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[TRANS] 100515 Ayako Fuji’s Blog Update

Ayako’s Diary


(few sentences omitted)

The number of comments for my recent article was beyond my imagination,
I am so delighted ♪

(T/N: There were 68 comments for the previous article with Junsu’s picture)

I felt all of Junsu fans’ warm feelings…….
Thank you very much!!

Just a little bit information…

Our duet song was “Sweet Memories” of Matsuda Seiko-san♪

Junsu-san just flattened the key of the original song.
His singing prowess and expressiveness was wonderful and amazing……
The song was full of emotion with his pure and kind heart…
I was so impressed, I was almost in tears…….

From the bottom of my heart, I want to perform together with him once again.

Thank you, Junsu-san!!

(other sentences omitted)

T/N1: Please here click for information about Ayako Fuji.

T/N2: “Sweet Memories” by Seiko Matsuda

Source: Magokoro no Hana (Ayako Fuji’s Blog) & BAND889
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[INFO] Bigeast Re-Application And New Membership Admission

TVXQ Official Fanclub Bigeast

Information of reopening acceptance for new admission and re-application.

Thank you for always supporting Tohoshinki.
As we all have known, on the day news of Tohoshinki having their activities suspension was announced, Bigeast had also announced its continuation in response to everyone’s requests.

After that announcement, even many more fans asked Bigeast to receive their re-application and join for a new membership.

However, to provide services (members benefits) as usual it would be very hard, thus through discussion of this situation within Bigeast officials, we came to this results, that we will prepare for our new member benefits yet we have to limit the period of acceptance for re-application and new membership admissions.

(omitted about the new benefits and benefits that they point out will be difficult to provide, indeed the membership fee is still free for a limited period and the free period will be determined later)

Application period: May 14th (Fri) 15:00 to June 30th (Wed) 23:59
◆ New member please apply here
◆ Procedure for re-application (ever been a Bigeast member and now wish to re-application the membership) please apply here

source: Bigeast secretariat
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[TRANS] 100515 Junsu’s Radio Appearance Updates


June 6 (Sun)
* He will appear in the corner “ASIAN LOUNGE”, where various information of Asian countries are introduced.
[JAPAN FM LEAGUE (5 broadcasting stations network]
J-WAVE (Tokyo)
ZIP-FM (Aichi)
FM802 (Osaka)
CROSS FM (Fukuoka)

May 30 (Sun)

May 27 (Thurs)
13:00-15:30 Nippon Housou “Teri to Taihei Notteke Radio” NEW

May 25 (Tues)
19:00-22:00 FM Yokohama “tre-sen” NEW

source: TOHOSHINKI official website
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[TRANS] 100514 Avex Rhythm Zone – “JAPANATION” Album Includes Tohoshinki

Avex’s Rhythm Zone will soon collaborate with DJ KAYA, creating a chance for Japanese dance songs, “J-DANCE”, to develop further with the “JAPANATION” project.

The first MIX CD “JAPANATION mixed by DJ KAYA” will be released on July 7.

This main reason for this project is to make Tokyo music similar to the advanced music cities overseas, promoting the “accompanying of Japan’s dance music while dancing” campaign. Other than the release of compiled CD’s, the online portal to this movement will be set up, announcing the several different activities that will be in commence.

The first MIX CD will include Avex artists like EXILE, M-Flo, Koda Kumi, Tohoshinki, Globe, and TRF. There will also be artists from other companies included, such as Kimaguren, Crystal Kay, MINMI, etc., with a total of 30 dance songs. Discounted tickets of future activities of “JAPANATION” will also be enclosed.

source: [Heyjj]
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[TRANS] 100514 Junsu Speaks English! WHAT’s IN? June Edition

Let us continue on in revealing the secrets of WHAT’s IN? Magazine (laugh)
This time, the interview was conducted at the shooting set, but during the interview, something happened that made Junsu very interested in the matter
Just when he was very intently talking about the songs, there was a sudden “Oh?”
Looking at the photographer who was getting ready for the shoot, Junsu asked “Who is that…?”
“Ahh, that’s the photographer! I’ll introduce you to him later”
When he heard this, it was as if his eyes emitted a “!” radiance (laugh)
The photographer for this shoot was Jeff Johnson, a Caucasian

