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[TRANS] 100424 TV Fan – Jejung Cuts

Group Interview

First let’s ask what your first impression of each other was.

–How is Ueno Juri?
JJ: Ueno Juri is very professional, seeing your acting is very beneficial.

–How is Jejung?
Juri: I’ve seen Jejung in tv before and thought that he was very handsome, and after I met him I thought he was kind of like a spoilt person. Sometimes he was a bit shy, very serious in rehearsals, and sometimes he makes jokes too.
Tamayama: Right right, usually when something happens his face will go red and he tries to hide it, he’s very cute.
JJ: So i’ve become such an impression. (laughs)
Eita: When everyone’s together, it feels really good, because we can clearly show what’s good and what’s bad.
Seki: He’s a character that receives love~
Tamayama: But I feel that Jejung is the most worried, his anticipation is stronger than anyone else’s and wants to communicate.

–How is Seki Megumi?
JJ: We chatted a lot when we first met, I think she has a really pretty personality.

–Then Tamayama Tetsuji who is the eldest of the five, what do you think of him?
JJ: He feels like the neighbour’s older brother (laughs)

–Before filming started, everyone went together for a drink, how did you feel then?
Juri: Eita became friends with Jejung very quickly
JJ: Eita was really nervous, so I helped him to relax
Tamayama: I thought he was the same age as me so I kept drinking~ Fell for Jejung’s trap~ (laughs) Then I forgot what happened after. I’m getting old… (laughs)
Eita: Jejung just kept drinking Soju.(laughs)

Individual Interview – Doctor

Jejung as Doctor, “One-sided love is very embarassinggg~”

-What kind of a man is Doctor?
JJ: Even though he goes through a lot of hardships that make people worry, he’s very hard-working, and works diligently at life everyday. I look up to him as a person.

–The other actors have also said that Jejung is very cute, and that was received well?
JJ: Even though my Japanese is a little off and not perfect, I don’t know if we can think of him that way. Overall there was laughter, because everyone could laugh openly…

–So the Doctor has a one-sided love for Haru?
JJ: Because I can’t properly act out the “one-sided love”, I feel very embarrassed. During rehearsals my face always turns red. One-sided love is definitely not easy. (laughs)

–The other staff has also seen your acting and felt a heart squeeze?
JJ: I don’t feel that usually, but that even makes my heart turn red… But because it’s an one-sided love, saying things in front of her will always make my face red.

–Please leave a message for the readers.
JJ: When I challenge new things, the excitement of it feels really good, I really anticipate what reaction this will bring for everyone.

Seki Megumi – Peach/Nishimura Hikari
Tamayama Tetsuji – Linda/Ichihara Kaoru

Source: [DNBN + Hey!JJ]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] Children of Empire, For Japan Activities Being Praised as ’2nd TVXQ’

ZE:A (Children of Empire) is expected to continue the Korean wave in Japan.

On April 21st, Children of Empire was introduced through Yahoo Japan ‘Zoom In Search’. After having appearance in visit Korea program at Tokyo TV, popular model and talent Yoshikawa Hinano said, “If Children of Empire starts to be active in Japan, they’re going to be as popular as TVXQ”. Because of this, at Yahoo Japan Search result soon the group notched the 8th position.

Children of Empire commented, “We heard that Yahoo Japan was one of most influential portal in Japan, thus to have such result, we feel really honored.” and “It’s hard to predict the future, but this is really an encouragement to show everyone the even better side of us.”

In meantime, on March 26th, Children of Empire successfully mobilized 2000 people at SEOUL TRAIN event in Tokyo, there was an explosive reaction from the audiences. The group will continue to hold a concert in Yokohama and Osaka Japan on June 4th and 6th to commemorate the form of their Japan fanclub.

source: Newsen
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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