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[INFO] 100520 Junsu + Yunho May Schedule

5/21 Magazine KBOOM (ケーブーム) July Edition

5/22 Junsu Magazine Ray
5/22 Junsu Magazine ViVi
5/22 Junsu Magazine SPUR
5/22 Junsu Magazine Spring
5/22 Junsu Magazine MAQUIA
5/22 Junsu Music Fair
5/22 Junsu Girls Award Ceremony 2010
5/23 Junsu Melodix
5/24 Junsu Magazine SMART

5/24 Yunho Magazine SKYPerfecTV
5/24 Yunho Magazine TV Taro
5/24 Yunho Magazine SKYPerfecTV e2 TV guide
5/24 Yunho Magazine TV fan
5/24 Yunho Magazine TVnavi
5/25 Yunho Magazine TV LIFE

5/25 Junsu Broadcast Re-sen 7PM-10PM

5/26 Music Japan Preview

5/26 Junsu Broadcast RADIO SURPRISE!! 1PM-4PM
5/26 Junsu Broadcast BayFM “BAYLINE GO! GO!” 4PM-7PM
5/27 Junsu Magazine B-PASS

5/28 Yunho Magazine VOGUE

5/28 Junsu Broadcast BayFM “ANSWER” 7PM-9PM

5/29 Junsu Broadcast “TOKYO TOWER presents DIAMOND VEIL” 8PM-8:30PM
5/30 Junsu Broadcast J-WAVE”Francfranc SCENARIO F” 10PM-10:54PM

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[NEWS] More Than 100 Fans Waiting During The Script Reading Of Yoochun’s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’!

TVXQ Yoochun received support messages from fans.

The main character of KBS 2TV ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ Yoochun conducted his first script reading on last 16th at Gangnam. On that day, more than 100 fans who knew the schedule in advance were desperately waiting for a long time in front of the office in order to meet him.

Yoochun was continuing his practice while was also having a friendly conversations with his fellow co-stars Jo Min Ki and Song Joong Gi who are confirmed to cast along with him.

While Yoochun’s argueably counterpart Song Da Young in other hand was said not to present until the cast was finalized. One official added, “The lead female protagonist and supporting casts are not yet finalized. After the cast is done, we plan to do the first shooting soon next week.”

source: Nikkan Sports
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[TRANS] 100520 Junsu – VIVI July Issue

XIAH Junsu


There’s happiness too when it’s just you

Debuting as a member of Tohoshinki in 2004, being called a “prodigy” from his natural singing talent has gained a lot of popularity. This time as XIAH Junsu he will release his first Japanese solo single. And also, one of the songs is composed by Junsu himself! The song contains his thoughts and about his challenge of a musical at the start of the year, including also things about being solo and so on!!

—Please tell us about “Intoxication” and “Kanashimi no Yukue” in the single to be released. What kind of feelings did you want to express through the song?
Even though “Intoxication” is a piece that I self-composed, I had wanted to try to combine black music and RnB to make a dance song. This is my first solo single in Japan, so I used a music style that I liked a lot. I think it’s a simple yet sexy and stylish dance song. “Kanashimi no Yukue” is just as the title states, I used my own sadness to express the song. It’s like.. you know when guys have a time where they’re weak and show it right? It’s like I wanted to express that out straightforwardly…

「When I have a break, I want to go to a country with palm trees, and sleep under it」

—What are the differences between solo and group activities?
The most important thing about group activities is the balance. But with solo activities, with one person, you have to keep the attention, or otherwise it won’t work out. That’s why being powerful and dynamic is a must. The points where I have to place my power in is very different, and i’m still not too used to it.

「A habit that I don’t want others to know, is that I sleep fully nude!」

—This year you also challenged acting in a musical for the first time, was there any dis-coordination?
It was totally different! As I thought, you can’t sing with a pop feel. Talking about what’s different, it’s kind of hard to say it through words… (in truth if you perform, then you’ll feel that difference!) Thanks to the musical, I learnt a lot, and on top of that, it made me really happy to hear the passionate cheering of the fans. As I thought, i’m the happiest when i’m on the stage~

「If it was only me on an island, I do think I will sing」

—Lastly, please tell us what you want to do from now on!
Work, love, a thinking method…. I want to be a man who can excel in everything. Then, I would like to seal up my oyaji gags (laughs). If it’s a solo, then I want to compete with music!

