[TRANS] 100419 Bigeast Email

Hello everyone in Bigeast.

We got many applications on Yunho’s first drama “No Limit~heading to the ground~”’s DVD-BOX1 & DVD-BOX2’s set <limited buyers event ticket> Thank
you so much!

We chose strictly and announced to everyone who got picked, but even after many people contacted us about the product. So for the Tokyo Assembly hall we changed the seating and added more seats so more people can come and watch! (For the Kobe Assembly Hall changing seats are very difficult so please understand there will be none added).

The additional sale will start from 4/24(sat) 16:00 and it will be first come first serve style and end when it is full.
*For people who won the 1st ones you can not purchase this one.
*Please understand that for members who joined/cameback after 4/20 will not be able to purchase this.

Please check the event summary, details of additional sale, and instruction until the end and apply after understanding all of the above.

<Purchaser’s Event “Jung Yunho in ‘No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~’
Premium Event 2010 Additional First Come First Serve Summary>

[Performance Information]
<Tokyo/ Part One>
Location: Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A
Date: 2010/6/26(sat)
Starts:11:30 / Ends:13:00

<Tokyo/ Part Two>
Location: Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A
Date: 2010/6/26(sat)
Starts:16:30 / Ends:18:00

[Warning about the event]
*For one event ticket only the member who won is able to come. Please understand that you may not come with a friend or give the ticket to someone else.

*The day of the event when entering please bring the following 3 “event ticket” “Bigeast ID” and “ID with face picture”. The “ID with face picture” is either drivers license, passport,city card with face picture,credit card with picture,school ID,foreigner ID. If you do not bring one you will not be able to enter.

*If you do not have any of the above please bring any of the 2 like insurance card,city card, cash card, work card to check the name.

*No copied allowed. Please apply only if you can bring it.

*If anything happens to the event ticket (rips,stolen,destroyed) please know we can not re-send it.

*Please understand that if the event is canceled or postponed we will not return money or pay for travel fees.

*The seats at the event is all picked. With the product the ticket will be sent which has the seat number.

*We will not be able to give any information about the seating ahead of time.

[Purchase Page]
<Tokyo Part One>

<Tokyo Part Two>


[Purchase Start Date and Time]
2010/4/14(sat) 16:00~(we will end when the tickets are out)

Credit Card or payment at a convenience store

[Warning on Additional Sale]
*When the number of people we got ready is full the sale will end.
*One time per person
*After ordering you can not edit or cancel.
*After ordering if you did not pay within time the order will be invalid. You may not be able to join these in the future.
*Only apply if you can come to the event and apply with your name and ID
number. The ticket can not be given even if they are a member.
*Please check about the shipment and purchase on mu-mo site “contact” part.

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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