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[NEWS] 100603 U-Know Yunho “I’m Doing For The Charity Exhibition”

On June 3rd in the afternoon, member of TVXQ, U-Know Yunho attended and participated in photo exhibition for ‘Cartier LOVE Charity Collections Exhibition’ held by Cartier Maison boutique at Cheongnam-dong, Gangnam.

The Cartier LOVE Charity Exhibition presented a photo exhibition of stars wearing a collection set of Cartier Love Summer Bracelet portraying their natural looks, the 11 top South Korea stars are – Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), Ji Jin-hee, Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), U-Know Yunho (TVXQ), Kim Hee-sun, Son Ye-jin, YoonA (SNSD), Yoon Eun-hye, Ha Ji-won, Kang Ji-hwan, and Lee Min-ho.

Welcoming its 4th anniversary of LOVE DAY, Cartier is planning to spread various love messages around the world, while all proceeds from the event will be donated to the international organization IVI (International Vaccine Institute).

The exhibition will be held for 10 days from June 4 to June 13.

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[Trans] 100602 TV Pia June 16 – Jejung’s Impromptu Korean Spurts!

(t/n: this is a section of Jejung’s interview)

“The filming for the drama has already finished halfway. Now, doctor has perfectly blended into my body. Even if we’re not filming, I still exist as doctor. Like how innocently blank he can be (laugh).

I feel that although doctor has always been using Japanese, he still unintentionally bursts out Korean words when his emotions get the better of his logical thinking. Because of this, whenever I film such scenes, I will spontaneously add in a few Korean lines.

It is really fun when all 5 of us film. Sometimes, even if I like talking a lot, my Japanese isn’t as clear, so it causes everyone to be confused and kind of creates a cold atmosphere. During those times, Tamayama-san will directly say to me, “what did you mean by that?” immediately relieving the situation!

In my opinion, I hope that the 5 of us are be able to achieve happiness by the end. Compared to how doctor will be in the future, I’m more concerned and anticipating how all of us develop.”

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[TRANS] 100602 U-Know Yunho To Still Perform At MJ’s England Tribute Concert?

Leader of popular Asia group, TVXQ, U-Know Yunho persists in performing at Michael Jackson’s tribute concert.

Yunho expressed himself that he will definitely attend Michael Jackson’s tribute concert that has recently been postponed. Originally set to the 8th of June at Wembley Arena, England, the concert had to be indefinitely delayed by the organizers.

The question as to whether or not the concert will still commence, and if Yunho, the only representative from Asia invited, will still attend the concert, has caused great concern among fans. Yunho assured that he will continue to practice according to the original schedule while keeping an eye on the latest developments.

Being a participant in the concert, Yunho has become a target of interest among fans. Also, people who have had musical connections with Michael Jackson will also be attending the concert.

Regarding this time’s performance, Yunho feels that it is truly significant because Michael Jackson is his idol and he will be standing on the same stage as some of the world’s top celebrities. Because of this, Yunho expressed that even if he had to arrange around his other schedules, he would still attend the concert.

In the past 3 months, Yunho completed several passionate performances on the tribute concert stage. Although there were slight problems, he still left fans with a very deep impression. Performing ‘Beat it’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘They Don’t Really Care About’, ‘Jam’, and “Thriller’, he perfectly digested the songs and showed off a magnificent stage. Yunho will also prepare well for this time’s performance.

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[TRANS] Yunho Signatures At The Bowling Place

Always~!! Good times to come. (Good luck for the future)

-U know-

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[TRANS] 100602 Beautiful Love Mobile Update

It seems like a fun date♪ Hinata and Yoong-Su’s hearts connect
The 2 start to get attracted to each other but…

What is ahead of the gaze… What awaits the two’s future!?
You cant take your eyes off the sad expansion!

It was a painful and lonely days that continued…While the intense training continued the only help for Yoon-Su was to draw.
Yoong-Su’s past holds the key to the story!!

Its not the status or money, what is the most important thing…?
What awaits Yoong-Su in the future!?

The warmth of a hand.. If the 2 are together, they can overcome anything!!

The 2 doesn’t need any words for they trust each other
What they need is all there, “You’re here” what else do you need…
What fate waits for Yoong-Su and Hinata? The end of the two’s love is!?

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