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[TRANS] 100412 Chiba’s Twitter Updates

Why do you have so much pictures that aren’t from Tohomobile?
– I have no more. I’m almost out of topic. Please don’t abandon me~

It seems that Yoochun finished filming his drama.
– Yes he did. Thanks~. I have to go to the gym and dinner with candygirls so I’ll be back later

Q: do you think yoochun is balding?/has less hair?
A: yes

Q: On Kitagawa teachers twitter there was a conversation for Jaejoong to
take his clothes off! Please let yoochun too!
A: Is he going to take off his clothes or not?

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[TRANS] 100412 Tohoshinki Jaejoong Screamed at the “Shocking Kiss”

Korea’s popular 5 members group who recently announced their activity suspension, “Tohoshinki” member Jaejong(24) appeared on stage for Fuji TV drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” press conference and there was talk about him “screaming his soul”.

This is Jaejoong’s first drama in Japan which is about 5 people who meet through out internet site “twitter” where you can say what you’re doing within 140 characters.

He plays a medical equipment salesman in Japan who comes from Korea. He said excitedly “I’m really excited today that I might look weird”.

Today was the first time for the casts to appear on stage. The scene Jaejoong was shocked by was when Linda (Tamayama Tetsuji) was working and his editor (Watanabe Eri) kissed him. He said he blushed red and screamed “Nahhhh~!!!” and accidentally screamed when he saw the seductive scene.

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[TRANS] 100411 “First Episode All Up Now!!”

2010/04/11 (Sun)

Yesterday we finished filming episode 1 that will air on the 15th!!
That was close…

From yesterday we’ve been working all night to make it on time to air!!
4 more days until it airs…

As many people know tomorrow the 12th(Mon) from 21:00-23:33 our team
will join “Yoru no Waratte Iitomo! Spring drama festival” Don’t miss the 5!

Also check Fuji tv in the evening!! There might be something good–
Picture is from this morning

a Sakura

since we finished filming episode one.

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[TRANS] 100412 Tohoshinki Jaejong Appears Solo On Stage Looking Nice After Announcing Activity Pause

Tohoshinki a 5 member group has announced their activity pause. On the
12th Jaejoong appeared at the press conference for new drama “Suano Ni
Narenakute” (Fuji TV). There was many cheering as he came out with the double main characters Eita and Ueno Juri. “Hello this is Jaejoong.Thank you for coming. This is my first time in a Japanese drama and I was nervous in the beginning but thanks to everyone around me who was nice, I am able to have fun filming.” He said and showed how healthy he was to the fans.

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[TRANS] 100409 FRIDAY Magzine April Issue

Document up until Tohoshinki Gave Up Persuasion Plan
More than 10,000 inquiry e-mails from fans about Indefinite activity pause!
Tohoshinki who suddenly announced their activity pause.
8 months after from troubles about their contract.
What happened between the members
Why they couldn’t avoid the virtual break up…

In Seoul there was a Michael Jackson tribute concert. This was popular dance vocal group Tohoshinki Yunho’s solo concert. Also same group member Changmin came to watch him. 1 week after this Tohoshinki announced their indefinite activity pause.
The announcement was all of the sudden and the fans worries became true. In Japan their CD has left a record and right in the middle of their popularity they paused their activity. Fans in Japan and Korea has sent more than 10,000 messages to the fan clubs. “From last year in Korea the members split up and that has continued but it seemed that they were trying to avoid the group to break up.”-Korea television staff

How this actually happened was last July the members Jaejoong(24), Yoochun(23), and Junsu(23) these 3 sued their production. “The 3 thought 13 years was too long and to that the production claimed about the 3’s beauty company and became an emotional fight”-Korea staff

In October their pause of activity in Korea was decided. For the 3 got a new production and the 2 stayed at the original production it became the 3 against 2. In Korea Yunho and Changmin started a drama and it was impossible to work as 5. But this 3 against 2 was thought only to be in Korea and never in Japan. Last year they were in “Kohaku Utagassen” and even released a CD single in March. We all looked forward for their activities.
“Their Japanese production Avex thought if somehow at least in Japan they can do their activities and went to Korea numerous times to make agreements. Avex tried to avoid the break up of Tohoshinki but they lost privilege to even keep them in Japan.” -Korea television staff
But the staffs kept connection with each member, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu.
“All the members know that Avex was the one who supported them to the point they were able to come all the way here in Japan. The members all wanted to avoid ending Tohoshinki so they talked a few times but the 3 couldn’t agree with how SM entertainment works. And it was impossible for them to work together.
Changmin and Yunho will probably work mainly in Korea and Jaejoong,Yoochun,Junsu will mainly work in Japan. Jaejoong already has a drama to do on Fuji TV “Sunao Ni Narenakute” and Yoochun will be doing a mobile drama on Bee TV. Many solos activities are waiting for them.
For the fans it must be devastating but one day hopefully they will work as “Tohoshinki” again.

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[TRANS] 100410 Tohoshinki Stops Activities, Expense of 60 Billion Won

A loss of 60 Billion Won (a/n: equivalent of 54 Million USD) will incur with the stopping of Tohoshinki’s activities, according to the analysis of Japanese critics.

On the 5th of April, Japanese music critics reviewed on the website ZAKZAK: “Tohoshinki’s stopping of activities in Japan will cause AVEX to suffer the cost of 5 Billion Yen (60 Billion Won)”.

They pointed out that: “It is an important issue as to how AVEX will overcome this deficiency. They need to find a way to make up for this loss.”

(the rest is omitted)

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[TRANS] 100410 Sunao Ni Narenakute Eita Interview – Jejung Is Very Honest

Interviewer: Please talk about your impression of Juri, Jejung, Megumi, and Tetsuji

Eita: In my opinion, Jejung is a very straightforward and honest person.
During our photoshoot for the promotional poster, I was pondering to myself– when Jejung wanted to express his feelings and thoughts, did he go over it once through his head in Korean, and then change it to Japanese when he says it out loud?
In the drama, there will definitely be some type of complicating entanglement between our characters in the future. I do hope that before that happens, I can be more in contact with Jejung so when we are together, it will be more enjoyable.

(parts not involving Jejung is omitted)

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