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[TRANS] 100510 Shirota Yu, Yamapi, Jaejoong Went Eating At Restraurant Together Part 2

The blog restaurant’s staff replied a lot more in the comment section

Q: How was Yamapi, Shirota-kun, Jaejoong-san? I would like to hear the details (^o^)

A: In the beginning Yamashita-kun and Shirota-kun came as the restaurant opened. Then Jaejoong-san came after~. It seems that they weren’t so hungry so they only ordered appetizers. But just with the appetizer they ordered a lot… *laugh*.
Everyone was beautiful and handsome!!

Q: Hello, it’s all of the sudden but how much was the total? -laugh* sorry its about money *laugh* in the 3 Shirota-kun is the oldest? I wonder if he paid?

A: thank you for the comment. I work inside the kitchen so I didn’t see the total!! Sorry! But it was that much so maybe they split it? Or maybe it was Shirota-kun paid!!

The others were like “you’re so lucky~” and “thank you for the comments”

(T/N Also someone asked for where she works, but she said its a secret)

source: kyont
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
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[TRANS] 100519 Changmin In ELLE GIRL Behind The Scene Report

“Please take care of me-!” Changmin came in brightly in the studio and the photo shoot started. Usually his outfits are mature style but today we challenged more of a casual style!

The real photo shoot was taken in a bit weird set. The cameraman
Kishimari-san and Changmin were the only one inside the curtain and the
rest of the staffs were shut out due to the lighting issue.

What happened to the staffs? We were looking at the laptop which
was left out. We were checking the pictures as it updated the pictures.
To that Changmin who was inside the curtain said “how is it? Is it okay~??”. He is reliable!

The outfit Changmin said he liked the most out of today’s outfits, a polo shirt that has a marine style. I remember seeing his private outfit and he was wearing a polo shirt with a rolled up pants. It seems that he’s into the marine and traditional style!

The props that were prepared to show variation in the pictures. Plush’s,balloons, marshmallows, and even a lollipop. Its too bad it wasn’t used.

For the preppy look which he had glasses on, we took a few pictures using this big pen… but in the end it wasn’t selected.

A Katsu-sandwich(pork cutlet sandwich) which was brought for when you’re a little hungry. You can eat it with one hand, its good, its a popular menu for a photo shoot.

When handed a basketball Changmin seemed to have fun and imitated to score. If he wasn’t a singer, he wanted to be a sports reporter because he loves watching and playing sports.

And we had him blow a balloon, tried a silly shot. We appreciate Changmin for answering to all of our requests without showing even one mad face!

The half-pants length was a little shorter than planned. Maybe the rumor of him growing is true!?

While talking about the image with the staffs, he checks the pictures himself too, that left an impression. He has a talent to become a model!

After finishing the photo shoot, from the editors a “Japanese taste” present. “I’m going to eat all of it today! I love Japanese snacks!” a happy comment for us. During the interview he said he was working out for his drama character but just for today no diet seems OK?

credit: Elle girl japan
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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[TRANS] 100517 Xiah Junsu – SMART Magazine Shooting Report Vol.1

Souhei Igarashi Blog – Editor of SMART Magazine

I’m very sorry for making everybody wait so long! Below is Junsu’s shooting report Vol. 1

In my April 20 blog, I mentioned that Xiah Junsu-kun would be on SMART!
Appearing on the SMART 4 Monthly Issue in February, he caused a big, big, big reaction from everyone
Junsu himself was also very satisfied with the shoot
Now, for the release of his solo single, Junsu has once again come back to SMART!

(April SMART Issue)

This time, he will appear as a special model in this top, word-class brand special issue!
Everyone must know that when this handsome, luxury top brand and top celebrities come together, it creates a dream-like perfection that can only be realized by SMART!
The main reason we are able to make this come true is from the support of the vast number of hardworking readers who bought the SMART 4 Monthly Issue and supports Junsu’s activities!
Thank you!

To thank everyone for their efforts, I will present this time’s shooting report!

Some day in April, the shooting was held at Tokyo Studio
The detailed consultations that started a few months back are finally becoming reality
Because it was a cooperation between a superstar and a big brand, the SMART shooting was a little different from before, with a special aura overflowing on set

The photographer and costume stylists arrived on-set 30 minutes before Junsu did, preparing beforehand
I confirmed the outfits with the stylists and discussed the process of the shoot with the photographer, walking here and there casually
But on the inside, I was filled with a type of anxiety that could not be expressed through words

Due to the shoot before this, I’ve met Junsu once, but of course, that was 3 months ago
Would the ever-so-busy Junsu still remember me from previous SMART photo shoots…?

