[TRANS] 100607 TVXQ Trio, “Very Painful, Reaching The Point Where We Wanted To Give Up Everything”

On the 5th ~ 6th of this month, at the fanmeet which was held in Osaka, Japan, the TVXQ trio Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun said, “The year of 2009 was a painful one, reaching the point where we wanted to give up everything.” It’s the first time that they mentioned about their feelings on the dispute with SM Entertainment about their contract.

Micky Yoochun, who was at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome to meet with the Japanese fans, said, “In 2009 I was always bored at home, not keeping in contact with anyone. Really felt like wanting to give up everything.” “It is all thanks to the encouragement from the members and the fans support that I can once again challenge myself. I will work harder in the future.”

Hero Jaejoong also said, in Japanese, “Even though we would really like to personally convey the truth and our thoughts to the fans, but we cannot do that, and it makes us feel very painful.” “I feel very happy to be able to see the fans once again. Please take more care in the future, everyone.” After all of them poured out their hurt and their innermost feelings, the 3 members sang “I Have Nothing”, “For You” and other songs, and they were also tearing up.

That day’s fanmeet is the TVXQ trio’s first official stage as a new unit. Although the individual activities of the 3 members have been official, however, the court dispute with SM is still ongoing, both sides unwilling to give in.

After the Osaka fanmeet, the TVXQ trio will hold another fanmeet at the Tokyo Dome on the 12th ~ 13th of June.

Source: Central Daily News (中央日报)
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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