[INFO] 100512 Junsu’s Updated Schedule In Japan

TV Schedule

MTV Making The Video:XIAH junsu “Intoxication”

Behind-the-scenes for the music video filming location of Xiah Junsu’s solo debut single “Intoxication”!
As his first solo, this song is a mid-tempo ballad and he composed it himself.
We’ll be giving total coverage of Xiah Junsu, who put in a lot of effort for his solo debut, and of course, we’ll introduce the ON and OFF too!

●Broadcast Schedule
18 May, Tuesday, 25:30~26:00 (First broadcast)
20 May, Thursday, 16:00~16:30
21 May, Friday, 8:30~9:00
22 May, Saturday, 17:30~18:00

TV Tokyo [Melodix!]
Date: 22 May, Saturday
Time: 27:20~28:14
※Introducing 「Intoxication」 with a talk portion!

FujiTV [Music Fair]
Dates: 22 May (Sat) & 29 May (Sat)
Time: 18:00~18:30

Radio Schedule

Date: 6 June
Time: 18:00~18:54
※Appearing on the 「ASIAN LOUNGE」 corner, which introduces news from various parts of Asia.

[JAPAN FM LEAGUE (5 Station Networks)]
J-WAVE (Tokyo)
ZIP-FM (Aichi)
FM802 (Osaka)
CROSS FM (Fukuoka)

Upcoming Magazine Schedule

5/14(Fri) 『WHAT’s IN?』
5/14(Fri) 『CD&DLでーた』
5/15(Sat) 『Songs』
5/22(Sat) 『Ray』
5/22(Sat) 『ViVi』
5/22(Sat) 『SPUR』※First appearance!!
5/22(Sat) 『Spring』※First appearance!!
5/22(Sat) 『MAQUIA』※First appearance!!
5/24(Mon) 『smart』
5/27(Thu) 『B-PASS』
6/4(Fri) 『日経エンタテインメント!』 (Nikkei Entertainment Magazine)

Source: [Official website]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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