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[NEWS] TVXQ And Super Junior Members Enter List Of Asia’s Hottest Men

The latest polls are out and we are ready to bring you the scoop on who came in the running for the hottest man in Asia! Perhaps you will be surprised to see that many of your favorite idols, actors, and athletes clinched quite a good spot on the list!

We start… with #68 whi…ch went to the cute actor Park HaeJin. The 67th spot went to Kim DongWook, you may remember him as the cutie in MBC’s The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince or in KBS2’s Partner. 66th place went to South Korean swimmer and national swim team-member Park TaeHwan. Actor HyunBin comes in at #64, but sorry girls, he’s already taken by actress Song HyeKyo! Super Junior’s own, Lee DongHae clinches a spot for himself right before HyunBin at #63.

Moving onto the cuties who ranked in the 50s. At #54 we have actor Chun JungMyung who is currently starring in KBS2’s Cinderlla’s Sister. Actor Kim Bum is directly in front of him at #53. The 51st place goes to volleyball player Moon SungMin.

Super Junior’s Lee SungMin starts off the list for the men ranked in the 40s section at #47. Above him, at #45, is actor and model Yoo SeungHo. The 43rd spot is taken by actor Jang GeunSuk, who you may remember from his recent role in SBS’s You’re Beautiful. At #42 is actor, singer, and model Ji HyunWoo. Number 41 is given to badminton player Lee YongDae while #40 goes to actor and model Joo JiHoon who you may know as the prince in MBC’s Goong.

The 39th and 38th spots are reserved for the DongGun’s. Number 39 goes to Jang DongGun while #38 goes to Lee DongGun. Shinhwa’s Lee MinWoo comes in next at #38. The next spot, goes to his band mate Shin HyeSung. He is beaten by actor and model Kang DongWon who comes in at #33. H.O.T’s dancing machine, Jang WooHyuk is #32. ChangMin tops the 30s section at #30.

The 20s section is started off by Super Junior’s Kim KiBum at #29 and he is beaten by DBSK’s Mickey YooChun who is at #28. At #26 is soccer player Choi SungKuk. Super Junior’s dancing machine EunHyuk comes in at #25 while 2PM’s NickKhun secures a spot for himself at #23. Another Super Junior cutie, RyeoWook is at #22 on the list. He is, however, beaten by sexy actor Song SeunHeon who gets the 21st spot and Shinhwa’s JunJin is at #20.

At #19 we have multi-talented entertainer Rain, also known as Bi. H.O.T’s leader Moon HeeJun is directly before him at #18. Another idol, this tme SS501’s leader, Kim HyunJoong is at #17. His co-star from Boys Before Flowers, Lee MinHo, comes in at #16. Another idol group leader, this time DBSK’s leader, Yunho, is at #14. Super Junior’s members claim the 13th, 12th, and 11th spots for themselves. Number 13 goes to leader LeeTeuk, #12 belongs to maknae KyunHyun, and #11 is Choi Siwon.

Now for the top 10! The 9th spot goes to another H.O.T. member, KangTa. Directly above him at #8 is actor and model Jung IlWoo. Super Junior’s Chinese member, HanGeng is at #5. The 4th spot belongs to actor Bae YongJun who you may remember from his most recent role in MBC’s The Legend. 3rd is actor Lee JunKi who recently entered the army in order to fulfill his mandatory national service. The 2nd spot is given to Super Junior’s diva Kim HeeChul. Now, finally, the very 1st spot is given to…drum-roll please! Congratulations to DBSK’s JaeJoong!

So, readers, who is your number one hottest man?

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[TRANS] 100509 Xiah Junsu’s Solo Single Pre-ordered 160 000 Copies – Sales Reach 3 Billion Won!

Tohoshinki’s Xiah Junsu’s first solo single in Japan has reached the pre-order sales of 3 billion Won!
His solo single will be released in Japan on May 26. Xiah Junsu’s side has expressed, “there have been 160 000 pre-ordered copies in Japan already. CD’s have 75 000 copies, DVD’s including the special edition copy has 85 000 copies”.

Looking at it through the amount of money, it has an approximately 3 billion Won value, making Xiah Junsu’s popularity unable to be defeated!

What makes it particular is that this will be Xiah Junsu’s first solo single after his groups’ suspension of activities and before his activities as a unit, which attracts more attention from Japanese fans.

On May 2, his single’s PV was released and also received a lot of attention, with the number of views increasing tremendously online, once again proving Xiah Junsu’s immense popularity.

