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[TRANS] 100602 Yunho, Yoona, Sunny, Heechul, Onew… SM Idols All Out To Vote

M idols, including U-Know Yunho, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Yoona, Super Junior’s Heechul, Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Onew and Jong Hyun, all voted.


On the other hand, U-Know Yunho visited the Seoul Apgoojung branch, Super Junior’s Heechul visited the Seoul Jayang branch and Kyuhyun the Wolgae branch to vote in the afternoon.

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[INFO] Yuchun’s Magazines Appearances

6/2 (Wed) : TV PIA

6/2 (Wed) : TV Guide

6/4 (Fri) : Nikkei Entertainment!

6/7 (Mon) : BLENDA

6/9 (Wed) : Weekly Television

6/9 (Wed) : TVLIFE

6/15 (Tues) : TVJAPAN

6/24 (Thurs) : TVTaro

6/24 (Thurs) : TVfan

7/7 (Wed) : steady

Source: [JYJ Official Site]
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[INFO] 060410 Oricon 2010 Top 50 Singles, 2009/12/28~2010/06/07

*1 *,685,724 **1,903 Troublemaker / 嵐 10/03/03
*2 *,610,652 *67,383 Monster / 嵐 10/05/19
*3 *,513,453 513,453 ポニーテールとシュシュ / AKB48 10/05/26
*4 *,439,736 ***,*** Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~ / KAT-TUN 10/02/10
*5 *,379,752 **1,056 桜の栞 / AKB48 10/02/17
*6 *,289,412 ***,*** BREAK OUT! / 東方神起 10/01/27
*7 *,265,298 ***,368 はつ恋 / 福山雅治 09/12/16
*8 *,262,528 **9,225 Going! / KAT-TUN 10/05/12
*9 *,250,206 ***,*** 瞳のスクリーン / Hey! Say! JUMP 10/02/24
10 *,232,401 ***,476 さくらガール / NEWS 10/03/31
11 *,228,619 *10,752 また君に恋してる/アジアの海賊 / 坂本冬美 09/01/07 累計260,883
12 *,223,554 ***,591 時ヲ止メテ / 東方神起 10/03/24
13 *,195,336 195,336 XIAH(Intoxication) / XIAH junsu 10/05/26
14 *,177,912 *14,312 三味線旅がらす / 氷川きよし 10/03/24
15 *,163,799 ***,388 Onaraはずかしくないよ/ピラメキたいそう / はんにゃ,フルーツポンチ 10/02/10
16 *,153,303 **1,591 HAPPY / BUMP OF CHICKEN 10/04/14
17 *,146,416 **2,348 魔法の料理~君から君へ~ / BUMP OF CHICKEN 10/04/21
18 *,136,508 ***,*** GIFT~緑~(雪をください/One day in winter/Snow White) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/25
19 *,136,003 ***,*** GIFT~白~(冬恋/君の歌をうたう) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/23
20 *,133,978 ***,*** GIFT~赤~(I wish/マイナス100度の恋) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/24
21 *,121,531 **4,795 GO!GO!MANIAC / 放課後ティータイム 10/04/28
22 *,120,510 ***,*** ライオン / 遊助 10/03/10
23 *,118,249 ***,*** You were…/BALLAD / 浜崎あゆみ 09/12/29
24 *,118,094 ***,862 勇気100% / NYC 10/04/07
25 *,113,723 ***,*** GLORIA / YUI 10/01/20
26 *,109,456 ***,*** BLESS / L’Arc~en~Ciel 10/01/27
27 *,108,625 **4,029 Listen!! / 放課後ティータイム 10/04/28
28 *,103,267 ***,730 不自然なガール/ナチュラルに恋して / Perfume 10/04/14
29 *,*93,759 ***,*** PHANTOM MINDS / 水樹奈々 10/01/13
30 *,*88,476 **9,734 ありがとう / いきものがかり 10/05/05
31 *,*80,272 *80,272 My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song / Lia/多田葵 10/05/26
32 *,*79,518 **5,999 バクチ・ダンサー / DOES 10/04/21
33 *,*76,056 ***,*** 桜会(さくらえ)/マイライフ / ゆず 10/02/03
34 *,*74,922 ***,*** 戻れない明日 / aiko 10/02/03
35 *,*72,062 ***,*** Silent Bible / 水樹奈々 10/02/10
36 *,*68,087 **2,823 松島紀行 / 水森かおり 10/04/07
37 *,*67,276 ***,625 向かいあわせ / aiko 10/04/21
38 *,*67,139 **1,171 Best Friend / 西野カナ 10/02/24
39 *,*63,296 ***,995 ソラニン / ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION 10/03/31
40 *,*61,094 ***,*** GOLD / UVERworld 10/03/31
41 *,*60,101 ***,*** FOREVER LOVE / 清水翔太×加藤ミリヤ 10/02/03
42 *,*59,095 *20,327 会いたくて 会いたくて / 西野カナ 10/05/19
43 *,*57,309 ***,521 LEVEL5-judgelight- / fripSide 10/02/17
44 *,*57,082 **1,509 逢いたい理由/Dream After Dream ~夢から醒めた夢~ / AAA 10/05/05
45 *,*56,469 ***,*** 瞳の奥をのぞかせて / ポルノグラフィティ 10/02/10
46 *,*56,246 ***,*** ヤンバルクイナが飛んだ / サーターアンダギー 10/02/10
47 *,*55,761 ***,*** sleep / シド 10/03/03
48 *,*55,576 ***,836 夫婦一生 / 北島三郎 10/01/01
49 *,*53,512 **9,384 Crow Song / Girls Dead Monster 10/04/23
50 *,*52,130 **2,676 人生みちづれ / 天童よしみ 10/02/17