After the interview, Junsu finished changing his clothes and ran to Johnson very enthusiastically, saying “nice to meet you! How are you?” while warmly shaking hands as a greeting
The shoot then began
Johnson asked, “is it OK to use English?”
“NO! NO! I can’t speak English at all! I was only pretending just then. Hahaha”

After such a long time, Junsu is still Junsu (laugh)
Also, during the shoot, Junsu said “everyone are Caucasians, but still uses Japanese to communicate, it feels a little weird…”
Yes, that is a given!

In comparison to the harmonic and warm atmosphere, the photos that were shot were extremely and perfectly handsome.
Everyone must show interest in this!

(t/n: this is just the part about backstage… updates will come soon on the real interview!)

Source: [baidutvxq]
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[TRANS] 100514 Kikuchi P Blog

You have to watch!
Tomorrow night at 6pm’s
“Music Fair”
Next week’s preview is
New song and collaborations,
You can see his gags and chest too (laugh)


[T/N the word used was チラ見せ(chira mise), here’s a definition from tangorin “giving someone a peek (of cleavage, etc.) —Slang.” xD]

Source: [Kikuchi P Blog]
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[TRANS] 051510 XIAH JUNSU CD And DL June Issue Interview

CD&DL: Xiah Junsu solo promotion is now begun, so, can you please tell us your feelings?
JS: A bit nervous, tension/stress, happy. My feelings are kinda complex/complicated/mixed.

CD&DL: You feel stress also?
JS: Yes. I’m thinking “am I able to present a perfect stage to the others?”

CD&DL: Then, what is your solo theme/title?
JS: Although my single theme/title is XIAH, and also my nick name at South Korea. Either as artist or music, it is based on my own willing to name it as XIAH. If talking about the theme, I think it is because of this. (His own wish)

CD&DL: In XIAH, we can feel “Junsu” character in there. Compared to the other side, this is very high quality.
JS: Ah, what is that means?

CD&DL: (laugh) I just think that was a great song.
JS: Ah… So lucky, if the CD is distribute/sell, will you listen/buy it?

CD&DL: I will (laugh), and I will promote it to others…
JS: you must do it…

CD& DL: I will (laugh). Intoxication was made by your own; therefore what is the image/figure of this song?
JS: Basically, I’m thinking of “singing… while performing dance…” and… produced. The localization is R& The B dance music, simultaneously, sees in them obtains balanced.

CD&DL: Your focused music is R&B?
JS: Yes. Likes the black being spiritual music, R&B, although up until now, I’ve sing a lot of J-POP, and intense dance music. But for my single, I wanted to try/do R&B music, because I want to do the best for my solo, so I think this is the best music.

CD&DL: Actually, what do you feel during recording?
JS: Feels different. While in combination of sound recording, have thought to be balanced, otherwise, sings lives oneself before the partial song atmosphere, or is to repeat the voice of the members. While solo, need to reflect the self dynamic sentiment/feeling, this is important. Though, both aspects are difficult, music is difficult.

CD&DL: Mixed lyrics, that is English and Japanese also makes people impressed. What is the meaning/significance?
JS: Puts in English lyrics in the whole, enables it to have the Western music flavor, and singing in English is also a private singing.

CD&DL: Is there also based on your own idea?
JS: Of course, and also helped by many people, it is a smooth production. And I feel so happy because I’ve learned so many things.

CD&DL: Intoxication contains “中毒 (poisoning)” & “专心(wholly-absorbed)” meanings, do you have this kind of feelings too?
JS: Although it is not “poisoning” (laugh), recently I’m addicted to composed song. I also receives company’s staff request.

CD&DL: Is it sounds like: “Help me compose/make a song”?
JS: Some are like this, certainly I feel so satisfied and very happy.

