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[INFO] 060210 Billboard Japan

Japan Hot 100 – #4
Hot Single Sales – #3
Hot Top Airplay – #37
Adult Contemporary Airplay – #60

Updated Billboard Japan 0602. All are in their first week of charting.

Source: Billboard Japan
Credits: Xiah-sshi.com
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[TRANS] 100602 Complete Renewal Of Official Site “JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN”

Top Page


Exactly the same as Tohoshinki Official Website.
For trans, please click here.


Identical to Tohoshinki Official Website.


Please click here for the trans.

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[TRANS] 100602 Location Place for “Sunanare” (Fanaccount)

An article from a Japanese blog

(few sentences omitted)

I know I’ve kept everyone waiting m(_ _ )m
Sorry for the delay in posting the article.
This is “The Sunanare Location Place Excursion! Visiting places related to Park Songsu♪ Shiodome, Higashi Ginza, and Shibuya”
Let’s go!!

After taking lunch at Tamachi Chegoya,
(T/N: a Korean restaurant again related to Sunanare. The blog author visited the restaurant before the afternoon excursion. Hope I had enough time to translate all the information…)
we went to the place where doctor gave Haru a hug.
That place…I know many should know the place by just looking at the scene.
I knew that place, too!!
The place is Shiodome, where Nippon Television Network Corporation (which greatly supports Tohoshinki) is locatied. Let’s go!
Getting off at Shinbashi station (Yamanote Line), and walking towards Shiodome…

Since it is Shiodome, there were many coporate employees and female office workers.
Together with K-san and Yu-chan, we were taking pictures talking, “Is this angle correct?” “This is the right one!”, etc.
Many were staring at us, but when we 3 get together, there isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Was this the place where Doctor hugged Haru?
We were comparing the capped image and the places many times, standing in the same place.
I’m sorry that my caps are not so clear.
Next time, Doctor, can you hug me instead of Haru?

Yu-chan said “The café where Doctor knelt down on the ground in front of Linda is in Ginza~” so we started our research right there.
The name of the café is “Café Serre”, a very fashionable café just near the Higashi Ginza Station.

Please click here for details.

Looking at the map, we walked from Higashi Ginza Station, and searched for the café…
There it was! It is on the 2F of ADK Shouchiku Square.
Going in from the front entrance, there was a big & smart staircase. When you go up the stairs, you can find the café.

There were people resting on the stairs, waiting for someone, and there were many industry participants.. maybe we came to the wrong place, but we had the nerve to go inside.

It was just after lunch time, around 14:00, so there were not many people in the café.
K-san was bold enough to ask “Where did Jaejoong sit?” The floor manager (with a wry smile) took us to the seat saying “I think here.” K-san again asked “What did Jaejoong drink?” but his answer was “Since the shooting took place in the early morning before the café opened, so we do not know what they drank. When we came, there were many cans of coffee drinks, so they may have drank coffee.”

(few sentences omitted)

We took pictures of Doctor’s seat.

(few sentences omitted)

We drank tea, and then, time was up for K-san and Yu-chan. They went back home.

I had to go to another important place, so I went to Sunanare’s holy place, Shibuya.
This is the place where Haru waited for Nakaji.

(few sentences omitted)

(other sentences omitted)

Source: Ito-channo hamatterumono
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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Thank you everyone for passionately supporting JunSu (cries)
Right now everyone is in this great atmosphere of celebration.
Very ecstatic!
We’re grateful to all the fans in Asia.
We have gone through all the information provided by the video stores all over the nation, and we even saw those shops that are filled with love~

*) Fans who have provided updates on the video stores from all over Japan!

This is the Tower video store near Sapporo. Jun-chan’s CD is currently out of stock, the display shelves are empty, congratulations to our Jun-chan (^o^)v

In the midst of celebrating Xiah’s Day! Because I’ve finally gotten the CD after searching throughout the entire CD shop (laughs). You’re awesome~JunSu!

3) xiahtic524 @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
I am really anxious right now! My daughter is working at a CD shop, so I’m doing POP on her behalf at the store today, I am really happy to be able to personally make these stickers for JunSu’s celebration (≥∇≤) I really wish to know how much CDs have been sold…(laughs)

I’m rooting for JunSu~ It seems like the video store is playing JunSu’s music and displaying this dashing photos everywhere! There is actually not even one CD left on the display shelf…short of stock? Haha~ Worthy of our JunSu-chan (laughs)

There is even a “XIAH” shelf in the small village where I live at

6) yumiyumitayu @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
This is the Shiga Prefecture~ I could not buy [the CD] due to a shortage of stock. Can’t buy even if I want to. I really don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed…

The album “XIAH” has arrived here too! However, the three video stores nearby have ran out of stock…I drove more than 40 minutes to JUSCO before I was able to buy one [CD].
Jun-chan…the music of our ever-hardworking Jun-chan…I am almost crying. Even though Intoxication is not a sad song…

8) akitvxqmicky @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
Just got home from the CD shop nearby, a situation of shortage of stock!

