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[TRANS] 100606 Tohomobile Staff Blog, Charismatic JunSu & YuChun’s Forehead

Thank you very much!

Today is the 2nd day of at Kyocera Dome! The members are in the midst of preparation right now ☆

Yesterday, to celebrate a surprised birthday party for YuChun, everyone at the venue did a saranghae pose, and he seemed to get very embarrassed!
Thanks to the blessing of the 45,000 audience members, he had a very wonderful birthday ♥

To everyone at the venue who was helping with this surprised birthday event, thank you very much!


XIAH junsu is going strong!

In the middle of charismatic explosion from the photo T-shirt that he designed…!

His single “XIAH” which is very well-received is on sale right now!
Please support it!



He will be standing on the stage of the 2nd day at Kyocera Dome!

“Thank you for waiting for us! from YuChun”


I’m going!

JeJung is done with his preparation!

“I want to create a fun stage filled with a lot of laughter!
by JeJung”

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100606 Confessions of JaeSuChun At Osaka’s Kyocera Dome (Fanaccount)


Because of our problems last year.
We have made our fans worried.

I’m not sure myself how I should do it; it’s really painful.
In October (last year), I even thought of giving it all up.
Locked myself up at home, not contacting anybody.
At that time, the members encouraged me.
Saw many supporting messages and videos by fans.
Decided to continue.

Since debut,
I have never felt any insecurity when it comes to challenges.
Challenges made me happy.
However, what happened last year frightened me; the prospect of new challenges.
What we are challenging now, will our fans approve of it?

Today, being able to see all of you, I’m really happy.

From now on, I will definitely put in my best.
Please look after us.

*YooChun’s voice was trembling while speaking.


Our decision last year (lawsuit).
Has made our fans and staff upset.

To a point where we could not take.
We have given so much trouble to the people around us.

Every rumour was exaggerated.
Eventhough we wished to tell the truth and express our thoughts behind all these, the situation doesn’t allow us to. It’s really painful for us.

We have made everyone worried, upset and have caused pain.
Therefore, we were worried whether everyone will turn up today.

We have saddened everyone. Therefore our wish is to give all of you a happy performance with smiles.
But I didn’t expect to cry at the very first song.

We will be holding on to the same heart we had during our debut, for our future activities. In hopes that everyone will have some belief in our decisions, and support us.

*JaeJoong was crying while saying all of the above.


Because of our decision (lawsuit), we have made everyone sad.
I’m really upset about it.

I asked myself what could I do?
What I could do is still, only, to sing.
To all our fans, I wish to convey through my songs.
I can only sing.
I want to sing.

Source: JapanFanBlog + YUAERUBI + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100606 U-Know YunHo Delivering Love

The Cartier Charity ‘Love Collection Exhibition’ where 11 artists participated, was officially launched on 3rd June.

Among the 11 artists who represented this charity, there were Dong Bang Shin Ki’s leader Uknow YunHo, SS501′s leader Kim HyunJoong, Son YeJin and Jin JiHee. Their appearances during the event have made the event even more dazzling.

They posed in front of their own portrait and showed the most heartwarming smile to deliver the main theme of this event – to deliver love.

During the exhibition, Cartier presented portraits taken for the ‘Love Summer Bracelet’ collection. The artists who represented this charity event are Rain (Jung JiHoon), Ji JinHee, UKnow YunHo (Dong Bang Shin Ki), Kim HyunJoong (SS501), Kim HeeSun, Son YeJin, YoonAh (SNSD), Yoon EunHye, Ha JiWon, Kang JiHwan and Lee MinHo.

The event is taking place in Seoul for 10days, from the 4th of June to 13th of June.

Source: Newsen + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[NEWS] 100606 “We Want To See Tohoshinki As 5!” – Fans’ Voices

The unit from Korea which is currently on hiatus, Tohoshinki’s Jejung (24), Yuchun(24) and Junsu(23), have started the “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” at Kyocera Dome, Osaka on the 5th of June. This is the first time that the 3 of them are appearing as a unit in front of the fans. Daily Sports was present and did a sudden interview on 100 fans. “We want to see Tohoshinki perform as 5 again” was the overwhelming response.

Stopping all activities at the peak of their popularity, the Tohoshinki members came back in front of the fans in a new style.

After coming on stage, the trio sang their new song “Itsudatte Kimi Ni” with passion, and tears started welling up in Jejung’s eyes. After singing, Jejung said “When I was thinking about the live, I was worried. What will I do if the fans don’t come? But it’s great. To see some many of you turn up, thank you very much!” and cried. The record breaking audience number of 46,000 in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome also started to cheer with tears in their eyes.

