[TRANS] The Divided Reactions Among Fans Regarding 3 Members New Unit

For 3 members TVXQ to take a further step by forming a new unit, fans reaction are clearly divided. Some fans said, “Only five members who can make TVXQ.” showing their frustration over the recent decision, while another fan said, “We must respect their will.” The conflicts are visible on the surface even among the fans.

Ever since the official announcement by AVEX about the forming of 3 members unit consisting Jejung, Junsu, and Yuchun, many conflicting opinions have been floating in many Cassiopeia site such as DNBN.

However, for the personal fans of 3 members who are included in the new unit, they gave much expectations to the performances which will be held in Osaka and Tokyo. Many of them asked an explanation about how to buy the ticket in Japan.

It’s also been rumored that regarding the signing of current exclusive contract with their management for music industry activities, the 3 TVXQ members received around 1 billion won.

Japanese media Sport News on the 15th reported that a large scale concert to mobilize 180,000 people will be thrown in Osaka and Tokyo starting from June. The newspaper as quoting message from AVEX official said, “Already planned this year from June to August, there will be stages where only 3 members participating. All photoshoots for the advertisement of the project announcement had been proceed strictly confidential.” he also said, “The name of this new unit is not yet determined, but most likely there won’t be any TVXQ songs to be performed on stage.”

The relationship atmosphere between the 3 members and TVXQ label in Korea SM Entertainment seems to be more complicated right now. Regarding the remaining 2 members activities plan, one SM official said, “Local individual activities are still in progress while for the Japan activity plan is still undecided.”

source: KanSports
sum trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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