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[TRANS] 100407 ANAN 1704 Issue – JeJung’s Interview Part 2

The actual article:
In the drama Jaejoong plays the character Doctor that came from Korea,who falls in love with Ueno Juri-san’s character Haru.

Before the “I might be an M-type”
-Once I find the aura I care about then I want her to notice me and I try hard.”

– I would be shy and never be able to tell them “I like you, let’s go out” face to face! So instead ill tell them in a different way. For example ill write a letter and put it in her shoe or write “I like you” inside a snack box. I like to approach like that.

Odaiba part, instead of pass by there for work, it should be
-I go there almost everyday for work but I never got to hang there so I want to come on my private time.

Last part instead of “I’m concentrating in filming th drama” it’s more like
-”right now I’m full with the drama” or “right now the drama is all I can think about’

Off shot parts:
-(The staffs didn’t give him the Pork Cutlet Bowl)
The magazine said: From the day before he restricted what to eat to keep his style. His favorite food Pork Cutlet Bowl was of course taken away.(As in he couldn’t eat it since its fatty food)

– At the actual photo shoot there wasn’t even a hint of his nervousness and showed his perfect face expression.

-In the beginning the female staffs said “wonderful~!” (suteki: when used on guys it can be wonderful or handsome) and he became shy but as the photo shoot continued the photo shoot became exciting which made him relax.

-Towards the camera he said “Kimchi” and did a peace sign pose, started to sing(with that beautiful voice!) and playful Jaejoong completely opened up.

During the break time of the photo shoot he found a carrot stick that he is into right now and was eating it happily.This left a impression.

-After the photo shoot was finished he passionately shook hands with that staffs and left the studio happily to eat his reward, the pork cutlet bowl.

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[INFO] 100408 HMV Public CD Sales Survey

NetEase Entertainment reported on the 7th of April 2010 that the results of the survey by HMV Japan about the fans’ purchasing desires have been released. Tohoshinki dominated the list; Ayumi Hamasaki, leader of pop, was crowned number one among the female artists.

This time around, HMV Japan chose 4000 user accounts from their official website to take the survey; 50% belongs in the age group of 10-19. According to the evaluator, this age group has a very strong purchasing power.

Tohoshinki triumphs over the popular groups Arashi and KAT-TUN of Johnny & Associates, based on the statistical results by the customer management system of the fans’ buying trends. Ayumi Hamasaki is ranked number 8 in the list of top female artists.

It is understood that Arashi’s latest album has achieved an outstanding number for the weekly sales, but on the other hand, Tohoshinki’s singles sales are long-lasting. As for the leader of pop Ayumi Hamasaki, she’s still standing strong with excellent sales, far more than any other female artist.

This survey closed at the end of last month. According to an insider of the music industry, the buying passion of Tohoshinki’s fans might continue to rise due to the start of the members’ solo activities.

HMV Public CD Sales Survey Result:

#1 TOHOSHINKI (????)
#2 Morning Musume
#4 Arashi
#5 ° C-ute
#6 Perfume
#7 Berryz Kobo
#8 Ayumi Hamasaki
#9 YUI

source: NetEase + Mr.TVXQ
translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100409 Yoochun To Debut In Korea And Japan As An actor

Last days, TVXQ japanese agency, Avex, has announced on its official website the appearance of Micky Yoochun in a japanese drama on Bee TV, a mobile broadcast media, next June.

Micky is being produced by Fuji TV for ‘Loving You’. He will play a rich korean man who will fall in love with a japanese woman, starring by Oomasa Aya, the actress of “Mei-chan no Shitsuji”.

Micky is also in a domestic drama, “SungKyunKwan Scandal” as the main protagonist.
Micky will play the difficult role of Lee SeonJun the only son of a family who live under the “Old Learning” rules (Joseon Dynasty) and will fall in love with a cross-dressed woman.

All 5 members of TVXQ have performed as actors.

source: daum ent news+ddwine@yna.co.kr
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[TRANS] 100408 Dancer KO’s Feelings Towards TVXQ

(t/n: he selectively talks about things but doesn’t elaborate on them so this may be a little confusing… he also refers to himself in the third person so try to understand the best you can)

In the past, I used to frequently write about TVXQ
But recently, I haven’t been working with them, so the greetings have lessened
That… Today, a lot of time has past and I’m writing again
I want to say things to them. I feel like I’m about to cry
Mr KO also really likes them, but Mr KO…

As the group’s leader, Yunho is really good to talk to and he puts a lot of effort into his solid dancing
Ever since I started working with him, I’ve always liked him
During the period of “Summer Dream”, we used to play hand-games and I would always win! (laugh)

Changmin, it took me 4 years to remember his name
He is very earnest and friendly on-stage, and he would read a book very seriously backstage
But when he changes into someone completely different from his usual self, it is very interesting…
Changmin’s smile in “Sky” is hard to forget, even until now
Doing something right still makes one subject to criticism, so what happens when one doesn’t do one’s best?
But, I really hope to do it in front Changmin one day. Who’s laughing at me? (laugh)