Included in the solo is the song “Kanashimi No Yukue”, which will be the theme song for TBS drama “Love Letter, After 5 Years” set to air on May 26.

Involved in the lawsuit conflict with SM, Tohoshinki members Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun will hold Dome fan-meetings in Tokyo and Osaka in June.

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[TRANS] 100509 Yoochun Cyworld Update

That’s also happiness…
Everything How can you explain it…

There will be fear in the end…
If it could be expressed And because there will be happiness by expressing it Won’t go this path
To me this path…
Also implying revising life
Even if for any reason All aren’t paths that are easily chosen

Hello We Are… (DBSK)
This was… (DBSK)
Thank you…
Miss this more than anyone.

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[NEWS] Idols That Sound The Best With MR (Music Removed)


1. DBSK (24%)

2. Big Bang (21%)
3. SHINee (14%)
4. SNSD (13%)
5. B2ST/ BEAST (8%)
6. 2AM (7%)
7. IU (4%)
8. 2PM/ Kara (2%)

Source: Tieba
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[INFO] 100509 Junsu’s Schedule Updates


Date: 27th April 2010 (Tuesday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ELLE JAPON’

Date: 27th April 2010 (Tuesday)
Title: Magazine ‘HARPER’S BAZAAR Japan Edition 2010’ June Issue

Date: 28th April 2010 (Wednesday)

Date: 1st May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: BeeTV Drama “Love Letter” starts (Junsu’s OST)

Date: 1st May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 18:00
Title: ZUNO SHOWCASE 2010 in Singapore

Date: 8th May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Pati-pati Magazine

Date: 9th May 2010 (Sunday)
Title: Recording of Monthly MelodiX! (to be aired on 22 May)

Date: 10th May2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ARENA37°C’ June Issue (ZUNO JAPAN 1st SHOWCASE 2010 in TOKYO)

Date: 14th May 2010 (Friday)
Title: CD & DL Magazine

Date: 14th May 2010 (Friday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘WHAT’s IN’ June Issue (JunSu Solo Single)

Date: 15th May 2010 (Sat)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Songs’

Date: 17th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: NHK TV Program ‘MUSIC JAPAN’ Public Recording

Date: 18th May 2010 (Tuesday) 25:30 – 26:00
Title: MTV Making The Video: XIAH junsu “Intoxication”

Date: 20th May 2010 (Thursday) 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Title: MTV Making The Video: XIAH junsu “Intoxication”

Date: 21st May 2010 (Friday) 8:30 to 9:00
Title: MTV Making The Video: XIAH junsu “Intoxication”

Date: 22ndt May 2010 (Saturday) 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Title: MTV Making The Video: XIAH junsu “Intoxication”

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday) 27:20 (around 3:20am)
Title: TV Tokyo: Monthly MelodiX!

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Ray’

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Vivi’

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Spur’

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Spring’

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘MAQUIA’

Date: 24th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘SMART’

Date: 26th May 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: JunSu Solo Single Released!!

Date: 27th May 2010 (Thursday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘B-Pass’

Date: 29th May 2010 (Saturday)

Date: June 2010
Title: BeeTV Drama ‘Loving You’ Starts!! (Junsu’s OST)

Date: 4th June 2010 (Friday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Nikkei Entertainment’

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[TRANS] 100509 Kikuchi P’s Blog Update

2010/05/08 “FACTORY LIVE!”

(few sentences omitted)

May 22/29,
Saturday evening, 18:00pm

Joint performance, covering somebody’s song, this and that,
he will perform 4 songs in 2 weeks!!!!

(few sentences omitted)

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[TRANS] 100509 U-Know Yunho’s Surprise Outing For A Close Friend

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho recently displayed his loyalty for a close friend.

U-Know Yunho visited the SBS Open Hall on the 9th. He, who did not venture out often since the suspension of TVXQ’s activities, was there to support rookie group J.Rich’s performance and entered a broadcasting company’s waiting room for the first timeAlign Center in a while. A rumor did circulate that U-Know Yunho would be featuring in the song but all he did was drop by the waiting room.

One representative said, “U-Know Yunho visited the waiting room of J.Rich because he wanted to see the debut stage of his close friend Woojoo, who he first met in high school and who will be debuted after six years of training. He told Woojoo not to be worried and to show off his talents.”

U-Know Yunho appeared in the music video for J.Rich’s debut song . Park Soo Jin, who costarred in the music video, was also there to support the group.

Source: [hankookilbo+DNBN]
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