CD&DL: Do you use piano to compose song?
JS: Yes, but because dance music needs the rhythms, so I use MAC to make it. By using that kind of equipments, in 5 minutes, I could finish/complete the song.

CD&DL: Ah, meaning?
JS: To know “Today, no matter how I try, it won’t work at all.” this kind of feeling. But, while working on it, it is about 12 hours to complete it, thinking of wanted to sleep, and also my waist is began hurts, hips are sore.

CD&DL: And, when you realize, it’s already morning?
JS: Yes (laugh), the time blinked passed, I thought that one hour is only a minute. When I look at the mirror, my eyes are pan-red (laugh), and I also forgot to eat.

CD&DL: This is poisoning…
JS: Yes (laugh), feels poisoned…

CD&DL: “Drunk” is also one of the themes, Junsu, do you drink?
JS: I can’t drink, also I do not drink. I think liquor does not tastily good to body. Whether staff or band member, many people suffer at the second day.

CD&DL: Hangover… (Suffer of drunken pain)
JS: I thought that “It was suffering, why do they want to drink?” (Smiles). However, likes the atmosphere. Though I didn’t drink, but because of that atmosphere I also will be drunk. The eyes of drunken people is changes gradually small, I will also turn such.

CD&DL: (laugh) in this CD, “Kanashimi no Yukue” is also included, this is also a very good song. Junsu’s voice is very suitable for this song.
JS: Thank you. The dance music has the dance music strong point; the lyric (feeling/emotion) song has the lyric (feeling/emotion) song strong point. They are different, dance music can’t neglect the rhythm, and lyrics (feeling/emotion) song must put in the sentiment. While in R& B, it owns these two aspects. Therefore I like R&B.

CD&DL: “Kanashimi no Yukue” has highlighted a man weakness, is there any part that you really like?
JS: There is… “For me, happiness changing is lonelier than happiness coming to an end”

CD&DL: Is it because you have the same feeling bout it?
JS: Yes, I have this kind of feeling. This is only my own thought, its depend to the listener of this song, I wish to grasp the meaning, it also have several method/way. While “the end”, the reasons are too many. For example some side has died perhaps has gone to the distant place. There no solution for this problem, right?

CD&DL: Yes.
JS: But, when it is about heart/feeling changing is different. In this situation, there is no choice to admit, because there is indeed of feeling lonely, in that case, “the end” can’t be say as a good decision.

CD&DL: Ermm… It is very deep…
JS: Yes, the meaning of this song was so deep…

CD&DL: The intense convey emotions’ part is also smart.
JS: Honestly, I sing the song very diligently, I mentioned about this is not for artificial; I only want to sing it with my full heart. For example, the sound trembling, it possibly has the strange part in the musical aspect, but for me, the trembling voice can or cannot convey the emotions.

CD&DL: Compare to the other, for you emotion of the song is your priority right?
JS: Yes, would like to make song by using orchestral music also possible. Only used the piano and the modern musical instrument, but can’t be added to the rhythm.

CD&DL: Is it your music was reflects of yourself, just like your single?
JS: If I was happy, I can express all my thought and my happiness. This was a great pleasure, and also wanted to thanks the staffs.

CD&DL: You are so modest. (smiles)
JS: No, this is the truth. Because I’m so happy… Very happy. As XIAH Junsu, I really want to express musicality.

CD&DL: The uncle jokes sealed?
JS: No… If I can talk about it I will talk… (smiles) But, at this time, “really want to perform on the stage” feeling. I didn’t stand/perform on the stage recently, hope to see everyone soon.

CD&DL: Looking forward too. What is your future plan?
JS: Like I said before, whether I am solo or as a group, I only want to sing. Really want to let everybody think “he love to sing deeply”. I want to become such singer.
Three things to highlighted from this interview:

(1) Modest Junsu
(2) Honest Junsu
(3) Pure Junsu

That’s why i love him so much…
He answer all the questions sincerely, but sometimes he is out of point..
LOL… Nevermind, this is our Dolphin boy…
Really hope his dream will come true…

Source: Xiah Junsu Baidu
Chinese trans: WenWen