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[TRANS] 100507 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

2010-05-02 04:19:33


I forgot to say…..in the main song “Intoxication” of XIAH junsu’s “XIAH”, I am playing the guitar.

It is a simple 4-bar loop, but when I tried to play, super-duper skill was necessary……

Since I have not heard the final mix of “Intoxication”, I do not know if it is included, but if it wasn’t cut when making the mix, you should be able to hear them.

One more information for those who raised the question.
This album was self-produced by Jun-jun (T/N: Junsu) himself, and according to his persistency, I have arranged the “Kimiga Ireba~” twice (^^;

He gave me the final OK for the song’s arrange just 2 days before the final mix….

I worked through the night for total 4 days.

The schedule was very tight and it was back-breaking work, but the collaboration feeling was enjoyable, and it was also very informative~!

I may look naive, but the true myself is the “One down!” type, so I always make one-down-arranges. But this time, thanks to Jun-jun, I was able to work until the very last minute!

Working together with them, I myself can achieve, that is one of their charms.

T/N: Can you hear the 4-bar loop session in the background?

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[TRANS] 100505 TohoshinkiStaff’s Twitter Update


“Thank you for the message everyone!! The reply about the coming out was
funny!”. Please continue supporting him.



XIAH Junsu’s “Intoxication” music video was shown, how did you like it?

This time its not angel Junsu *laughs* but we focused on charismatic

Junsu asked “how was the fans reaction?” so I told him “it seems good”
so please let me know how you liked it

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[TRANS] 100507 Yoochun’s Updated Cyworld

“In a cool place~~RUBY RED!
Whoa~ I need to write song and~ to practice and~
to buy a gift for mom and dad! ….ㅡㅡ;;
Whoa~!!!!!!! “

See what Ruby Red is

-Ruby Red is a fresh drink, here is a pic.

-Father’s and Mother’s days are coming soon (in South Korea, it’s “Parents Day”, the 8th) ^^

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[TRANS] Junsu’s Message For 3Xiah

To 3Xiah

Are you intoxicated by me…?


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[News] XIAH Junsu’s Intoxication PV Is Released… Highly Synched To ‘Abracadabra’

The full version PV of Xiah Junsu’s single in Japan was already released. This single would be Junsu first solo single after Tohoshinki activities suspension.

The eye-catching PV of one of the track ‘Intoxication’ reveals an intense dance music and choreography which shows the sexy side of Junsu.

Particularly, some fans pointed that the choreography part coming at second half of ‘Intoxication’ PV was coincidentally synched to Brown Eyed Girls’ song ‘Abracadabra’, thus attracting a lot of attention. Especially the routine that starts with kneeling then pulling the jacket on and off was seen to be definitely synched to the choreography of ‘Abracadabra’.

Netizens who watched the video commented, “The synch of the moves is terrific”, “The man who composes this is skillful”, and “Junsu is so sexy” showing hot responses.

Meanwhile Xiah Junsu is set to give a guest performance at the “Girls Awards 2010,” a major music and fashion event to be held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. At the 15,000-seat ceremony, Xiah will perform his solo debut single “Intoxication” and this would be his debut solo performance after Tohoshinki suspension.

Click here to know what is the synched thing all about

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[TRANS] 100505 Yoochun’s Updated Cyworld

“Now the drama shooting really starts.
Feel like I’m in a flutter. (he used the word “Seolreim”)…. Let’s work hard…
I already cried a lot…”

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[TRANS] Xiah Junsu’s Full Version PV – “ABRACADABRA” Single- Jackpot!

[Sport Chosun T-News Reporter : Baek Jie Eun]

Full Version of Xiah Junsu’s Japan PV Finally Released!

2 tracks-single ” 悲しみのゆくえ” and Intoxication finally released its PV. 悲しみのゆくえ (kanashimi no yukue) has chosen as the OST of 12-episode’s drama produced by TBS Japan “A Love Letter, 5 Years From Now”, a black and white image imparts a deep loneliness. However, the eye-catching Intoxication.
A sexy dance with strong choreograph by Xiah Junsu.

The kneeling dance in the second half which similar with Brown Eyed Girl “Abracadabra” beat has attracted the attention the most. Opening and closing the jacket while kneeling and sitting just the same beat as the choreograph of ‘Abracadabra’ .

so, this is called Abracadabra?!

The netizens that saw this also made a comment such as, “Single-Jackpot”, “What a creative person”, “Sexy Xiah Junsu” the reaction was hot.

Dongbangshinki’s Xiah Junsu will have his 1st debut performance as a solo artist in “Girls Award 2010” at Tokyo Yoyogi Gymnasium on May 22.

Sankei Sport Japan on May 3 said “Xiah Junsu will have his 1st Japan solo debut performance, at Tokyo Yoyogi Gymnasium on May 22 at the largest fashion and music event “Girls Award 2010″ in front of approximately 15,000 audiences with his Intoxication song.”

In this stage of ‘restart/beginning’, Junsu’s widespread support all through Asia and the event’s theme: “From Shibuya to Asia. Then to the World.”, Junsu received the offer from the organisers and quickly promised to perform.

Xiah Junsu said, ” It’s been long time performing in a big stage alone, but i am so excited,” and he continue saying, “i hope everyone will be waiting and satisfied with the performance.”

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