[TRANS] Sunao Ni Narenakute Is A Success!

Despite the drama surrounding the future of DBSK and SM Entertainment, Jaejoong’s drama, ‘For Not Being Honest,’ was broadcast across Japan on April 15. This was the first time that ‘pretty boy’ Jaejoong was shown on television after forming a three-member group with Yoochun and Junsu under AVEX Entertainment.

The drama, which was shown by Fuji TV, tells the story of five people from Tokyo meeting through a microblogging site, Twitter. Surprisingly, they actually create some genuine friendships with each other. Jaejoong, who plays the role of a Korean worker for medical equipment by the name of Park Seungsoo, stars in this drama alongside Ueno Juri from ‘Nodame Cantabile,’ as well as renowned actor Eita. Kitagawa Eriko, who was in charge of the script for this drama, did a great job making sure that everyone acted to their full potentials.

Jaejoong has been earning a lot of attraction for his acting, as “his acting was better than expected,” considering all the stress he must be feeling from the DBSK-SME conflict. Viewers have commented, “the drama has a good storyline and Jaejoong’s acting was not awkward.” In fact, the first released episode of ‘For Not Being Honest’ has reached second on the rating charts, receiving a view rating of 11.9%. May the next few episodes be just as successful!

Source: 박두리 @newsen.com
Translation: kimbap @kpoplive.com
Shared by: DBSKnights + DTL

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