With the 3 members appearing after such a long time, the fan’s reactions were mixed. In the sudden interview done by Daily Sports, Although 60% said that they approved of the 3 members’ activities, there was also the opinion that “It may be a pity but, it’s better than them not coming out at all.”

When asked “Do you want to hear the 3 members sing Tohoshinki songs?” 60% of them said “No.” For the question “Is Tohoshinki just going to disband like this?”, just under 70% of them said “No,” showing their rejection to the notion of separation.

And of course, when asked “Do you want to see Tohoshinki do activities as 5?” the answer was a 100% yes. Even though it’s okay to be 3, it’s still better to see them as 5. This was the unanimous response.

With their fans in their hearts, the 3 put out their best performances. Including the Tohoshinki tracks, there were 18 songs in all. Becoming the top solo artist for the year after the first week release of his single “XIAH,”, Junsu’s 3 tracks recorded in the single were also performed.

For the encore, the 3 members were choked with tears. Yuchun said “Last year, many things happened, and I had thoughts about quitting (the entertainment scene.) Talking about the “disbandment” issue, he also said that he was thankful to the fans.

Performances continue at the same venue on the 6th, and on the 12th & 13th at Tokyo Dome, with a total of 4 performances.

Source: [junsu0310](Image) + [Daily Sports Online]
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[TRANS] 100606 Tohoshinki’s New Unit Debut, Sings 18 Songs

3 members of Tohoshinki, the Korean Group currently on hiatus, Junsu (23), Jejung (24) and Yuchun (24) created a new unit, and in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome, their Debut Live “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” has started.

Due to management company troubles, the 5 members became unable to do activities, but their popularity has not changed. Fans started queuing to purchase fangoods from 3am, and by the time sales started at 9am, over 3000 people were in the line. The 3 members responded enthusiastically, singing 18 songs with a lot of emotion, including the new song “Itsudatte Kimi ni” (Always you) to the record breaking crowd size of 46,000.

Junsu said, thankfully, “A lot of people came, so I’m very happy.” Yuchun too, said “I’m happy to be standing on the stage.” And Jejung said “I was worried that fans would not come. As long as everyone is smiling, I want to do a very thankful performance,” speaking from his heart.

They will continue performing at Kyocera dome on the 6th, and on the 12th & 13th, they will be in Tokyo Dome, and a total of 200,000 people are expected to turn up.

source: [Sponichi News]
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[TRANS] The Painting W (To Friends) Lyrics

Late at night
The stars formed letters
I believe till today that it wasn’t a coincidence
In the same darkness at the same distance
Always drawing the W

To make you able to see, it will shine even brighter
Keep in mind that I love you

One day we will meet again
Close the eyes to think of you
Your position
It is still the same yours as before
Only wish that you’ll be very happy

The dream of our future
We will ascend the ladder step by step
Waiting for you

One day we will meet again
Close the eyes to think of you
Your position
It was still the same you as before
Until the day we meet
We will protect your place
Because we believe that we are able to smile with you again

Even as time passes by
Even if the road ahead will be more painful
You will always be
Our Pride…

source: YUAERUBI + baidu
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[News] 100606 Tohoshinki’s Tears, Kyocera Dome Is Filled With 46,000 Audiences

From popular Korean group Tohoshinki, the members who formed a new unit Jejung (24), Yuchun (24), and Junsu (23) on June 5th at Kyocera Dome in Osaka kicked off the tour of 4 Dome concert performances in 2 cities.

For Yuchun and Jejung, the stage was probably their stage after 5 months hiatus. This is the first time of the 3 people to do live together. Being greeted with a great cheers of approximately 46,000 audiences, the largest number in the history of Kyocera Dome, Jejung said, “It was really anxious, when thinking about this live. Whether the fans will really come… but it’s awesome.” then he chocked up with cry. Junsu, “I’m glad that many people came,” said with watery eyes, the new unit’s new song “いつだって君に (For You Always)” (release date to be determined) and 4 other unreleased songs were included in 18 songs that were performed in the concert that night.

In July last year, these 3 members went into conflict with their Korea agency to nullify their exclusive contract. Thus after much discussion, Tohoshinki decided to have an indefinite activity suspension. Yuchun confessed that he even thought that he would have a retirement as a singer. However the fans gave him an opportunity to recover with their warm supports.

The concept of this Dome concert is to deliver the members’ gratitude to fans who have supported them until the end. Lastly, Yuchun said, “I thank to all of our fans that I’m able to continue singing today.” with tears of gratitude, Jejung also added, “We will strive to always make everyone smiling.” in tears and promised for further growth in the future.

source: sanspo
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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