[TRANS] 100430 Sunao Ni Narenakute EP4 Trailer

Haru had a fight with Nakaji and she goes home in the rain without umbrella.Then there is Doctor near her house. Instinctively, Haru hugged him. He confessed that he liked her.He noticed that she was crying, so he gave the bouquet to her and told her to cheer up.

Nakaji visited his father, Ryosuke’s place but Ryosuke wasn’t there. According to the neighbor, Ryosuke hasn’t been back to his place for a while.

Linda asked Sunanare members to go for a drink. Doctor treats them for a drink because Linda’s father accepted to use medical equipments from his company.

Nakaji, Haru, Peach, Linda and Doctor gathered in “The Emotion”(name of a bar). Peach confesses that she is pregnant and she will be a single mother. Nakaji promises her for a help, but advise her “this is your life, so you have to think about it well.”

Doctor, Peach, Linda starts the game in the bar. Nakaji and Haru were left behind and they both felt awkward. Then, Doctor noticed there is something wrong between Haru and Nakaji, and found out that Haru was crying in that day because of Nakaji.

Doctor starts to argue with Nakaji. Nakaji told Doctor that Haru hurt Nakaji’s girlfriend, that’s why Nakaji can’t forgive Haru.Haru denys it and Doctor says to Nakaji that “why can’t you believe her?” and starts a fight with Nakaji.

source: fujitv
trans by: Hiromi@sharingyoochun

shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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