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[TRANS] 10042 Shukan Post No.30 – Ueno Juri “Personal Japanese Lesson” For Tohoshinki Jaejoong

It seems that there will be tweets full of enviousness for their closeness.

The new drama started in April 15th “Sunao Ni Narenakute” has had many attention on it ever since the first broadcast. It’s a story about 5 people meeting through twitter, a love story that looks too good to be true. However, seems that on the drama’s shooting set there is already a “rumor” about one man and women, they’re no other than the main character Ueno Juri (23) and Tohoshinki Jaejoong (24).

During the break time, Ueno Juri is teaching Jaejoong Japanese one on one. She takes out stuff from her bag and teaches pronunciation for him and writes the casts names in kanji and teaches him how to read it. Jaejoong takes notes and is really looking serious. Their closeness is to the point you can hear each others breath and it makes us who are watching feeling nervous as well.

As we wrote on page 52, Tohoshinki Jaejoong is currently having trouble with his entertainment company but his popularity is still soaring. He will continue shooting for the drama as well as appearing in more Japanese television shows. Thus, it’s no doubt that his personal lesson from Ueno Juri will means a lot.

When Ueno Juri acted in “Nodame (T/N: Nodame Cantabile)”, she was roled as a not very intelligent girl, therefore, whether she will be able to teach him proper Japanese, we’re kinda worried about that. As in internet community, there’s already worriness that she will be bashed by Tohoshinki fans. There are some comments in internet written, ‘If there is a kiss scene (T/N: between Jaejoong and Juri) we won’t forgive her’, and ‘She has a kind of personality that she hugs the male staffs without any hesitation. But if she does that to Jaejoong, I think the netizens will go crazy…’

So, Ueno Juri seems to need to be careful that the kindness won’t change into anything more.
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[TRANS] 100415 Shanghai Expo Sneak Peek (Fanaccount)

Allow me to ramble for a bit……
I used someone else’s working ID to get into the expo, SO BIG…… My legs were about to break when I finally got to the Asia section

The afternoon of the 15th, the security was already tight. The Chinese building they wont let you go in. England and France buildings, they wont let you get within a couple of meters. Guards were guarding, wont let anyone in……

All of this just made it harder for me to get in……

Korean building, it wasn’t even ready! So many workers were still working, some of them discussing. I thought I would catch what they were saying……. *cries*…… can’t understand Korean…….

I regretted not dressing up more grown up, people can easily tell I’m a student…… The Korean workers kept looking my way, I was so afraid they would come and ask for my ID……

I saw a lot of ATM kind of screens on the first floor, I thought they would use that to broadcast the videos…… so I left…… brokenhearted. I told my dad to hurry up, but my dad was busy taking pictures, so he said, since we are here, why don’t you go to the 2nd floor and take a look, maybe they have proper screens there…… I idiotically asked: there’s a second floor??? I’m so retarded, only thought of looking for Yunho, I didn’t even pay attention to how the building is structured……

The stairs weren’t even ready yet….. climbing up there in the dark……

OHHHHHHHHH!!! I have never been this grateful for my dad……

In the hallway of the 2nd floor, there were a lot of things on display with Korean style, like Korean cloth and such…… I went through everything slowly, I watched the “street dance” on for a couple of minutes…….~~~~(>_<)~~~~ It wasn’t Yunho……

There was one screen showing videos, it only had the dances but no sound……. Shinee, sj, SNSD……. I watched it over and over again…… but no Yunho…… i was so disappointed and turned around……

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~ Yunho~~~~~~ Even though there was only 1 picture, the lighting was bad, and the picture was just… but still~~~

Keep walking forward should be the place where they put the screen, its kinda like a movie theater, but the screen wasn’t ready……

They should be ready by the 20th, the workers must work hard!!

(T/N: Shanghai expo officially opens on May 1st, it must be ready then!)

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[INFO] 100420 Certified As “Double Platinum” By RIAJ

(this is for ringtones^^)

N/B: double platinum = 500,000 copies sold

Source: [RIAJ]
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[TRANS] 100421 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

2010-04-21 00:33:36

Oh, Micky-san (T/N: Micky is the HN of the follower of Kitagawa’s blog)

Oh, Micky-san, you wrote “Aigo” isn’t used by young Korean boys, but Jaejoong was using it often.

“Aigo~ Aigo aigo aigo~”
Since he was always using the (T/N: Korean) word, I asked him.
Jaejoong’s lecture, which continued for 30 minutes, started.

And the word became popular at the location site, and I wrote it in the script.

Is Jaejoong a bit off?


Maybe…..was I fooled by Jaejoong again?
Is the word “aigo” used only by the old?
Micky-san, please teach me.
Oh, I’ve already written the word! In the script.

A question

I just checked the internet, but does Jaejoong play the piano?
For those who know, please teach me.

T/N: Up to this time, there are more than 170 comments for this article alone. All of them are saying that Jaejoong can play the piano, and requesting Kitagawa-san to write the scene for Jaejoong playing the piano in the drama.

source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
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[TRANS] 100420 Tohomobile Staff Blog

Today too…

He’s having magazine interviews & photoshoots! Starting from photoshoot for “ELLE” ♪

The photoshoot was at Rainbow Bridge, and he was doing his best there!

He was having the photoshoot on the rooftop, when he looked down, YunHo said, “This would be dangerous if I weren’t being careful.”

… His smile looked forced (LOL).
YunHo, be careful~!!


Talking about his ideal family…

YunHo during an interview!

He was talking about his father who he respects a lot, and about the ideal family that he wants to have someday~



From casual styled outfits to cool styled suits, no matter what the outfit was, YunHo wore them gorgeously!

He finished the interview and photoshoot for “Grazia” magazine which will be on sale on 7/1 ♪


Just a little more!!!

With only one more magazine interview left, YunHo said with high spirit, “Only a little more~! I’ll do my best!!”

There was also a video camera there to film him while he was doing promotion~ ♪


On the posters…

He was signing his autograph! He was doing that while humming a song ♪

In fact, this is the last activity of “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” promotion!
Although the report was short, YunHo was realy doing his best while being bright and cheerful.

“No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” is a work that YunHo put a lot of efforts in.
Everyone, please definitely check out BongGun ☆


I’m looking forward to it!

“I did my best in my many promotion activities~!!
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone during the event!!
See you~
by YunHo”

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[TRANS] 100420 JaeJoong Appeared On HongKong’s Apple Daily

Last night, TVXQ’s Hero JaeJoong was there to promote his new drama ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’.

Other than the cast of ‘Tsuki no Koibito’, Korea’s popular group TVXQ member, Hero JaeJoong, was there to promote his new drama ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’ as well, together with Eita, Ueno Juri and Tamayama Tetsuji.

Source: Apple Daily + WithTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100420 Kikuchi P’s Blog Update

Junsu will appear on “MUSIC FAIR”
2010/04/20 “Bokurano Ongaku” 300th anniversary concert encore special, others…

(few sentences omitted)

I received many comments for
He will appear on “MUSIC FAIR”,
May 22 and 29,
2 weeks in a row,
with Ayako Fuji and MINMI-chan and others.
Please look forward to the program!

(few sentences omitted)

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