[TRANS] 100602 Beautiful Love Mobile Update

It seems like a fun date♪ Hinata and Yoong-Su’s hearts connect
The 2 start to get attracted to each other but…

What is ahead of the gaze… What awaits the two’s future!?
You cant take your eyes off the sad expansion!

It was a painful and lonely days that continued…While the intense training continued the only help for Yoon-Su was to draw.
Yoong-Su’s past holds the key to the story!!

Its not the status or money, what is the most important thing…?
What awaits Yoong-Su in the future!?

The warmth of a hand.. If the 2 are together, they can overcome anything!!

The 2 doesn’t need any words for they trust each other
What they need is all there, “You’re here” what else do you need…
What fate waits for Yoong-Su and Hinata? The end of the two’s love is!?

credit: manotan2002
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + DBSKnights + dtl

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