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[TRANS] 100604 TVXQ’s “HALLYU EXPO In ASIA” Recorded DVD To Be On Sale

TVXQ’s “HALLYU EXPO in ASIA Closing Ceremony 3/8/2007 featuring TVXQ”
Sale starts on 2010.07.30
Japanese subtitles

<Included Songs>
1. You’re my miracle (世の中にただ一つだけの心)
2. I Wanna Hold You
3. The Way U Are
4. Rising Sun
5. O正.反.合
6. Balloons

The images of activities during the closing ceremony which are also included!
• Handprint ceremony
• Guess the Character of the Member
• Greetings to fans
(Included content may be subjected to change)

Source: Mr. Park + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100603 Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun – Nikkei Entertainment Special Interview Preview

Xiah Junsu Part I

“It’s still me, I’ll still sing”

As a member of Tohoshinki, who have been active in Japan for 5 years already, Xiah Junsu released his own official solo single on May 26 in Japan, working hard for his future career in the music industry.

Micky Yoochun Part II

“Entering a new domain within a new world and facing new challenges”

Among the members of Tohoshinki, Yoochun has the most amiable and good-natured personality, but in his new drama, the character he plays is an arrogant, selfish person who starts anew, having to choose the right way and face challenges that come with it.

Editor’s Afterword

Most of the time, Junsu always plays a humorous character, and I actually think that it is one of his many charismatic points. For example, his cold joke “お尻ペンペン、ボールペン” (bum pen, ball point pen – Japanese pronunciation, Junsu’s specialty), such jokes likes this one will probably garner incredulous reactions from everyone, causing the person who said the joke to become embarrassed. But when Junsu meets with these types of situations, he will actually ask everyone rather proudly “how was it? How was it?” He really is a cute person!

Music producer Matsuo Kiyoshi-san praised Junsu for his beautiful voice, but out of the blue came Junsu’s “I received a compliment!”, which eliminates the usage of the word “shy” on him. He also cares a lot about his outer appearance, so when he moved houses, he said to the people that were starting to move the wardrobe that he had a huge mirror in there! That was a really hilarious moment~ in the music industry and the Japanese entertainment world, he should be someone that cannot be replaced.

With the other members venturing into their new individual activities, Junsu still relies on his talent in music, showing off his works on-stage. He continues to perform, exuding power and confidence that can be acknowledged and appreciated by the world!

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[TRANS] 100602 Lee Yoonji, Proud of Her Brother-Sister Relationship with Yunho

Lee Yoonji is very proud of her brother-sister relationship with Yunho.

Last 1st of June, actress Lee Yoonji was interviewed on OBS Gyeongjin TV’s “Unique Literary News.” Her acting has been recognized in a variety of shows (she was also seen on “Heading to the Ground”). She’s also gaining more attention as an MC.

Last year, in MBC’s “Heading to the Ground,” Lee Yoonji who worked with U-Know Yunho said, “In real life, he’s like a younger brother to me. At the same time, I’m also his fan. I think he treats me as his older sister.”

Source: TVREPORT + baiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100603 Omasa Aya And Micky Yoochun Interview – Joseijishin Magazine

Omasa Aya and Yoochun will act as lovers! Below is the live interview~

Omasa Aya and Yoochun, who possesses mega popularity in Asia, will both star in BeeTV’s new television drama. Omasa Aya acts as a paranoid 22 year old reporter, Hinata, who dreams of becoming a novelist.

A: This is my first time acting as a woman of profession, so the clothes are different from before and my hair is dyed to a more bright color. Before the drunk scene, I had to ask the director for direction on how to do it! (laughs)

In a tight-packed schedule, the filming in the various locations in Kanto had a very amiable atmosphere. But this is still Yoochun’s first time acting in Japanese!

Y: I feel a lot of pressure, so on the first day I couldn’t really eat anything.

A: And you also couldn’t sleep?

Y: Yes, and I was still very nervous once I arrived on-set. But once I became familiarized with everyone, I became a little bit more relaxed and worked hard.

A: Whether it’s Yoochun’s Japanese or acting skills, they have both improved tremendously! I only know a little bit of Korean, so I have to study hard too. Instead of sleeping every night, furiously memorizing the lines is really impressive.

Joking in Japanese and Korean to loosen the filming set

How was it when the two of you first met?

Y: Although I’ve seen pictures, meeting her in real life with her dyed black hair made her look more mature.

A: At that time, I received a CD from Yoochun.

Y: After greeting each other, I couldn’t say anything else… it was kind of awkward… it must have been hard on you! (laughs)

A: Please don’t go back to that! (laughs) I was also really nervous at first. This is my first time acting with a music artist. But this time, whether it’s the staff or the other actors, it was easier to become familiarized with each other.

Y: The atmosphere is also really good! It is one that never hears an end to laughter.

A: But sometimes there will be weird conversations. It feels like a deliberate way of draining time?

Y: Ah! Bum pen, ball point pen! (t/n: the beginning syllable of his joke matched with the last syllable of her sentence)… Japan’s gags.

A: Haha!

Y: Just like this type of feeling… most of the time.

A: After that, we’ll always whistle.

Y: Actually, there is some singing as well, but maybe next time. (laughs)

On the day of this interview, let’s welcome Yoochun, who has finished filming first

Y: Upon receiving the script with my Japanese name on it, it was pretty tough reading over it and practicing, but that’s what left a deep impression on me. Even though it’s an obvious love story, please take notice of my acting too.

A: There are sad scenes, but there’s also cheerful interactions with Yongsu. (Yoochun)

Although it may seem like Hinata and Yongsu’s first encounter was at the most terrible time, there are such situations that actually do exist

A: There should be…
Y: For me… Aya was my first encounter. Just kidding! It’s been hard on you. (laughs)

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