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[TRANS] 100517 Will DBSK Work Together Again Due To Cameron’s 3D-Technology?

Whether or not DBSK, who is on the verge of disbandment, will work together again for James Cameron’s 3D-image technology, has become the focus of attention of the public.

Through a tripartite cooperation amongst SM Entertainment, Samsung Electronics and James Cameron, who is the director of the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Avatar, SM Entertainment will recreate and reproduce the music videos and live concerts of its artistes into 3D-images to be broadcast on worldwide home theatres, and DBSK is among the ranks.

SM’s producer Lee Soo Man participated in the co-signing ceremony held at the Samsung Electronics Head Office in Seocho-dong, Seoul, amongst the three parties, James Cameron, Samsung Electronics and SM Entertainment on 14th May at 11AM. In his explanation regarding the plans of 3D-image production, Lee Soo Man mentioned Girls’ Generation, BoA, Super Junior and DBSK. DBSK’s members Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin also attended the co-signing ceremony, saying “It’s an honour to be able to promote our activities through 3D-images” and [they are thus] determined to “give their best efforts to bring forth their best performances for everyone”.

Currently, DBSK’s other three members, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong JaeJoong and Micky Yoochun, are carrying out their solo activities. Ever since the trio had filed a lawsuit against SM, DBSK seems to be heading down the road of disbandment. However, given that producer Lee Soo Man has mentioned DBSK before the presence of James Cameron in such a formal setting, it has since caught the attention of the public as to whether or not DBSK will be given another opportunity to work together again.

To this issue, a SM spokesperson conveyed, “DBSK is an idol group representative of [South] Korea, and we hope that they will be able to participate in director James Cameron’s 3D research project. However, due to the intensifying conflicts with the three members, the possibility of the five of them taking part in this project seems to be quite low.”

He later added, “SM is currently trying their best to enable DBSK’s five members to come together and carry out activities again. Even if we do not succeed, Uknow Yunho’s and Choikang Changmin’s activities will still be reproduced into 3D-images.”

On the other hand, BoA, Girls’ Generation and other artistes under the management of SM Entertainment will begin their production of 3D-imaging with James Cameron from June onwards. Other than their own concerts and music videos, SMTOWN Concerts, which feature all of SM’s artistes, will also be produced into 3D-images.

Source: JoongAng Ilbo China
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] 100516 Let Us Look Pretty To Meet JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN! Activity

Application Outline

Application Time
May 13 2010 (Thursday) – May 31 2010 (Monday)

A prize: Junsu, Jejung, Yoochun THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME
Live entry ticket:Total of 40 groups 80 people (Randomly selected)
※ Please note, the dates cannot be chosen to preference
Tokyo Dome — May 12 (Saturday) 20 groups 40 people
May 13 (Sunday) 20 groups 40 people

B prize: Junsu, Jejung, Yoochun THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME
DHC original nail stickers (1000 people)
Will be delivered once selection activity is finished. Please use application number to order (sign up to participate)

Medicinal makeup remover oil 2 bottle set (Gift application number:24971)
Quick result protein diet milk shake 2 sets (plus one gift packet of crackers – will stop once out of stock) (Gift application number:34633)
Hiaruronsan (hyaluronan acid) (30 day quantity) (Gift application number:34631)
New Slim (30 day quantity) (Gift application number:34632)
DHC Q10 Sunscreen SPF50+ (Soft type) (Gift application number:24970)

How to apply
Order 1 of the 5 items above online at DHC or buy at a DHC store to apply and participate
(1 item qualifies for 1 application round. For example, if you buy 2 items, it will automatically be counted as another application)

During the application period, please buy products using the gift application number. If you buy an item, please apply for yourself.

Inquiry Telephone: 0120-333-906
From April 29 to the end of the year, available everyday! 9AM-8PM (Monday and holidays- 9AM-5PM)

” Let Us Look Pretty To Meet JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN! Publicity Business Office”
Telephone: 03-4335-9613 (other than Saturday, Sunday, and holidays- 10AM-6PM)

Other matters: DHC Customer Service
Telephone: 0120-575-391 (other than Saturday, Sunday, and holidays- 9AM-8PM)
Please enter the below websites for more details:
DHC main page- http://www.dhc.co.jp
DHC mobile page- http://www.dhc.jp
◆Whole year 24/7 operating

Qualifications for applying
Japanese citizen that purchases 1 of the 5 designated items at any DHC store

Announcement of qualifiers
After strict random selection, it will go as follows:

A prize: Finalists will be contacted on June 3 (Saturday) by the contact telephone numbers given on the applications, with details on how to obtain the tickets
B prize: Once the activity is finished, you may obtain your prizes

*With regards to if you are a finalist, please understand that we are unable to reveal the names as of right now

Sign up disclaimers/conditions
There will be incidents where the purchase of a product at a certain DHC site or through other promotional activities will not result in the allowance of applications, so please understand
After becoming a finalist, the rights cannot be transferred or sold
Please follow all rules and terms of applying; if it isn’t complete or fake, it will be counted as void
No response will be given with the inquiry of confirmation of selection
DHC Co., Ltd. employees and related personnel are not qualified to apply

