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[TRANS] 100430 New Members And Future Bigeast Operations

To Bigeast
30 April 2010
Bigeast Office

We thank you sincerely for always supporting Tohoshinki.

Although you have received the mails etc, on 3 April 2010 (Sat) there was a press release about Tohoshinki from Avex Management, about the following.


In relation to Tohoshinki

This is information with regards to the company’s artist Tohoshinki.

●Tohoshinki will suspend their activities.

Although Tohoshinki will be suspending their activities, they have such talent, are young men with a future, and we will be committed in giving our best support to all five’s activities in future.

From now on, with regards to [Junsu], [Yuchun], [Jejung], [Changmin], [Yunho], please watch over them warmly, thank you.

Avex Management


With regards to the above matter, we received many requests from everyone regarding the future of Bigeast. After much consultation among the staff, the following has been decided.

Regarding Bigeast’s future

On 6 April (Tuesday), as announced through e-mail, it was decided that Bigeast will continue.

However, due to the hiatus on Tohoshinki’s activities, it would be hard to provide the existing member benefits service (※) As such, we have reviewed our services and will be providing new member benefits. Please read the member benefits listed in the page below.

In addition, for those who wish to withdraw their membership, the annual fee (4,200円) will be refunded.

[In the event that you do not withdraw]

◆The following are the new member benefits
①Free annual membership *the time period for free membership is not fixed
②Great Fans Bigeast GOLD membership card issued
③Great Fans Bigeast jumbo towel shipped
④Email service (irregular)

※② as well as ③: Will be shipped together with Bulletin Vol.16 (Special Issue) in September.

Application period: 2 weeks from email ~ 20 December 2010 (Mon)
Within this period, to contact us, please use the contact form on the Bigeast site (http://fc.avex.jp/toho/contact)

◆Bulletin Vol.16 which was originally excluded from the benefits is now included
*About Bulletin Vol.16
Bulletin Vol.16 which was planned to be released in March 2010 will be delivered in September 2010 as a special issue
◆For members who are not withdrawing, there will be no refund of annual membership
◆There is no process to follow if you wish to continue with your membership

-omitted instruction on withdrawing membership-

We apologise for troubling and worrying all the members and we seek your understanding in this matter.

Contact (Bigeast Office)
TEL: 03-5413-8849 (weekdays 11:00 to 18:00)
Contact form: http://fc.avex.jp/toho/contact/

t/n: i will translate the withdrawal instructions if there are more than 5 requests (:

Source: [bigeast]
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