[TRANS] 041110 Junho’s Interview in Hanryu Pia (Junsu Cut)

*only Junsu parts are posted here.

Q: You’re the sort of person who gets excited to full-throttle when people praise you.

Z:I’m blood type B (laugh). My brother is also B and he’s a typical B (laugh). When we were kids, we went to Lotte World, and one of the staff announced < Anyone wearing red clothes, please come up on the stage!> JunSoo and I were wearing pink clothes, but JunSoo immediately went up onto the stage…I thought < My clothes are not red…> so that I didn’t go up…that sort of differences you can see (in B type behaviour there).

Q: So what has JunSoo, such a strong B type man, advised his brother to do?

Z: When I have an filmed interview, I get nervous so I sometimes speak too fast or say things which don’t make sense.  <In that situation, do some deep breathing and speak clearly.> He also told me how to look after my throat the day before my recording. Before I did my first show, I was really nervous because I was going to sing in front of 30,000 people. I didn’t know what to do in my first rehearsal, and I felt upset and even thought about going home. So I phoned my brother, and he said some really nice things, “You must think you are the best. While you’re singing, don’t think about how to sing better, just think about how happy you are that such a lot of people have come to see you. That will make you perform much better than you expected. ”

In fact, I repeated his words like a “spell” and the tension went. Say my usual level is 100. In rehearsal I could only perform at about 20, but in the actual performance I could do more than 100. JunSoo was so proud of me, and said “You are great!” (laugh).

I really appreciated that and said “Thanks a lot. I’m so grateful for all your help”. I’d been joking with him that I wouldn’t need his advice, but on stage I actually had to take action, I realised how he is very important to me (laugh). I might be a bad person, don’t you think?…because I rely on him only when I need him.

Q: According to ZUNO’s manager, on the day they were shoting the PV, JunSoo arrived around dawn with fried-chicken for him and for all his staff.

Z: On that day JunSoo was performing his musical so I didn’t tell him about the date of the PV shoot. But when we were speaking to each other (on the phone), I joked “you won’t even come and cheer your brother up when he’s shooting”. He replied “I’m sorry 형(my brother), but it’s quite a long way from here….”, but in the end he came to see me. I knew he must’ve been exhausted, so I really appreciate his visit.

Q: Even though they are twins and have grown up in the same environment, their personalities are very individual.

Z: My brother is more manly, not chatty and he looks after things in a nice way in the background. I express affection straight. JunSoo is decisive, but I worry about this and that. When I worry about things, JunSoo makes a decision like “why don’t we do this!”.

In our childhood we were very similar, I think, but only just recently I’ve started to understand the differences between us. Since we were kids our body shape has always been different, so I sometimes felt frustrated when I was told “You’ve been eating your brother’s (food)” (laugh). I think twins like us are very unique (having such differences). When we see our relatives, they see grown-up JunSoo, and then say “you’ve caught up with your brother!”, but then look at me “(we thought) impossible…”.

Q: Since they were kids, they’ve always enjoyed being together, and ZUNO is looking forward to travelling in Japan with his brother, just the two of them.

Z: We were always happy playing together, so we never went to visit our friends, they visited us instead… like… “Hey, Twins! Play with us!”. I’ve never had a fight with JunSoo, only hitting each other for a joke (laugh). I’ve been to Japan twice when my brother started working there. I just watched my brother’s concerts and didn’t do much sight-seeing. But I know that Japanese people are kind and the cities are clean, and also I know that people queue up in front of restaurants serving the best food…(laugh). I love Sushi very much!!, and meat. I love anything with meat (laugh)

source: Hanryu Pia Spring 2010 [Posaruxya]
translation: angelunsoo @ posaruxya
shared by: Xiah-sshi.com+ Onetvxq.com + DTL

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