Treating personal messages
Please review the clauses of the privacy agency on how to treat private information


(t/n: this can be pretty confusing and irrelevant but my guess is that it’s just an activity to create more publicity for the thanksgiving concert

here’s the whole thing in a nutshell:

basically you buy one of the 5 items, which makes you eligible to win either prize A or B through applying…
all the others are just rules and such)

Source: [baidutvxq + DHC.co.jp]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 100514 Avex Rhythm Zone “JAPANATION” Album Includes♥– –♥ Tohoshinki’s Share The World (Updated Song List+Info)

Song List:

●Someday(House Mix)/EXILE
●Lotta Love/m-flo loves MINMI
●Lick me(Prog5 Mirrorball Remix)/Koda Kumi
●Share The World/ Tohoshinki
●Feel Like dance/globe
●LOVE マシーン~RIKIバージョン~(Disco House Remix)/RIKI
●I RAVE U feat. DJ OZMA/ravex
●Survival dAnce ~no no cry more~/trf
●BLUE BIRD(Harderground remix)/Ayumi Hamasaki
●Body & Soul/SPEED
●Summer Revolution/AAA
●LIFE/ キ マグレン
●気分上々/mihimaru GT
●岛呗(SHIMA-UTA Footrance mix)/THE BOOM
●恋は groovy×2/伊藤由奈
●恋に落ちた ら(Genki Rockets Remix)/Crystal Kay

Release Date: July 7 2010
Serial Number: RZCD – 46567
Price: 2400 Yen (including taxes)/(not inclusive of taxes – 2.286 Yen) (approx. 25 USD)

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[INFO] 100516 Yoochun Cyworld Update

It seems Yoochun just changed his layout but he didn’t change his playlist.


HIS PLAYLIST (Still the same as last 100513)

You can listen to the songs in this playlist here:


Source: Yoochun’s Cyworld
Credits: Emerheliena @ DTL
Video Credits: EmerhelienaDTL + Mogtempest + shinnam89 + TheAsianMission + TipsyTigerAdoration
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[NEWS] 100516 TVXQ Featured As Inside Cover In Philippine Song Magazine

Source: Most Wanted Hits Song Magazine
Credits: Emerheliena @ DTL
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[INFO] 100516 Latest Fan Cafe Rankings – May

01. TVXQ: 777,547 ↓ 2150
02. Bigbang: 360,425 ↓ 2707
03. SNSD: 303,307 ↑ 2683
04. SS501: 258,117 ↓ 3338
05. 2PM: 232,874 ↓ 4896
06. Super Junior: 197,261 ↓ 48411
07. Shinee: 117,418 ↑ 500
08. Shinhwa: 115,583 ↓ 71918
09. FT Island: 107,900 ↓ 735
10. Wonder girls: 107,351 ↓ 9074
11. 2ne1: 96,142 ↓ 349
12. BEAST: 90,688 ↑ 10371
13. MBLAQ: 70,644 ↑ 1088
14. 2AM: 60,301 ↑ 897
15. f(x): 57,724 ↑ 18255
16. Kara: 55,158 ↑ 5714
17. Brown Eyed Girls: 44,720 ↑
18. Seeya: 43,395
19. CSJH:33,551 ↓ 12399
20. T-ara: 26,517 ↑ 9791
21. CNBLUE: 24,074
22. ZE:A: 21,519
23. 4minute: 19,644↑ 388
24. Supernova: 19,251
25. After school: 16,570 ↑ 1207
26. SECRET: 15,467
27. Davichi: 10,308 ↑
28. ZE:A: 3,469
29. U-kiss: 3,405 ↓ 1222
30. F.CUZ: 3,205

Source: Mystery Beast ★ Taiwan B2uty Club + Pretty SNSD Taiwan Fanclub + Lee Hong Ki Bar + SS501 Bar + Hey!JJ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100516 Partial Lyrics For Junsu’s New Single “Kimiga Ireba”

“Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~”

Sung by: XIAH junsu
Lyrics: Shinjiroh Inoue
Composed by: Shinjiroh Inoue
Arranged by: Shinjiroh Inoue

Credits: beJJXD

君がいれば 君となら ば
Kimiga ireba kimito naraba
If you are by my side, if we are together

Bokuwa bokude irukotoga dekiruyo
I can be my true self

Hashagi sugita kisetsuga sugite ittemo
Even when the playful and carefree days are gone

君 は僕のそばにいて
Kimiha bokuno sobaniite
Please stay by my side

ありの ままで 選んだ夢が
Arinomamade eranda yumega
My dream I selected, just being myself

Mata darekawo kizutsuketeite
Bruised again someone’s heart

それでも君が 僕を好きなら
Soredemo kimiga bokuwo sukinara
If you really love me, the way I am

Bokuha ashitawo egakuyo
I will be able to dream of the future

壊れそうな本 当の心 本当の………
Kowaresouna hontouno kokoro  hontouno
My true heart is about to fall to pieces, the true…

Source: beJJXD @ youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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