’s filming has ended ♪
Thank you for your hard work!!

Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
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[TRANS] 100406 Avex’s CEO Max Matsuura’s And CSO Twitter Updates

CEO/President Max Matsuura

Moreover, in order to leave a little impression in the hearts of the people who are living in this period of time, from our heart, this little company avex* is very thankful to our friends, to our artists, and to the people who have been supporting us.

I believe that to create a work that will remain in the hearts of others is much more important than to become rich or famous. Therefore, from now on, I want to keep living and embracing that thought in my heart. I don’t have time to argue with worthless defamation from anyone. This little company called avex* would be very thankful if we can leave an impression, even if it’s just for a little bit, in the hearts of the people who are living in this period of time.

*The literal translation of that would be “this damn avex,” but it doesn’t apply to the context of what’s he’s talking about here. He is trying to be humble by honoring other people, so I believe “this little company avex” would be a more appropriate translation.

CSO/Vice-president Chiba Ryuuhei

Good night. Guess whooo the girl is~ The guy is not me.

Q: I noticed that you said “sending Tohoshinki away”. What do you mean by that?
A: I mean that I will be sending away their pictures on Twitter. Don’t worry.

This gentle slope. This gentle angle. I regain myself. No more pain. No more despair. Carrying an unchanging heart. This gentle slope is never ending. I will be sending Tohoshinki away. That is why I started this Twitter, and now I’ve recalled it. I’m able to love a bit more and a bit longer.**

**What he was saying here is very poetic, but it’s really hard to understand. A lot of people have tweeted him to ask him about the meaning of it too.

Source: avex’s CEO Max Matsuura’s Twitter + avex’s CSO Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter
linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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