Junsu, do you feel lonely? You can steal people’s singing parts the best
When listening to such a lovely voice, I often become hypnotized. It brings the injured me back onto the stage

Jaejoong is the busiest now
He is such a compassionate person, being worried about Junsu when he was injured

Is Junsu ordinary? Once he steps off the stage, his charismatic leadership qualities appear
When they sing and dance, he looks over the nervous Changmin
When Junsu picked his solo ‘Rainy Night’, I was happier than anyone else
“What do you want KO?” He jokingly said in front of everyone (laugh)
But after that, no one mentioned it because we were all focused on the task, so the atmosphere didn’t suit for it anymore.
I am very grateful that I was able to accompany the amazing dancing and singing on-stage
I cried when I became injured
Charisma, it really is Charismatic~

I think he is the most kind-hearted
Really Really
Aaahhhh~~~ I’m speechless now
Flinging the towels, deciding who the winner was, not doing high touches
It was all a misunderstanding. It wasn’t Yoochun who didn’t do it, it was me
I chuckle when I think about this

When we were shooting for a PV, people were wondering what KO was doing

It was truly delightful to perform together
When Yoochun was performing his solo, he would nervously smile
That was a very joyous time

I think they are artists who use their true feelings when they perform…
Source: [baidu tvxq]
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[TRANS] 100328 Special Message From Yunho

to Cassiopeia

Despite the cold, you still came, thank you.
It was a really cold weather, so I’m really worried.

But everyone was really enthusiastic, and you had cheered me so loud, I’m very grateful.

In the future, I will continue to work hard too.

From UKnow…

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[NEWS] Yunho Starring Debut MV “Goodbye My Love” Will Be Released On The 12th

Being his group TVXQ has been in inactivity, Yunho will make appearance in other singer’s music video.

Rookie R&B trio group J.Rich announced the release of their debut song music video on the 12th starring TVXQ Yunho “Goodbye My Love”.

Yunho, ever since his group TVXQ debuted in 2004, has never appeared in another singer’s music video even once. But this time he will make appearance to support one member of J.Rich, Haekang who are in the same age and also from the same origin as him.

Having a close friendship with Haekang since childhood, this will be the first time for Yunho to star in other singer’s music video.

What kind of image figure Yunho will show in the music video, fans have been expecting it a lot.

In his appearance, he will be a match couple with ex-member from group Sugar, Park Soo Jin. J-Rich official said, “On the 12th we will release Yunho trailer, while on the 14th it will be trailer that has appearance of Park Soo Jin.”

source: Newsen
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[TRANS] 100408 Tohomobile Staff Blog

This is…?

YuChun’s script with furigana*!
(*The members can’t read Kanji well, so they need furigana to help them with Kanji reading)

Right after he came back to Japan, upon his wish, he practiced reading the script with the manager. Since he practiced so steadily, it seems like he has perfectly mastered his lines.

Today too, he’s been filming since the mornin~g!


I’ll do my best today~!

Even at 8am, YuChun looked this refreshing!!!!

Although he didn’t have enough sleep, he still screamed out with all his fighting spirit, “I’ll do our best today~!” ?


During standby~!

Today, even though it was the first day of filming… he had running and running and running scenes (LOL).

After that, he did some light running to warm up!!


Dozing-off YuChun

After he finished half of the running scenes… he was dozing off….

Just now, he suddenly said passionately, “I want to go go watch Koshien**~~!!!”
(**Koshien is an annual nationwide high school baseball tournament and the largest scale amateur sport event in Japan)

Even though it was short, please rest well, YuChun.


Totally interested!!!

What YuChun was looking at and was deeply interested in was… a roofed pleasure boat ?

YuChun asked, “What is a roofed pleasure boat?” and a staff member there explained, “You ride on the boat, sail down the river, and throw a party there!!” (LOL)

YuChun then had a shining bright look on his face and said, “I want to do it someday~~!!” and he got hyped up…?


Ben~to ?

It’s lunch time!!!

The weather was very good today so he had lunch outdoor at the terrace ? He said, “I’m feeling good~~!!”

YuChun-san was saying it with a lot of force!! Hey, YuChun, please be a bit more composed!! (LOL)


Raise hand!?

With a loud voice, he said, “Haiii!!!” and did a fantastic pose ?

YuChun had very high tension~ (LOL).
I wonder what kind of election he was trying to run for?!


By the riverbank…

An extreme picture of a sad YuChun!!

This picture depicts very well YuChun who is very full of expression in the drama~?


He finished half of it~!

He finished half of his filming schedule smoothly!

During his free time, I overheard his conversation with the producer… When he was asked, “YuChun, what kind of person do you aspire to become?”, he answered, “I want to become someone like Fukuyama Masaharu-san who is good at both signing and acting.” ?

YuChun, you’ve already one step closer to your dream!!


In the middle of recording!

The highly praised XIAH junsu was in the middle of recording!

Not losing to YuChun who had been filming since the morning, JunSu was also doing his best


In his break between recordings…

JunSu was in the middle of writing lyrics

Well then, what kind of wonderful lyrics would he be give us? Please look forward to it!!

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
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