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[TRANS] 100512 Tohomobile Staff Blog, Junsu With Assistant Jaejoong (To Be Continued)

The new assistant is working!

Park Seonsu, “XIAH junsu-san, please let me take pictures of you!”

Park Seonsu, “How do they look??”

XIAH junsu, “Aren’t they good? They just capture my image, thank you!”


Small role-playing…?

XIAH junsu,”From now on I want to show the audience a charismatic XIAH junsu…”
Park Seonsu, “What are you planning for your next concept?”
~To be continued?~

That was JeJung and JunSu’s small roleplaying (LOL).


I am perfect…!

This is Xiah who has perfectly memorized the lyrics for his collaboration’s song…!!


During preview!

This is Xiah who is immersing in watching the preview together with his stylist assistant who is wearing a tank top…!!


What was it…?

This is Xiah who caught something interesting in front of his eyes…!!


With MINMI-san…

They had a collaboration!!

We had them take a two-shot picture ★


With Fuji Ayako-san…♪

Doing the same pose for the memorial picture!!

Please check out his collaborations when they are on air ☆


Just now…

This is Xiah who didn’t start doing push-ups until before the recording for “Intoxication”…!!


Practice’s compilation

Right before the recording.
To concentrate, Xiah is practicing the three wise monkeys’ “Don’t see, don’t speak, don’t hear”!!

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[TRANS] 100508 The Television (14 May) – Hard To Say I Love You Interview “An Innocent And Complicated Love”

D.O.B: 26 January 1986
Country of birth: South Korea
Blood type: O
Debuted in 2004 as part of Tohoshinki
This piece of work is his first TV drama in Japan.


Although I really want to say cold jokes like “Don’t look down on the bugs~”… (t/n: “bugs” = “small fry”;the Japanese terms for “look down” and “bugs” sound similar)

The location is in a mess of fun. As the filming content is rather somber when we film individually, every time everyone gathers together it becomes especially lively. I’ve also been telling cold jokes to make myself more likable… Just now there was a bug on the canopy, so I really wanted to say “Don’t look down on the bugs~”.

However, in the end, I restrained myself because I’m not sure if everyone will laugh if I say it. The one with the most humour cells is Eita. He just has to say something and it’s hilarious. That’s his good point!

Tamayama Tetsuji:

Why is it only Jejung… He’s like a genie!

A few days ago I had a meal with Eita and Jejung at the film site canteen for the first time. There, I was the oldest and I’m also more familiar with the staff, so I’ll usually make the move to interact with them.

The filming process is also very enjoyable. A few days ago, when we were filming a scene where everyone crosses the pedestrian crossing, Jejung was left in the center, going out of shot.

How did it turn out like that… He is absolutely like a genie, a person who is incomprehensible.

Seki Megumi:

When Jejung is alone, he sometimes gives off a very strong gaze. This kind of strong gaze is completely different from the gentle ‘Doctor’ that he portrays. I guess this is also one of the reasons why he is so popular! (laugh)

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[TRANS] 100511 Kikuchi P’s Blog Update Part 2

XIAH junsu

Date: Next Saturday May 22
Time: 18.00

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[TRANS] 100511 Tohomobile Staff Blog

T/N: This post consists of staff blog entries from 5/9-5/11.

Today is the first time ☆

That “Intoxication” was recorded on TV!
This is the nameplate for his resting room ♪

XIAH junsu’s TV promotion has started



To raise the spirit for XIAH junsu, dancer-san has changed his hairstyle to this!!

Thank you~!


Memorial picture ♪

He took a picture with the two members of Nankai Candies (a comedian duo) whom he had a talk with!

Yama-san and Shizu-san were very nice to him! Thank you very much!!

“Gekkan MelodiX!” will be one air at 3:20am on 5/23! Please look forward to it ☆


Doctor!! (>_<)

Doctor is full of bruises (T_T)

For more details, please check episode 5~!!


New assistant!?

XIAH junsu is having the recording for MUSIC FAIR
The new stylist assistant “Park Seonsu” has come~♪

Just kidding (LOL).

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[TRANS] 100511 Kikuchi P’s Blog Update

2010/05/11 “MUSIC FAIR” Recording Ayako Fuji x MINMI x JUJU x XIAH Junsu x Minami Kizuki x Ikumi Kumagai

Junsu came back!
for Saturday next weekend
and for the weekend that follows,
May 22/29.
Recorded two programs for
the broadcast two weeks in a row!

(few sentences omitted)

Starting here, 4 songs,
the live performance,
collaboration. (Lol)

(few sentences omitted)

Junsu, Ayako Fuji, together with all the others, sang 2 songs.
The songs are
“No Woman, No Cry” of Bob Marley (today is his obit)
One more song, “ONE LOVE”.
Afterwards, there is a talk time with all the performers!

(few sentences omitted)

adding pictures:

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[TRANS] 100511 Junsu And Jaejoong – Tohomobile

During XIAH Junsu recording Music Fair.
New assistant-san of the stylist-san,
Park Sonsu-san came~♪

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[TRANS] 100509 Arena 37 C Special – May 2010



On 17 February, Tohoshinki released their first best album [BEST SELECTION 2010] very successfully. As such, they decided to release another single!! [時ヲ止メテ] became the CF song for [Menard TVCM 2009]. Also recorded in the single is Yunho’s solo [CHECKMATE] which was performed at their Live concerts. It is truly a plentiful single.

Tohoshinki recently released their 30th single [時ヲ止メテ]. In the song [時ヲ止メテ], from their low voices until their bright and clear voices, it has an extremely melodious tune… perhaps we are listening to voices that are different from the past. As they sing about “a love that has ended”, it is a song that is full of emotions that are passionate and filled with hurt.

When they sing “Stop time, I want to always be by your side,” it’s as if they are depicting a scene from a movie or TV drama and displays a continuing passion. While filming the PV, they received high compliments as they grew throughout the years and demonstrated the power and ability that belongs only to adults.

Before releasing this single, on 17 March, [TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION -THE ONE-], which encompasses 26 PVs ranging from their debut single [STAY WITH ME TONIGHT] to [BREAK OUT!], was released. By watching these footage, one can see their growth and feel the performance ability of an adult. Taking for example dancing, the correct moves are executed and everyone’s character and performance ability are perfectly in sync with the song’s story. Every song is sure to make one feel the strength of their ability. While enjoying every song, one can leisurely enjoy the DVD.

On the other hand [TVXQ non-stop mix vol. 2], which was released on the same day as [時ヲ止メテ], includes songs with powerful dance moves like [FORCE] and [Jumon] and sweet love songs like [BOLERO] and [どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?]. It is a compilation CD that one really wishes to own. Tohoshinki is really capable. It is a CD that contains hit songs from them, who are shining brighter and brighter.

The parts we want to introduce: Strong and gentle, energetic performances, the strength that moves hearts… these 5 people who possess all of these, one can feel this kind of charm that they have, and one hopes that they will continue to shine.

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