When i’m by myself, i’ll be happy by doing these things!

Childhood times:
Because i’m always with my twin, Junho, we always play pranks on people. If there’s a girl we like, we would suddenly scare her so she would turn to look at us. Now that I think back about it, I wonder why I did those things, I regret it quite a bit (laughs).

Primary school times:
Basically it was all soccer! Recently I sometimes read back on the journals I wrote then, and 80% of it was about soccer. Sleeping, going to school, playing soccer; it was just these three things (forced smile).

High school times:
I began to be a trainee when I was 12, and I was already a high school student, thinking only of singing. After that naturally is dance practise. The me back then, worked really hard to be an artist.

After debut:
Because it was so busy, there was practically no me-time. But during the occasional break, sometimes I want to sleep, or watch a movie; these kind of things. If there’s suddenly a blank, I myself didn’t know what I should of done.

Recently i’ve been busy composing. When making a dance song, I would just dance randomly to it too. Because i’m by myself, so I don’t have to worry about others seeing me (laughs). In the end, if you don’t listen the song and just dance to it, it just wouldn’t work.

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[INFO] 100520 Gaon Weekly Album Chart: May 9-15

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[TRANS] 100519 Idol Group’s Survival Skills Evolve “We Even Compose And Write Lyrics”

Idol groups seem to be evolving every day. Some of them are honing their talents in the composition and lyrics fields. They are showing off their ‘musician’ sides by including their compositions in their albums.

The representative of these new composing idols is the group TVXQ. All the members of the group are capable of composing and writing lyrics.
They have released around 20 self-composed songs in Korea and Japan. It is said that they have around 100 unreleased songs that they composed and wrote lyrics for.

Xiah Junsu’s solo single <Intoxication>, which is going to be released on the 26th, is also his own composition.


A celebrity representative stated, “The idol group members’ active participation when it comes to composing and writing lyrics is connected to their futures. Their actions can be interpreted as an acceptance of the fact that their group activities will not last forever and a fight for survival and self-sufficiency in the future.”

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[Trans] 100520 BigEast Email ~TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE ~ a-nation2006-2009

Hello all Bigeast!

We decided to broadcast video “TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE ~ a-nation2006-2009 ~”!! Please check the guide website below.

(PC) http://tohoshinki-thelive.com/

(Mobile) http://tohoshinki-thelive.com/m/

TVXQ will meet again on screen! Following the previous TVXQ released video on cinema big screen with powerful voice that caused a sensation “TOHOSHINKI THE LIIVE 2009″, we decided to release the second movie version entitled “TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE ~ a-nation2006-2009 ~”!

■ Running time: June 19, 2010 (Sat.)*
* Please note that screening period differs by theaters.

Only Shinjuku area will broadcast on 6 / 26 (Sat) and Sapporo on 06 / 20 (Sun)

■ Running Time
Total Running Time: 120 minutes (planned) 5.1ch digital screening

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[TRANS] 100521 DBSK Trio’s New Group To Be Called “J.Y.J”?

DBSK’s three members, Xiah Junsu’s, Micky Yoochun’s and Youngwoong JaeJoong’s scheduled fan meeting cum concert in Japan will soon be coming to pass in June, and concerns have been raised over the decision to use the name “J.Y.J” for the promotional activities.

In April this year, the trio announced the formation of the new group through their Japan management company, Avex, effectively halting all DBSK’s activities. The three members will officially begin their own activities in Japan starting from the 5th of June by holding fan meetings cum concerts in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome and Tokyo’s Tokyo Dome. They have recently begun producing concert posters and other promotional activities using the name J.Y.J. J.Y.J is formed by putting together the first alphabet of the English names of Junsu, Yoochun and JaeJoong respectively. Hence, it is highly possible that this could be the name of the new group formed by the trio.

To this issue, a close source to the trio stated on the 19th of May that “before AVEX declared the birth of the new group through major events, the name J.Y.J was decided upon during the production process of posters for the concert.”, “Even though the name J.Y.J is used in the promoting of the concerts, it has not been decided yet if it will ultimately be the name for the group.” He added on later, saying that “before Avex makes an official announcement, the group’s name is still undetermined.”

The trio will hold four different fan meeting cum concert on the 5th and 6th of June, and the 12th and 13th of June, at Kyocera Dome and Tokyo Dome respectively. The large-scale concerts will be able to accommodate close to 50,000 spectators in each of its concert venue.

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