Also, because of his busy schedule of recording and shooting his PV
“How is your condition today?”
“Are you really tired?”
etc.. Such questions have been constantly occupying my mind while I prepared

Unknowingly, it was already time for Junsu to arrive
Within the time frame, the elevator at the entrance of the set opened, and out came Junsu along with his manager!
As expected, the aura of a big star is totally different!
Even though we’ve met before once, I still deeply felt his presence once again

Just when I wanted to greet him, Junsu beat me to it with a bright smile on his face
“Ah~ Igarashi-san, it’s been a while! Thank you so much for the other time!”
He actually still remembers me after our only meeting 3 months ago…
I’m not joking, I was so ecstatic that I started tearing up!

I will reveal the details of the happy atmosphere of the shoot in my blog next time!
There might even be photos of the shooting scene released!?

source: [xiahking + Blog]
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[INFO] 100517 – 100518 Yunho In Hongkong Updates (Fanaccount)

The final Fanaccount Updates 20100517 (from midnight till morning)

Update 5:

‘Pervert Fangirls Get Ready To Scream’

– Incident 4:

This happened when they changed the photo shooting venue to the pier. This time Yunho changed into shorts which is even SHORTER than the one he worn at airport!!! Two third of his thighs were exposed. (Ahhhhh) And he was very natural making pose in front of camera. He sat by the curb at the pier, he curled one of his legs and the other leg was straight. At this moment the photographer noticed something….he went over to help Yunho to straiten his shorts (actually is to close the gap in between) Yunho suddenly realized the situation and his reaction was hilarious!!! We fangirls went gaga…nose bleeding….However to be honest we couldn’t see anything. This was pure hilarious and we can’t help go crazy about it.

Update 6:

”Pure And Innocent Boy from Gwangzhu”

From midnight till morning, everyone was well behave, we just watched him worked quietly. We didn’t make noise, didn’t take picture, we just accompanied him like his friends. Yunho was very relax the whole time. He laughed so hard when his manager was joking, and he made the staff laugh too. The whole night he was singing and whistling away like a kid. Occasionally he pretend to be traffic police when he saw the cars coming. When he was bored he leaned against the road sign…at the end…he broke the road sign!!!!

Update 7:

‘Conscientious working man is the most beautiful thing ever’

Yunho has been tossing himself about posing, changing outfits, touch-up, joking with staff the whole night, At the end he couldn’t hide his tiredness…and he yawned. One of us noticed they are running out of water, so we wanted to get them drinks and some food for breakfast, but since we did not prepare it and there has not any much shop near here, so at the end we only managed to get them drinks. However, we brought many gifts for Yunho too and one of us who prepared the gifts is a FANBOY, who stalked Yunho the whole night like us. Yunho’s charisma is irresistible.

Update 8 (end):

‘We were touched by his actions’

Now the photo shooting is finished, Yunho changed into his own clothes, which is another pair of shorts and he was wearing slippers. Everyone followed him back to hotel. We got off the car before him and we lined up from his car to the entrance of the hotel. When he got off we gave him a round of applause. We could sense that he was touched by our action. He kept smiling and nodding his head and holding Bambi (a gift from fan) with one hand. We watched him reached the hotel entrance, and at the end he gave us a big surprise, he suddenly held his other hand (non bambi holding hand) and waved ‘Goodbye’ with his back facing us. He is so cute till we want to cry. We were so touched by it, how can we not love him.. he is so perfect.. we can’t stop thinking.…is he going to sleep with Bambi –his daughter tonight?

credits: 将爱 MyYunho.com+uknowbaidu
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[INFO] 100518 Yoochun’s Cyworld Layout And Playlist Update

Note: I really like his new layout now… So romantic and the songs he chose are really very nice though they are a bit too sad really. I wanted to show the beauty of his new layout so I tried to find a way to have the actual background.




1. 너에게..기대 – 메이트
Credits: Plzkissmylip

2. 그리워 – 메이트

Credits: wassereis875

Source: Yoochun’s Cyworld
Credits: Emerheliena @ DTL
Video Credits: Plzkissmylip + wassereis875
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[NEWS] 100516 TVXQ Featured As Inside Cover In Philippine Song Magazine

Source: Most Wanted Hits Song Magazine
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[NEWS] 100518 Yunho, Changmin Finally Appear In Public, Emphasized They Are Members Of TVXQ

On the 14th of this month, Samsung Electronics held a 3D-related press conference for production crew, SM Entertainment, and Samsung Electronics. The most attention getting part of the event is Yunho and Changmin finally appeared in public even though the conflict with between other three members SM Entertainment had caused a pause in all TVXQ group activities.

Last summer, the other three members of TVXQ brought a lawsuit against their management company regarding their contract, after this, Yunho and Changmin who stood on SM’s side never appeared in public.

TVXQ leader Yunho expressed: “3D can bring a whole new way of feeling, we will continue to work harder.” Also introduced himself as “TVXQ’s Yunho”, Changmin also emphasized he was “TVXQ’s Changmin”.

Since there is still no settlement between the other three members and SM Entertainment regarding the contract, Yunho and Changmin’s actions were praised by Korean media, because it showed the 6 years of strong love in TVXQ.

source: 腾讯娱乐
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