The video store near our house has placed a display shelf outside their store. And they are rapidly importing more stock because there is a shortage of it!

Will we be able to download JunSu’s Intoxication this time? It is such a pity, can’t we download it online?

There is a stand specially for JunSu in the 大上冈新星唐shop (even though it is not very big). The PV has also been playing. The CDs are almost sold out in the initial pre-orders, THSK’s fans are really amazing!

Today is Intoxication day! A lot of the albums have been sold just based on pre-orders alone. It seems like the stands in various video stores are only displaying one album.

The moment I walked in the HMV in Sendai LOFT, there was a Xiah-chan stand in front of me. Our Xiah is really great!

Today is JunSu’s Day at Shibuya’s HMV, the CD was directly in front of the entrance, the decoration was gorgeous, I really wish to work 2 hours here (laughs)

There is an atmosphere of celebration everywhere for JunSu at the area where I’m living in, so excited

16) toshymelody @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
There is also a stand for JunSu-chan at the Chaya-machi Building in Osaka, the decoration is really beautiful

There is an atmosphere of celebration at the Aichi video store where I stay. The PV is constantly on loop, and there are only a few albums left in the store. XIAH junsu Fighting~

It was a complete sold-out at the video store I had gone to today \ (^o^)/~ Luckily I had pre-ordered. Our chrisma JunSu is the best!

19) 64947khmy @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
I just went to collect my pre-ordered XIAH album, XIAH is completely sold out in the video store

Hi everyone. I am a female student living in Nagasaki. I went to collect my pre-ordered CD+DVD today, I found out that all the albums have been sold out, so happy, XIAH Fighting!

We have never had a THSK stand in our video store so far, but today there was a stand specially set up for the release of XIAH!!!

It was a complete sold-out yesterday at the TSUTAYA near our house, Mister JunSu~

I almost didn’t get my CD due to a shortage of stock, fortunately I managed to get the very last album \(^o^)/~

24) xiahaacha @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
The television at the place where I work at is showing images of JunSu. It is JunSu everywhere.

Everyone is too quick…sold-out…now it is no longer about the problem of first press edition, even the trade edition is not available for sale
Please come up with a solution

26) fmnatsukittybg @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
Every store I go, there is a shortage of Jun-chan’s CD! Worthy of our Mister JunSu~

27) nyorai389 @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
There is a XIAH junsu stand playing the DVD in all the conspicuous places in Gunma’s video store, I feel like I have fallen in too deep to try to get away from it all

Today is really JunSu’s day. Went to Omiya, (but) it was sold-out!

News from the Oita Prefecture in Hita City: Pre-orders for XIAH junsu’s solo has been fully booked since yesterday, there are not many CDs left, even though it is at the suburbs, but we spotted a few male high school students purchasing [the CD].

30) benicia0104 @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
I am at Ikebukuronow. The CDs were sold out at Fifth Avenue (the CD shop in Tobu) I was barely able to order it at HMV PV has also been on loop It is Jun-chan’s Day no matter where I go

31) lunasvoice @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
Went to buy CD, it was sold-out at the first place, I managed to buy it at the second place, Cd was in a very conspicuous place, once again felt the power of XIAH junsu.

32) xiahmaimai @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
It is also XIAH’s day at the CD shop in Shibuya and everything is sold-out there, please convey to Jun-chan that he is really popular

Even though Hokkaido is nearer to the East, but there are also stands for THSK’s series and JunSu, and they are huge

Seeing how everyone has been working hard to show their support, same for the fans, same for the crew members, everyone is similar. The crew members are more like fans instead. It is especially so on Twitter…

35) nocchi9095 @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
There were only 4 albums left in Saitama yesterday, you cannot really help but admit that it is JunSu’s day

I am a resident of Fukuoka Katada, when I went to Tower Recorder yesterday, the employees were already apologizing to everyone and informing them the arrival date of the next batch of goods, JunSu is still as popular in such a suburban district. I muttered “JunSu-chan is really powerful” to myself as I returned home.

