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[INFO] Universal Records & CASSPH Presents “TVXQ DAY”, In Celebration Of The Phil. Album Release Of “TOHOSHINKI : BEST SELECTION 2010”!

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[TRANS] 100411 Lee Yeon Hee – Guides Changmin’s Acting

Giving Changmin tips and guidance
in acting, time unconsciously passes by

Main actress of the soon-to-be-released television drama “Paradise Meadow”, Lee Yeon Hee (22), has not only been mentoring same aged co-star, TVXQ member Choikang Changmin, in terms of acting, but also in film-television terminology, among others.

Lee Yeon Hee recently accepted an interview from Sports Seoul. She laughingly said, “because Changmin and I are in the same company (SM Entertainment), we have a closer relationship. As this is his first acting experience, I give him acting tips on the side to help him out. Honestly, I don’t have enough expertise to guide him right?” She also expressed, “Changmin has a great level of passion so I also thoroughly prepared. The weren’t many difficulties during the filming process and we co-operated pleasantly.”

“Paradise Meadow” is a youthful romance drama based in Jeju Island and talks about young adults’ career and love life. In the drama, Lee Yeon Hee acts as a character who doesn’t care about her parent’s’ opposition and riskily gets married. She is a bright and strong newly-wed bride that fights against the many challenges that come her way. After a long period of time since the ending of MBC’s “East Of Eden” in March last year and finally appearing again in this drama, she stated, “this is different from my other dramas because the protagonist is more bold and stylish. In terms of how it will be presented on television, I’m very curious to see how fans will react.”

(the rest is omitted)

Source: [withTVXQ+Sportsseoul]
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[TRANS] 100411 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter How Far Should Jejung Take It Off?

1.あははっ。见た~い。それ。RT @jejupara
玉鉄さんとジェジュンのラブシーンはあ りますか?

Jejupara:Will Jejung and Tetsuji have romance scenes?
Kitagawa:Haha, you want to watch it?

2.あっ、あなたいいこと言いました。きっと、プロデューサーたちが思ってて言えなかった ことだ。私の脚本の文学性を重视して。视聴者サービス忘れるとこ でした。
RT @mococ0 先生、お愿い!ジェジュン、脱がせて~~!

Mococ:Please Kitagawa-san!
Let Jejung take off his clothes~~~
Kitagawa:Ah, that’s a good thing you mentioned.
The producers must have thought of this as well but didn’t say it out loud.
I valued the more literary aspect of the script so
I forgot to give the audience some benefits.

3. しかし。ジェジュン。いったい、どこで脱がせたらいいのか?うううっ。风吕もない贫乏アパートというのが、ここでネックになるとは(苦悩。作家の苦 悩。こんな苦悩でいいのか)。

Kitagawa:But, how far will Jejung take off his clothes?
Having no bathroom in the poor apartment creates a hindrance.
(Distressed. This is the misery that I, as a playwrite, feel.
Is this torment good?)

4.みんなの妄想が、暴走しています。今。今ですあなたの妄想も、ぜひ ここへ。もしかして、それが実现するかもしれませんよ。ドラマの中で(これ、见つ かったら绝対、怒られる)。

Kitagawa: Everyone’s wishful thinking has gone out of control.
Right now, please write your wishful thinking here.
Perhaps I could help everyone make it come true in the drama.
(This, if this is seen then someone will be angry with me.)

みんな、ナチュ ラルボーン脚本家ですか?私といっしょにイケメン、书きますか?

Kitagawa:The replies are coming in with rapid momentum.
Are everyone natural play-writes?
Writing about handsome men like me?

6.おっ、ここいいねえ。オサレだし。ここで、スナナレ男子3人みな裸にしちゃ おーか。见てるって。このツイッター。役者も见てるからやばいって。 RT@kyoboo これも 銭汤よぉー 南青山♪ いま 流行よん。 http://shimizuyu.jp/

Kyoboo:There’s bathhouses here as well- Aoyama.
It is very popular now.
Kitagawa:Oh, this place is nice.
Very modern.
Then I’ll have Sunao’s 3 men get naked here.
This twitter can be seen by the actors too,
which isn’t very reassuring.

いいなあ。マジで、この南青山の銭汤行くってシーン作ろうかな。间に合うかな。话が、そん な段阶じゃないけど。私、よくデートで、こういう銭汤行ったよ。 おのおの入って外で待ち合わせ。団体でやってもたしかにいいよね。ここ、新しくなったね。清水汤。

Kitagawa:Real good. If there is time then I would actually add in the scene of the bathhouse in Aoyama. When I go on dates, I often go to these type of bathhouses. You go in separately to bathe then come out again to reconvene. A group outing is indeed not a bad idea. Clean water baths, it’s the new thing.

7.じゃあ、男3人でサウナのシーンが出てきたら、みんなテレビに向かって「北川さん、ありがと う!」って言ってくれる?(ありがたいのは、私ではなく、 彼らの裸ですが)

Kitagawa: Then, when the television shows 3 men steaming in the sauna, will everyone say to the television “Kitagawa-san, thank you!”?
(It’s a relief that it’s them who are naked, not me…)

て 来てくれてますが…。では、7话の冒头にいきなりサウナシーンから出ま すか?

