[INFO] 100608 JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE at Kyocera Dome (Day 2) (Fanaccount)

No tears! (laughs)
The smiles of the three of them were shining brightly~
There was a lot of time today, so the talking part was especially long
JeJung said, “Really wish to prolong today’s LIVE as much as possible!”
Every cheered upon hearing it, and did a human wave?
Before singing the last song, JeJung said, “I was thinking initially yesterday that I cannot cry, I cannot cry, but I still did in the end…although I don’t know what are everyone’s thoughts, but I personally feel that it’s very lousy for a man to stand on stage and cry…so I will work hard to let everyone see my fullest smile today!” ^^
And like he said, today, it was really all smiles! Smiles! Smiles!
Compared to yesterday, the fans were even more united today!
Especially when they sang <>, everyone followed along, and everyone’s voices was resonating throughout the entire dome, it was really moving~ (tears)
Therefore, during the “lalala” part, it was more shocking than yesterday? (smiles)
Then came the part that made every fan in the audience cry out (burst into laughter)
Today, he chose a 15-year-old fan who was wearing a mini Katyusha (the one like a card).
Everyone was screaming more crazily than yesterday!

When the MC segment began initially, JeJung subconsciously sucked on one of his fingers, and the “chu” sound was perfectly captured by the microphone!!
The screen was also showing JeJung, and it was totally s*xy, causing the fans to scream passionately uncontrollably~
And JeJung himself, who was in a daze (naturally) even asked innocently, “Eh? What happened?” (laughs)
It’s all because of you~!! (laughs)

The three of them were really hardworking today~ (T_T)
Due to the numerous ballads, everyone became more excited when it was time for JunSu’s solo and dance for his new song
When it was time for their new song, JeJung first taught everyone some simple dance moves, and everyone danced it together after that!
They threw hand-signed little balls towards us while they were jumping on the moving carts!
There were specially more MC parts, and it brought a lot of laughter to everyone! YuChun, he ah, he was in much higher spirits than yesterday, and he eventually was teased by the other two, who said, “Why are you so weirdly high today?”
The last song, it was extremely sorrowful and touching
“You have always been my pride…”
“I miss you I miss you I miss you…”
This song is probably sung for all of us…

Today, YuChun didn’t say anything sad, he was very cheerful and enthusiastic throughout
Although their eyes were wet while they were singing, they didn’t break down while singing like yesterday.
JeJung said, men who cry on stage, that is embarrassing…
YuChun and JunSu were especially cute!
Today, YuChun had a slip of the tongue~ While he was saying the lines from <> with JeJung, he said, “Does Nakaji likes Summer?” instead of “Does Najaki likes Haru (Spring)?” (bursts into laughter)
YuChun, upon realizing his mistake, covered his face with his hand saying, “I’m blushing right now”
His embarrassed look was absolutely so cute~
JunSu’s charisma totally went through the roof today! His voice was really heavenly!
He said, “We can only sing…as long as there is a stage where we can sing on, we would want to continue to sing…”

Today’s songs were similar to yesterday’s. The atmosphere during the MC segment was especially high~
JunSu said, “YuChun didn’t have any kiss scene in the television drama initially, he intentionally added it in!”
In the end, YuChun denied it with all seriousness while blushing, it was really cute~
While JeJung’s television drama was screening, YuChun asked, “With whom do you have the best relationship with~?”
JeJung said, “I contact Tamayama and Eita frequently…”
Those off-stage ended up letting out an “eh~” dubiously, and helpless JeJung was simply too cute~
Eventually, he could only make it up by saying, “That is because I don’t know how to contact Ueno Juri and Seki Megumi…”
Today JunSu imitated Eita again, saying to JeJung, “Does Nakaji likes Haru?”
He was put down by YuChun who said, “You (and Nakaji) are totally unalike~”
Today’s live of <> was with special guest VERBAL (a member of m-flo).
Everyone was more relaxed than yesterday.
JeJung kept saying, “I really didn’t expect such a huge audience…”
Today’s Live had more laughter than tears.

Source: baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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