37)coccoisfreedom @TOHOSHINKISTAFF
In Shibuya’s HMV, there was a huge audio-visual booth for JunSu’s album beside AKB, there were also paper cranes for THSK on the same level, I listened to JunSu’s songs while diligently folding the paper cranes. Of course I bought the CD too!

source: POPLEZ + Twitter + baiduTVXQ
translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
special thanks: tohoshiya @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100602 Japanese Fan after watching “Heaven’s Postman”: “Once Again Caught in Jejung’s Love”

An Article from a Japanese Blog

After reading everyone’s account after watching the movie… I can’t hold it in anymore
In the morning, after waking up my family’s Darling (usually called the father of my kid…),
I went to see my real Darling—Jejung’s movie “Heaven’s Postman”

In any case… should go 7 times~ So, next week I have made an appointment to watch it (O^-‘)b
The film brochure was 700 yen
In it, they also published other movies’ stills, not only Jejung~ But I still bought it

Because, some of you are preparing to go watch, I will only write some of my thoughts about it here~
When Jejung spoke in Korean, it was really gentle and natural, making people feel comfortable
The black-haired Jejung in the movie, had seriously acted out his character. It made me able to see a Jejung which could not be seen in TVXQ, a whole new Jejung

Throughout the movie, it kept on showing beautiful and gentle pictures…
Occasionally, it also made me feel, the performances during the time when Jejung was in Korea for the Mirotic activities, surprise and gratitude
Watching Jejung’s acting, I could see his re-development as a potential actor…
Whether or not it’s the movie’s plot, or the other actors, everyone can unite together tightly, the lines in the film causes hearts to jump, I could not help but tear up
Watching the end of the movie, I could not help but think of Jejung, Shim JaeJun, Sungsoo(that’s Doctor), Tohoshinki, TVXQ… and my heart started to ache

In the final song of the film, I heard Changmin and Yunho’s voices~ Finally, I couldn’t take it and started crying
But, Jejung… Even though you encountered many hardships in the company, SM let you take up such a rare opportunity…
It was really a very good and a very outstanding movie
To Jejung, the film must be a treasure for a lifetime

Han Hyo Joo, very cute~ (*^-^)ノ
The kiss scene… It was really beautiful…
This is really an integral scene of the movie. ????(≥∆≤)?????
Jejung’s acting is just superb

Finally, I would like to thank Kitagawa-sensei, who dedicated a lot for this film

After coming back from watching the film… my heart kept on thumping non-stop…
Just like when I was in school, when I met the person I liked in school , the kind of unspoken tension in my heart, causing it to beat faster and faster
I’m like… once again caught in Jejung’s love…

Source: Ameba Blog (Koma-san’s Blog) + Hey!JJ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] 100602 TOHO CINEMAS Movie Rankings – “Heaven’s Postman” Is At No. 5

1. Alice in Wonderland
2. Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time (New Release)
3. Trick The Movie Psychic Battle Royale
4. Zatoichi The Last Days
5. Heaven’s Postman
6. Masked Rider Den-o Trilogy The Movie Episode Red
7. Box!
8. Railways
9. Green Zone
10. Nodame Cantabile The Movie II

source: TOHO CINEMAS + Hey!JJ
translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100602 DBSK’s Trio’s Celebrity Soccer Team “Men” Is Set Up

DBSK’s Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong JaeJoong and Micky Yoochun’s celebrity soccer team “Men”, has been set up.

According to the manager of “Men” on the 1st, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong JaeJoong, Micky Yoochun, along with SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum have been interested in soccer all along, but they only decided about two months ago to come up with a celebrity soccer team.

Xiah Junsu and Kim Hyun Joong are the main players of the soccer team, and their plans to form the team have started since last year.

Xiah Junsu is the first captain to lead “Men”. Youngwoong JaeJoong and Micky Yoochun joined in as team players. Even though “Men” recently submitted their application alongside “Miracle FC”s captain, Kim Yong Man, “Jukdolri FC”’s captain, Ee Su Gun, and many other celebrity soccer teams to participate in the “2010 Peace Star Cup Celebrities’ Football League”, their application was rejected as it was already past the deadline.

(Part omitted)

Since the start of 2006, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong JaeJoong and Micky Yoochun, along with Yunho, Changmin, and other SM Entertainment singers have come together to form a soccer team. At that time, Xiah Junsu was well-known in the entertainment world as “The Light of Soccer”.

T/N: Only parts relating to DBSK were translated.

source: Hey!JJ
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