Kitagawa:That’s amazing- Twitter location hunting. Everyone has sent over possible sauna-bathhouse locations… Then, the beginning of the 7th episode will start with the sauna scene? It will definitely make things difficult for P-chan. (a/n: not sure who this is- maybe producer or director?)


Vice-president of AVEX, Ryuhei Chiba, tweeted:
Does Jejung have romance scenes?
(a/n: probably their romance scenes are more of the intense kind)
The reply:
Right now, Kitagawa-san is discussing in her twitter
on how she could make Jejung take off his clothes
Vice-president’s reply:
Could it be that there’s going to be a love scene?
There is? There isn’t?

ちょっ とつぶやいてみますが…。アンアン、
Kitagawa: It seems as if everyone isn’t content with ANAN…

Source: [withTVXQ]
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[TRANS] 100411 Eriko Twitter Update

-ha. Bath house?(a place where you can shower/take a bath) Should I bring a bath house in? All of the sudden a bath house..how? Bath house and “Sunao ni narenakute” doesn’t match. Please tell me how can I make Jaejoong naked?

-So how should I make Jaejoong take off his clothes. Ahh. I didn’t think it’d be a problem that he is poor so he has no shower in his apartment. (Troubled. This is the trouble of a script writer. Is trouble like this okay?)

Q: Teacher please! Please let Jaejoong take his clothes off—!
-Ah! You said a good thing. That’s something the producers were thinking of but couldn’t say. I was about to put my thoughts as a scriptwriter and almost forgot to give service for the watchers.

-When you say “kita–!”(used when you’re excited like it came! Or it’s here!) it feels like 2 channel doesn’t it? (2 channel is the main site for netizens) RT:Kita–!! RT: haha I want to see it~! RT: Is there Tamayama Tetsuji and Jaejoong love scene?

Haha. I want to see it~. RT@jejupara is there a love scene of Tamayama Tetsuji-san and Jaejoong?
source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Twitter
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
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[TRANS] 100411 Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter Updates

I don’t have that many pictures. That’s why this will be the last one in a while. Sorry. Good night.

source: Chiba Ryuuhei’s Twitter
translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100411 Tohomobile Staff Blog

It’s cold~!

This is YonSu who was using a hand warmer to warm himself!

He only had about 5 hours of rest between the yesterday’s filming and today’s, so it’s a very hard schedule.

When the filming finished, YuChun said out loud, “Nochihodo (Eventually)~~~~♪” and made everyone laugh.


Hey hey (-.-)

Snatching the maid outfit from the props, YuChun turned into this…

He was way too hyper


Totally interested?
This is YuChun who had a very deep interest in watching the props being fixed.

They seemed to be fixing a picture which is a very important object in the story.


A neat YuChun
YuChun during standby!

This is a very neat YuChun who, without thinking, folded the jacket he was holding on his hand very prettily and neatly.
(^__^; )


Today is…

Very warm, YuChun was refreshing himself outdoor.

“Japan is hotttttttt! Ni Ahhhh (T/N: YuChun’s random word, doesn’t make sense)!!!” Yuchun just cried out some random words that didn’t have any meaning (LOL).

YuChun… are you broken?


Having a bit of trouble…
He was having a scene where he just got up from his bed and was putting on a shirt

His shirt’s collars kept standing up and going inside his shirt, so he was having a bit of trouble

Hide and seek?
YonSu who pretended he was a pillar so that he couldn’t be found!?

We could totally see you from over here though (LOL).

YonSu who was standing in line with the maids!

“My mood is gooooood~♪”

Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100411 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

2010-04-11 18:36:23

There will be the stage greetings and completion presentation. (T/N: of the drama “Sunaoni Narenakute”)
For those who are coming, please wave your hands.
I will go there, if I can get up early. (I am really worried about it.)

And, though I have said I will speak out only from the internet,
I will directly receive the interviews, well, limited to tomorrow only.
I am free all day tomorrow.
I think it will be a surrounded interview.
All the medias, if you are coming tomorrow, please interview me.
If nobody will come near, off I go home early.
“Off I go” is my talking tough.
Maybe I will feel blue going home.

Since I do not know how the Episode 1 is going to be (I haven’t gone to the location site),
I am looking forward to the completed works.
I will check them, few days earlier than all of you. (T/N: the first episode will be on-air on Apr. 15)

Oh, what kind of sentences am I writing?
Polite and formal.
Sorry. I am very sorry.
I apologizing should look awful.
It seems like long distance lovers.
Please wait awhile.
I need a few more minutes.
Then, my tension will
ease up.

Since I am on the twitter all day now, my sentences are cut short, as if it is thrown out.
I will be the master of 140 characters in the near future.
Previously, I wanted to be the queen of blogs (really?!)

The words in the parentheses are like the straight man, I am a little bit sad.
I seem to be a romantically challenged person.

A romantically challenged girl does the funny man and straight man by herself.

Oh, maybe, I am recovering. Getting the feelings?
No, to say it correctly, I seem to be twitting long sentences.
What should I do?
Maybe I cannot go back to the former myself.

I want to go back. At an early date.
Oh, you don’t need to hurry. Step by step.

Just now, I have written these scripts. For “Sunaoni Narenakute”.

source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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