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[TRANS] 100526 TV Station Magazine

Sunanare Love degree check
-Love that already started, love that might start..we predicted the love with a percentage. Don’t know how it’s going to end yet! –

Haru & Nakaji

Right now its more of a friend.
They do have things in common so it may turn into love!?

Haru & Doctor
They started dating and are lovey dovey.
But they still have a distance and there are more to worry.

Nakaji & Linda
Linda’s one way love. Nakaji doesn’t even know as of right now.

Nakaji & Kiriko
They both have feelings for each other. But it seems to be difficult for them to become a couple again.

Nakaji & Peach
Nakaji comforted Peach and they became closer.
It may turn in to love!?

Peach & Linda
Lina did listen to her problems but its only like a good brother?

Linda & Okuda Mariko
They have slept together but the percentage of them turning into a relationship is close to zero.

source: guizza
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
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[TRANS] 100528 XIAH’s Intoxication

Junsu first debuted on the Japanese stage in 2005 as a member of Tohoshinki.
Today was his SOLO debut stage.

Today, Junsu’s 3-track SOLO album “XIAH” was released!

Tonight we will release “Intoxication”, a song from “XIAH”!

“XIAH” which is released tonight has 2 versions; CD + DVD version and the CD version!

The song track “Love Letters From 5 Years Later“ will be the CD’s theme.
[The song] is about a “sad fate” and if you want to listen it please purchase the CD version.

Junsu plans to be together with Jejung and Yuchun after this.

6/5 (Saturday) 6/6 (Sunday) Osaka Tokyo Dome
6/12 (Saturday) 6/13 (Sunday) Tokyo Dome

Other than this, many back-to-back events have been confirmed.

For more news regarding Xiah Junsu, please check out Tohoshinki’s official website.

To the famous “Xiah Junsu” who was this evening’s guest, thanks!

Source: xiahsun + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Trans] 100528 Bigeast Email – JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Participate In A-Nation’10

Bigeast のみなさん、こんにちは!

「a-nation’10 powered by ウイダーinゼリー」に

出演日やチケッ ト先行情報など詳しい内容は

(PC/Mobile 共通)

Bigeast 事務局

Hello Everyone in Bigeast!

JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN is going to participate in the summer outdoor festival “a-nation’10 powered by Weider in Jelly”

The date and tickets and for more detailed information
please check a-nation’s official site.


Bigeast Office

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[TRANS] 100527 Beautiful Love Mobile Update

Yoong-su and Hinata’s Tokyo date
Making the under construction of Tokyo Sky Tree as the background and “cheese”. The 2 becomes attracted to each other little by little…but…

Working right now? Yoong-Su who is interested in writer Hinata’s work.
Hinata reveals that her dream is to become a novel writer, and he compares his dream to hers…

A friendship hand shake with Akira!?
“Chingu…friend…” Yoong-su and Akira who shakes their hands. After coming to Japan Yoong-su learns to trust someone!

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[TRANS] 100522 Beautiful Love Mobile Update

After coming to Japan, Yoong-su walks around Tokyo as if looking for something. Is there something that has to do with his past…?

Hinata’s boyfriend, an apprentice cameraman Akira!
Usually Akira is a funny character but he holds a camera and with a serious face as if aiming for something…what is ahead of him!?

While drinking alcohol, they are planning something. Hinata and Akira’s secret discussion… What are they trying to do!?

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[TRANS] 100527 Eriko Kitagawa Twitter Update

This. If 650 people were all full I’ll die from happiness. I want to go see it. I want to see it at a big place!


Heaven’s postman is all sold out up until 6/3

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